Author: Keelah
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Version: 1.6b

Short description: is an extensive rewrite of FAST2 and FAST.

Date: 2020-04-03 11:27

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Fox's Arma Server Tool Extended Rewrite (FASTER)


After using Arma for a long time and having my own dedicated server, I always found very hard to keep my mods up to date.
So I used Flax's tool (FAST) to make the whole thing work but there was some issues. The software tend to be quite slow sometimes, some menus are not working completely and the command output was a bit weird.

I ended up building my own version of his tool, since it is not maintained anymore, by translating the entire code into something more recent, fixed the issues I found and reworked the code behind.

General Features
Improved UI from FAST
Improved stability from FAST2
Easy to read and share config files
SteamCMD Automation
Install and update Arma 3 Server (Stable and Dev)
Install, update and manage Arma 3 Workshop mods
Supports Steam Guard and Mobile Auth
Import mod presets from Arma 3 Launcher
Check for mod updates on app launch
Multiple Server Profiles
Save and load multiple server presets
Supports all server config options
Supports all server command line options
Custom mission params
Custom difficulty
Headless Client support and auto launch
Correctly displays mods in Server Browser
Local Mod Support
Reads local mods from server folder
Include additional folders to search
Automatic Updates

Installation / Usage:
No documentation (yet) but you can always check the original FAST2 documentation.

Future plans:
Automatic Server Crash Handling (Auto-restart, reporting, etc.)
Detection of existing Steam Workshop Mods
Ability to clone server profiles
Export server profiles to .bat files
Set CPU Affinity and Priority
Schedule Auto Restart of servers
Schedule Auto Update of mods and server
A logo. A nice one.

Remember to check GitHub for updates.
You can also join our Discord channel to get some support or have the latest news
All the links are available in FASTER in the "About" tab

For any question, please contact me on Twitter @FoxliderAtom.
Why ?
FAST vas already being reworked on with FAST2 but the project stopped since January 2019. I decided to create a rework myself.
There is something wrong when ...
Please create a GitHub issue ! It help me keep track of what happened and when it was fixed. It might also help others who have issues as well.
Can you please add ...
Uh yeah, maybe ! Create an issue on GitHub and I'll see if it's possible.

Please report any issue you encounter while using FASTER on the GitHub Issue Page.

Credits & Thanks:
Thanks to Flax for creating a really awesome tool for our Arma Servers.
Thanks to BI for creating that game we all spend hours on.

Added : - Supporter support
- Architecture review : FASTER is now faster
- UI rework - New icon !
- Splashscreen
- Pretty bugfix
- Better telemetry and error reporting
- Mod size is now displayed in modlist
- UI tweaks
- Changing profile name causing a crash
- Deleting profile causing a crash
- Cloning profile causing a crash
- Fixed loading of server status taking too long

Merge pull request #79 from Foxlider/feature/Update-1.5
Fixed app signing
Updated references
Switched some events to errors
Fixed crash when launching a server from a virtual machine
Fixed crash when updating modlist if a mod was deleted [ #71 ]
Fixed crash when copying mod keys if server was on [ #72 ]
Fixed crash when refreshing server list [ #77 ]
Fixed LauncherFile Import not working [ #75 ]
Fixed Update clearing settings

Fixed Steam API Error "Unauthorized"
Analysis improvements

Added :
- Some cleanup and debug values removal
- Added CPU Temp Gauge
- Added Console Output Visualizer (buggy though)
- Added the Status Tab
Fixed :
- Fixed Crashing when converting string decimals to int in profile
- Fixed crash when importing mods from steam while not putting Steam folder
- Fixed process finding to handle 64bits and parameters

Added :
- Added brand new Metro UI
- More Arma branches !
Fixed :
- Fixed scoreTable in config
- Fixed adding mod with link sometimes not working
- Fixed errors in Event Tracker throwing more errors
- Fixed Modlist Import not working
- Fixed more config generation issues
- Fixed mods updates being checked too often

UI Rework : Phase 1
Fixed: Crash when moving the window without using left click
Fixed Crash if FASTER closed before loading mods
Fixed loading modlist with DLCs causing crashes
UI Tweaks
New UI for Auto Update dialogs
Confirmation dialog when deleting a profile [ #19 ]
UI Hotfix
Fixed symlinks not created because of missing admin rights

Added :
- Added logs to Event viewer
Fixed :
- Fixed blur effect message box and folder opening crash
- Fixed mods not being displayed if auto updates was disabled
- Fixed app crash if steamCMD folder did not exist before install
- SteamCMD now installs correctly on setup
- Fixed App Reset now working
- Fixed crash when opening Steam and Arma folders

Added :
- Added optional additional parameters
- Added new map content options

Fixed :
- Optimized console output
- Fixed adminList being empty if tab was not opened
- Fixed backslash in mission names
- Fixed mission config settings not written
- Fixed profile list overflowing menus
- Fixed some minor typo

Added :
- AutoUpdater V1 (still a bit ugly but it will be integrated into the current UI later)
Fixed :
- App settings not being saved
- App settings being loaded from older versions
- Crash on opening mod detail webpage
- Server modlist not always being saved
- Server modlist not being checked/filled correctly

Added :
- Edited Readme
Fixed :
- BugReport Template
- StreamMods auto-update crashing
- StreamMods auto-update setting not unchecking
- StreamMods Initialized called twice on launch

Added :
Issue template
Temporary new Icon
Fixed :
ServerProfile not written properly
Forum URL now redirecting to Bohemia forums


Forum topic:
- BI forums

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