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Version: 1.31

Date: 2008-07-25 14:44

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Warfare - ADV

Warfare modified mission for Sahrani and Sahrani lite islands with:
*Advanced tactical AI
**RACS AI will stalk and kill you inside of a town, trying to eliminate the invaders and restore peace to their country. This results in a far more challenging experience in taking a town, as RACS won't stand around on a hill until fifty minutes after you've captured the town to come back in and try to take the flag.

*New AI pointsharing script
**Each point gained by your AI for killing enemy soldiers and vehicles is added to your score on the leaderboard. This results in a higher emphasis on teamplay and using your AI to increase the combat effectiveness of your squad. This will also reduce the number of "lone wolves" on your servers, and may help to increase teamwork between unaffiliated individuals.

*Improved Unit Cleanup
**Floating bodies getting you down? Warfare V1 ADV AI includes a sophisticated cleanup script for the removal of crew bodies and destroyed vehicles. This should greatly reduce the amount of lag experienced on servers by removing vehicles which really have nothing to do with combat operations anymore using serverside scripts.

- Equip your ai with custom weapon loadouts, and save up to 5 templates
- Significantly improved ai
- Improved framerate
- More objectives
- Player Viewdistance/visual quality control
- improved town defence ai
- improved resistance ai
- improved town cap ai
- added sharescore system - get points from ai
- added mando hitch - pick up stuff with heli's
- stopped ai salvagers/supply trucks
- reworked map/added objectives
- converted several scripts to functions
- addded ai bridging system for dolores
- improved framerate significantly
- Support menu added
- Viewdistance / quality changes in real time
- Squad administration
- Equip AI with custom loadouts

Just extract the pbo file to your ArmA\MPMissions folder

Change log:
Changed client menu update
fixed minor issues with garrison and resistance ai spawn

rifleman and ural/5t truck available at town depots
some changes to gui
revisited garrison ai
revisited towncap ai
AI air teams added
tweaked balance settings
Added more objectives (Saralite).

Fixed issue where menus after death did not reappear until boarding a vehicle
tidied ai air team scripting, still no dice

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