Author: V. Berlioz
Author Website:

Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.204
Signed: Yes

Short description: is complement AAPM 3.0, bringing dozens of new ammo types to your Arma III. Over fifteen varieties of most major calibers are at your disposal.

Date: 2021-02-28 10:59

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Universal Ammo System

V. Berlioz

The complement to AAPM 3.0, bringing dozens of new ammo types to your Arma III. Over fifteen varieties of most major calibers are at your disposal. Here are some examples:

5.56x45mm: M855, M855A1, M995, M193, Hornady TAP, Mk262, Mk318, DM31, SSA SLAP, Black Hills 100-Grain, Liberty 110-Grain AP.
7.62x39mm: BZ API, M43, M67, 7N23.
7.62x54mm: 7N1, 7N13, 7N14, B-30, B-32 API, BS-41 API, 7N26, 7N37, 7N41.
5.45x39m: 7N6, 7N5, 7N10, 7N22, 7N24, 7N39.
7.62x51mm: M80, M61, M80A1, M993, Swiss P AP, DSG XMP.
9x19mm: M882, Mk243 JHP, GEA Cyclone, KTW, Black Talon, Ranger Talon.
.50 BMG: M33, Mk211 Raufoss, GEA Cyclone, PELE.

This mod is intended for use with Advanced Armor Plate Mod 3.0. All ammo types are fully equipped with specialized AAPM compatibility values.

Compatibility Status:
UAS: CUP Compatibility Patch
UAS: 3CB Compatibility Patch
UAS: RHS USAF Compatibility Patch
UAS: RHS AFRF Compatibility Patch
UAS: RHS GREF Compatibility Patch
UAS: RHS SAF Compatibility Patch
UAS: RHS All-in-One Compat
UAS: SMA Compat
Anzio Anti-Materiel Rifles.
Base game.

To install Universal Ammo System you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Changelog: (11-01-2021 - updated as it happens, displayed in news once every three months)
The Redefine Update.
Added the .375 Cheytac Lehigh API loading, bringing APRE-like performance to higher caliber rifles.
Added a .375 Cheytac "Phoenix" APFSDS/DU loading.
Added new inventory pictures for several 5.56x45mm, 9x19mm, 7.62x39mm, 5.45x39mm, .375 Cheytac, .408 Cheytac, and 7.62x51mm magazines.
Fixed up the VOG-40P.
Added the VOG-40EMI EMP grenade.
Added the VOG-80 Guided HE grenade.
Added the VOG-40VyA EFP grenade, offering performance similar to the 40x46mm Toothpick.
Added an SPG-9 Suite with several new warheads on tap.
Optimized flechette performance.
Optimized nukes, giving them an additional fallback damage mechanism.
Doubled the fuse time of the Paki Softball grenade.
Greatly optimized shotguns.
Added a common suite of buckshot and shot sizes.
Removed unused "flare" classes from Dragon's Breath ammo types.
Changed the ASM-HG's name to Mk14 Mod 0.
Added two new thermobaric hand grenades.
Adjusted thermobaric hand grenade performance.
Added three new types of 20x102mm for rifles and one new type for vehicles.
Corrected some config typos.
Adjusted .375 Cheytac magazine weights.
Added a suite of 7.62x39mm 60 rounders.
Removed 6.8x51mm and 7.62x51mm 70 rounders.
Added Thermobaric BM-21 rockets.
Added S-13S flechette rockets.
Added full support for Max Weapons.
Added a base 81mm suite with support for CUP, Vanilla, and RHS Mortars.

The Fresh Reactive Metals Update.
Tuned RM-utilizing incendiary projectile performance.
Adjusted incendiary effects.
Added 7.62x39mm Lehigh APRE.
Added 7.62x51mm Lehigh APRE.
Removed old Halo ammunition that was mostly unused.
Removed unused ammo classes.
Added fresh keys and signatures.
Revised 7.62x51mm magazine descriptions.

The Dead Cell Update.
Heavily optimized grenade magazine configs.
Tuned flamethrowers to be much more performance friendly.
Added new chaff grenades that disable UAVs, UGVs, and sentry guns.
Removed unused classes.
Optimized 7.62x51mm magazinewells.
Removed 7.62x51mm N461 from the vehicle magazinewells. It was non-functional due to an engine limitation.
Added support for the NIArms minigun.

Quick hotfix update.
- Fixed the EXACTO error message.
- Reweighted 20x102mm magazines.

The Fulton Bugfix Extraction Update.
Fixed the 37mm SNEB rockets.
Fixed several naming convention and description typos.
Corrected 12 gauge EMP effect radius.
Added 30x165mm 3UBR12 APFSDS/DU.
Improved the performance of APRE ammo types.
Improved EMP functionality.
Removed EMPs taking away facewear.
Added EMPs disabling short-range TFAR radios.
Added support for the base game 7.62 miniguns and the 20mm VADS from CUP.
Improved 14.5mm ballistic data.
Fixed T-34 and 2A28 magwells.
Improved KICM SAPHEI 12.7x99mm.
Fixed base game Lynx to use 12.7x108mm.
Optimized and improved flamethrower effects.
Moved 6x49mm ammo classes to UAS: Extra Ammo.

The "Hunk Assault" Update.
Added support for JSHK Contamination gear.
Revised and enhanced the reliability of the EMP scripts, making them take away fuel from affected vehicles.
Config optimizations.
Fixed bug with the UAS MLRS suite.
Support for the latest CJTF weapons.
Adjusted HMG magazine sets.
Corrected CUP initSpeeds.
Moved several cartridges like 6x49mm Unified and 9x30mm GROM to UAS: Extra Ammo.
Added new nuclear explosion classes for Pook Arty Extended.
Fixed several .rpt errors.

The "Promet Pro" Update.
Fixed the underbarrel shotgun for the Promet.
Config optimizations.
Moved the 6.8x51mm MX Magazines to Vanilla Extended.

The "Cyclone goes Down" Update.
Synced tubular and ring airfoil coefGravity values.
Corrected several CUP initSpeed parameters.
Removed some unused cfgammo classes.
Optimized some configs.

Small update in support of the latest UAS-CUP Proxy Patch update.

The "New Foundation" Update.
Extended PIKE and EXACTO effective script-connect ranges.
Tightened guided round motor activation time.
Reduced the guided rounds' similarities to grenades.
Fixed the HEDP gunpods' ammo typo.
Removed .50 Beowulf MG belts - these have been moved to UAS: Extra Ammo.
Removed duplicates from CWR III - compatibility for these is now found with CWR III Extended.
Removed duplicates from RHS launchers - compatibility for these is now found with RHS Extended.
Several bugfixes.
Magazinewell adjustments.
Lion Weapon Pack support.

The Freeman Fixer Update.
Heavily revised the CWR III support, dropping outmoded magazinewells now that the mod uses CUP weapons. This saves over 200KB in config data.
Added enhanced support for the CUP SPAS-12.
Did a rather substantial sweep of .rpt errors, including undefined flight profiles and what not.

The "Diamondback Fixer-Upper" Update.
Added support for several base game vehicle mounted MGs and weapons.
Fixed the Diamondback missiles.
Optimized some magazinewell arrays to reduce load times. Trimmed out excess 5.56 belt sizes.

Quick hotfix.

Hotfix that moves the aircraft tactical laser to UAS: Extra Ammo.

The Optimized Holiday Update.
Moved several UAS-exclusive calibers to UAS: Extra Ammo, heavily optimizing the mod.
Moved UAS_SpecialWeapons.pbo to UAS: Extra Ammo.
Added the 152-grain 5.56 Black Hills subsonic.
Fixed .375 Cheytac 5-rounder capacities.
Added RUAG Pearl and Nuclear Isomer Magbombs.
Added 37mm SNEB rockets.

The Cluster Assault Update
Fixed a config typo for the 1000lb Mk83 pylon weapon.
Added a CBU-55 thermobaric cluster bomb.
Added a CBU-74 cluster bomb with 48 submunitions.
Added a CBU-87 cluster bomb with 202 submunitions (only 120 in game for performance reasons).
Added a Hellfire magazinewell for legacy aircraft projects.

The Nuclear Holiday Update.
Light config optimizations for some hand grenades.
Complete overhaul of the SADMs, RA-115, and MADM to use conventional (vanilla) detonation. You don't need to bind and use special keys anymore.
Moved all suitable explosives to a forced vanilla detonation framework. This makes them function much more reliably.
Extensive config optimization for placed explosives.
Added a three-part Alhambra grenade series.
Optimized DM51 grenade configs.
Added .300WM PTR 10 Prick.
Added nuclear 40mm grenades in 40x46mm, 40mm Russian, and 40x53mm.
Added a nuclear isomer 84mm CG guided munition.
Added an EMP 84mm CG guided munition.
Added a nuclear 125mm RPG-7 warhead.
Heavily enhanced the index of nuclear explosive effects. This will prove useful later on.

The "Practicalities of War" Update.
Added 152mm tank shell suite.
Added TE4 (tracers every 4) functionality to most belts.
Merged several vehicle and infantry belt arrays, saving 300KB in config data and speeding up loadtimes considerably.

Update "Sandy Shores"
Fixed some magazine capacity tags.
Fixed a displayName bug with some 12x grenade magazines.
Fixed the 600-grain .458 Speer Grand Slam using the same ammo class as the 500-grain.
Added a new set of 9.3x62mm magazines to support an update for IFA3 Extended.

The "Damn I hate typos" update.
Fixed config typos with the 25x40mm mags.
NOTE: If you're using a certain, uh, "Gamma Division" faction then you'll need to update UAS serverside.

Removed some unused image data.

The "Adler's Checks" Update.
Config fixes for some 7.62x54R 7N37M magazinewell entries.
Added a 12 round suite of 40x46mm grenades.
Added widespread support for Cold War Rearmed.
Fixed some descriptions for 6 round 40x46mm grenades.
Enhanced CUP sidearm support.

Reworked some configs to enable the 6.5mm Creedmoor and 6.8mm NGSW MG belts to inherit magazine proxy models from the 7.62x51mm belts. This allows them to work with the proxy patches.

Added 50x319mm suite.

The "Overhill" Update.
Restored SACLOS to the appropriate AGM-114 missiles.
Gave AGM-114R4 and up a radar sensor.
Mildly upgraded AGM-114T.
A new long-range Hellfire called the AGM-114V. 16km range, acts like an AGM-114T in most other respects.

The "Necessary Job" Update.
Sokol-1 guided 125mm HEDP shell.
125mm 'Telnik' HE-FRAG, even stronger than 3OF82.
Complete overhaul to the tank-based ATGM and guided shells.
Performance upgrade for the Hellfire lineup.
XM1111 MRM-KE / MRM-CE get a slight range upgrade.
Fixed inheritance for the 6.8x51mm NM142 HEIAP magazines.

The Booster Seat Update.
Added an EMP warhead for the 9K333 Verba.
Swapped out the Mk211 Gunpod ammo for Mk211 F3.
Added a new .50 Glasser GP19 Gunpod.

The Extra Sauce Update.
Fixed velocity for 6.8mm XM1188 APFSDS.
Added 6.8x51mm NM142 HEIAP.
Added two new Khattabka grenades, one based on the VOG-17 and one on the VKO-30.
Made various tunes to vehicle pylon weapons that'll hopefully make the AI use them more.
Added 84mm and 132mm Toothpick EFP warheads.
Added 9.3x64mm BS API, BT API-Tracer, and 7N33M AP+.

Enhanced rifle grenade support.

The Pog Balls Update.
Optimized nuclear scripting and removed the performance-intensive crater effect.

Fixed the Type 2 40mm, bug report courtesy of /r/arma.

Added pictures for muzzleloader rounds.

Fixed some magazinewell assignments.
Added a FIM-43 Redeye suite and support for the Globmob Redeye launcher.

The "Wire-guided Wyvern" update.
BGM-71X Raytheon HATM kinetic-kill missile.
Introduced a twenty-strong suite of AIM-9 missiles, including the powerful AIM-9X through AIM-9X3.
GBU-12 500lb laser-guided GP bomb.
GBU-16 1000lb laser-guided GP bomb.
GBU-10 2000lb laser-guided GP bomb.
B-61 MOD-12 guided nuclear bomb.
Diamondback continuous-rod warhead medium-range missile, along with a nuclear variant.
X-ROD, STAFF, TERM, and MRM guided 120mm shells.
3Sh7 shrapnel 125mm shell.
LAHAT ATGMs for 120mm and 105mm.
ATGMs for 125mm and 100mm Russian cannons.
Suite of BM-21 rockets.
Suite of M270 MLRS rockets.
Dramatically improved Global Mobilization support.
Suite of MILAN ATGMs.
Panzerfaust 2 suite.
Added support for GM launchers.
Improved TOW support for both CUP and RHS launchers.
Added an aircraft pylon tactical laser.
Fixed the Thunderzap pistol round descriptions.
Removed SACLOS from the Hellfires.
Improved overall Hellfire penetration.

The "Quick Fix #4" Update.
Fixed inheritance issues with the BMP-3 100mm from CUP.

The "lase it in" update.
Enhanced Hellfire functionality with ACE.
Config optimizations for some autocannon rounds.
Should have fixed tracers for a variety of vehicle ammo types.

The Quick Fix #3 Update.
Enhanced support for some Global Mobilization weapons, including the MP5s.
Added support for the CUP Mk17 CQCs.
Fixed a big with the RHS 2A42 and other members of the 30x165mm autocannon family.
Optimized BGM-71 TOW magazines.
Added 2x Stinger magazines for some turrets.
Made some adjustments to 12.7x108mm B-32M.

The "Quick Fix #2" Update.
Added a magazinewell and magazine set for launcher-based laser weapons.
Fixed a bug with RHS tank and autocannon magazinewells.
Fixed some config typos with the XM29 and XM25 grenade selections.

The "Gas n' Bass" Update.
Extended gas mask indexing to M40, Coxhound, and other mods.
Fixed a bug with the LMG version of the CAR-95.

The "Fookin Laser Sights" Update.
Added four grades of high-powered lasers to the mod. Dazzler, Thermal, Thermal Armor Piercing, and EMP.
Added magazines for said lasers.
Made some adjustments to the shotgun classes to optimize patterning.
Resigned addons.

Fixed the guided rounds deploying on a delay.

Fixed a bug with the 5.8x42mm vanilla guns only accepting UAS magazines.

The Vanguard Update.
Added M100 GREM rifle grenade.
Dramatically optimized the config structure of the RPG-7 warheads.
Upgraded several RPG-7 warheads' fragmentation capability.
Optimized the tank shell configs.
Extended the timetolive of the rifle grenades.
Tuned the 120mm AMP and other shells.
Wrapped up missing nametags for 125mm shells.

The 'Silent Slam' Update.
Made some adjustments to the .50 AE lineup.
Corrected some magazine names.
Added AA500 AP/SUB to the .50 AE lineup.
Fixed a couple of size designations.
Unrevised the base game AK12 weights and changed their name to AK15. This should fix the missing sight problem.
AK12s will appear in Vanilla Extended down the road.

Did some light config optimizations.
Fixed a bug with a 7N37M vehicle magazine class.

The Quick Fix #1 update.
Added 5.56x45mm HD less-lethal to the rifle magazinewells.
Revised some magazinewell ordering.
Touched up compatibility with some classic EPSM guns.

The Island Hopping update.
Fixed typo with the 6.72x41mm DAP-08 75-rounder.
Revised the classname array for the 40x53mm HV grenade selection.
Added tracer rounds for 4.73x33mm. DM12, DM22, and DM32.
Corrected 4.73x33mm DM31 velocity.
Revised the naming convention for 40x53mm grenades.

Fixed 23x75mm / 23x115mm Multi-Effect crash.
Adjusted 23x75mm ME spread.
Refined the deflection values for 23mm rounds.
Refined support for Aegis and Atlas weapons.

The "1970s Boomer" update.
Added support for the IFA3 M1 Bazooka.

The "Snipes and Wipes" Update:
Tuned Flashbang and Tear gas grenade performance.
Added T-554 84mm and T-594 132mm Carl Gustaf warheads.
Added an ACERM ultra-long-range guided Carl Gustaf warhead.
Tuned the 83mm ACERM to function as SACLOS.
Adjusted the EMP hand grenade and magbomb performance, as well as that of the EMI-40 RPG-7 warhead.
Tuned 4.73x33mm 50-round magazine capacity.
Introduced 300 round 4.73x33mm magazines.
Fixed pylons on some vanilla aircraft.
Improved some gas effective radii.
Fixed a bug with the Paki Softball.

Made some optimizations to the FIM-92 and Hydra missile series.

Corrected 6.5x39mm belt capacities.
Corrected the AA125/2's naming conventions.
Made some adjustments to the FIM-92N.
Fixed names for the Titan LRs.
Fixed the KE 25x59mm.

Adjusted tracer ratio for 7.62x51mm M959.
Fixed XM1185A1 100-rounder typo.
Added 48 round magazines for 6x38mm ARC.
Enhanced support for RHS: SAF pistols, among others, using certain magazinewells.

Fixed the short descriptions for .50 Beowulf AA700.
Tuned up 7N31M to represent recent discoveries, turns out it has a tungsten core.
Laid a bit of framework for an upcoming recoil overhaul.
Fixed descriptions for .500 S&W.
Adjusted weight for the .500 S&W magazine series.
Adjusted magazine capacity for the .500 S&W magazine series.

The Arctic Breeze Update.
Added 6.8x51mm SIG WC, a very impressive new AP load.
Added 6.8x51mm XM1188 APFSDS.
Added 6.8x51mm XM1184A1, a Depleted Uranium version of XM1184.
Added 6.8x51mm XM1185A1, a tracer version of the above.
Completely revamped the Brunswick RAW, revising the fragmentation profile.
Added Brunswick RAW HEAT.
Added Brunswick RAW HPM EMP.
Added the FN "Walgren" EMP rifle grenade.
Added an EMP version of the Olin RAAM.
Updated support for CJTF Weapons.
Added support for suitable .40LW weapons.
Replaced the fictional 7.62x54 7N60 with 7N37U.
Designated a select few ammunition as UAP, or Ultra-Armor-Piercing.
Added Type 19 .338 Lapua Magnum and a corresponding 6.72x41mm UAP round.
Tuned the EXACTO explosion effect down.
Added a new ultra-long-range Javelin missile, the FGM-148I, using ACERM technology.
Added a new ultra-long-range SMAW warhead, the Mk.85, using ACERM technology.
Added a 40x311R autocannon suite.
Added a 105mm Howitzer shell suite.
Added a 6mm ARC suite, including a pretty impressive AP load.
Adjusted some magazine configurations to work better with proxy patches.
Introduced 34 and 45 .50 Beowulf drums.
Introduced .50 Beowulf AA500 AP.
Introduced .50 Beowulf AA700 Subsonic AP.
Introduced .50 Beowulf steel-tipped dangerous game "PowerBelt" loads.
Added full support for the USAF AC-130.
Completely revamped the performance of the various autocannon suites.
Added support for the RHS PKMs.
Added support for the RHS 2A46.
Added support for the RHS 2A42.
Introduced several new 60mm mortar shells.
Introduced a whole new 81mm suite.
Introduced a new 120mm mortar suite.
Added numerous 23x115mm shells.
Introduced a very wide array of new slugs for the KS-23.
Completely reworked UAS_Riflegrenades.pbo to decrease loading time.

The "Amazing Choice!" update.
Fixed bug with the RMP Block-II Stinger.
Added a suite of modern 60mm mortar shells.
Light tweaks here and there to some canister shells.
Added a 140mm hafnium isomer shell.

Particle adjustments.
CMR-76 compatibility.
Base game 30x173mm magazinewell inclusion.
Fixes for the Promet and its underbarrel shotgun.

Light bugfixing on some 6.8x51mm and 6.5x39mm magazines.
Added 130mm and 140mm tank shell suites.
Added a small 9x25mm and .40LW suite.
Added 5.56x45mm M857 tungsten AP, otherwise known as SS111.
Added Mk81 series bombs. The GBU variant is a WIP.

Beefed up compatibility with CJTF.
Further optimized UAS_Vehicle.pbo, saving 100KB.

The Electromagnetic Falcon Update:
Larger-size 105mm magazines.
Californium microsphere 30x173mm, designated EDNKH.
Introduced a more powerful version of the FFV-338.
Added stationary EMP charges.
Added a nuclear isomer warhead for the Javelin and TOW.
Introduced an EMP TOW.
Heavily optimized UAS_Base_Compat.pbo and trimmed 300KB of redundant data.
Optimized UAS_Vehicle.pbo.
Introduced belts of 6.5mm Creedmoor.
Added EMP and EMP Kor S-8 and S-13 rockets.
Added laser-guided S-25s with EMP warheads.
Tuned the Tsar Bombas.
Added laydown HPM-84s and B-83s.
Fixed capacity for the 30 round 6.5mm Creedmoor mags.
New picture for the rest of the 7.92x57mm belts.
New .338LM and .338NM hailing from China with the power of Nokia guidance.

Added 15 round mags for 9x90mm rifles.
Added two new secret weapons

The Silent Eagle update:
EMP FRAG-12 shotgun slug.
EMP 25x59mm round.
EMP 20x28mm round.
40mm, 105mm, and 125mm electromagnetic-kill RPG-7 warheads.
Adjustments to the overall strength of HPM EMP weapons.
Nuclear bombs such as the B61 MOD-7 (340KT), B61 MOD-11 (400KT), and B-83 (1.2MT).
Nuclear missiles such as the S-25 and S-25WD (150KT), as well as the AGM-65W (15KT) and AGM-65WN (150KT) Maverick / Longhorn.
Fix for some 8x56mm magazines.
Fix for some APKWS missiles.

The Electric Dragon Update:
AGM-176D and AGM-176D/ER EMP Griffin missiles.
AGM-114O Hellfire and AGM-169D JCM EMP missiles.
E-bombs in Mk82, Mk83, and Mk84 sizes. These are extremely powerful. Names are respectively HPM-82, HPM-83, and HPM-84.

The "Save our Pylons!" Update.
Fuse tunes for the 84mm / 132mm warheads / impact grenades.
Missile / gunpod pylon config trimming.
Vehicle pylon fix.
Complete tuneup to the UAS_Vehicle.pbo, trimming 300KB off of the file and dramatically improving load times.

The "Big Nines" Update.
ACE3 Missile Guidance for the AGM-114 series.
Explosion fix for the 40mm RAI AP.
Particle adjustment.
Novichok chemical agents.
120mm DM11 HEDP shell.
Maverick missiles.
.45 ACP and .38 Special "Norman" tungsten-tantalum HEIAP.
Maverick Longhorn extended-range missiles.
ExileMod support.
Viking Milsim support.
FIM-92 magazine setup tune.
9x90mm MEN and 9.12x77mm Lapua Magnum suites.
Electromagnetic-kill 40mm grenades, hand grenades, magbombs, stinger missiles, Javelin missiles, Maverick missiles, and more.

The "Magazinewell Fixer-Upper Update 2K20" Update.
IFA3 mounted weapons.
IFA3 60mm Mortar support.
TB-68 / TB-68M Battle Rifle support.
After East Wind support.
.22-250 suite / enhanced .220 Swift suite.
Swiss Weapons support.
High-caliber autocannon suites for an upcoming project (40x365mm, 50x319mm).
New CBA Magazinewell-series support (CUP Dev, Aegis).
Added support for the RHS M32 grenade launcher.

The Prop-ass update.
Performance tunes to XM1186 6.8mm NGSW.
FN PROPASS 5.7x28mm and 5.56x45mm AP.
105mm cannon shells and support for suitable CUP cannons.
20x102mm / 20x110mm biological warfare projectiles.
WW2-era 20x110mm extension.
L115A3 Rework Project support.
DesertTech HTI .375 support.
Bolt Action Rifle and Police Units support.
Air Cav Vietnam support.
Northern Fronts support.
Forgotten Fronts support.
Z_Weap_Pack support.
007 support.
Support for new additions to CJTF.
Some config adjustments for some CUP weapon compatibility setups and magazinewells.

Hotfix for the RAW EFP.

Fixed 9x19mm Ranger Talon magazine weights.
Fixed missing entry in the CBA_40mm magazinewell.
Added dummy magazinewells to resolve a missing error with NIArms.

The EXACTO Safari Update.
Added workable airburst functionality for several 40mm, 25mm, and 20mm grenades.
Compact Kinetic Energy Missile.
AGM-169 Joint Common Missile.
AGM-176 Griffin.
PIKE 40mm rework.
EXACTO rework.
XM1244 Guided 40mm grenade.
06th IR - Sig Sauer M17 support.
L85A2 Pack support.
BG21 French Army Mod support.
BG21 FAMAS (Purple Redux) support.
CZ 584 Kozlice support.
ACR_A3 - Army of the Czech Republic support.
ROC Project : Republic of China(Taiwan) Armed Forces support.
Modular Pindad SS2-V5A1 support.
M4A1 CQBR support.
Italian Army - Esercito Italiano support.
L119A2 support.
Weight fixes on some magazines.
FAA Fuerzas Armadas Argentinas support.
Project Uncut support.
BWI - Pindad SS2 Series support.
SA vz.58 / SA vz.61 support.
Carabinieri CTU support.
Adjusted weights for the base game AK-15s.
AT4 series.
New .303 British and .30-06 incendiary / explosive types.
ROK Armed Forces 2035 support.
Micro Tavor - X95 support.
Indian Armed Forces support.
Israeli Defense Force support.
ROA Mark 23 support.
CGM M14 Pack support.
GG M1 Garand support.
GAT-155 FN Minimi support.
GAT-155 - ARMAS support.
CMCSSC_MK20 support.
Purple shotguns support.
SDAR 7.62 support.
Shotguns (Repack) support.
GSTAVOs M16A2 support.
WW1 Mod - Remembrance support.
.45 Raptor Cyclone, Incendiary-Spotter, and tungsten HV-SLAP.
Spike ATGM missiles.
Vehicle magazinewell rework.
Redd'n'Tank Vehicles support.
Flamethrower support.
UAS Variants / UAS Variants: ELR rework into mod-specific patches

The '7170' update.
New stuff:
Group Two:
7.62x54mm 7N37M Tungsten Heavy Alloy AP.
7.62x39mm 7N38M Tungsten Heavy Alloy AP.
DBF-07 semi-lethal 5.8x42mm.
DVB02 14.5x114mm APDS-HEI.
Additional 7.62x54mm types, three hunting / match rounds and one new AP.
Additional 7.92x57mm hunting types.
35mm tactical (flashbang, tear gas, baton) suite.
Tuned FGM-148 characteristics.
Widened support for gas masks from USP and other mods.
.380 ACP suite.
Tuned fragmentation behavior against soft armor.
Refined HE-Jump configuration.
Adjusted HG-85 plus new RUAG Pearl HG-85R and HG-85R2 grenades.
Six-pack 40mm Russian grenades.
7.65mm French Long.
Type 98 Impact Flashbang.
Adjustments to the 25x59mm grenade family.
Adjusted particle effects.
Tuned bullet deflection.
Refined bandolier grenade configuration.
Tuned RG-60TB to have an impact fuze.
Introduction of the other RG-60 grenade types (SZ Flashbang, DZ White Phosphorus).
Vprysk-P impact fuze tear gas grenade.
AB HGR Jumping hand grenade.
VOG-40 and VOG-40P grenades.
CUP Panzerfaust support.
ETMP grenades.
Extended PLA rifle grenade selection.
Japanese Type 06 rifle grenade.
Chinese tactical grenades.
Chinese fragmentation grenades.
Group Three:
Maximum IFA3 support.
Maximum IFA3 Liberation support.
Maximum CSA38 support.
Maximum LEN support.
Maximum Veteran Mod support.
Maximum Turkish Forces support.
Maximum Alpha Group Equipment support.
Maximum Australian Commandos support.
Maximum Hellenic Armed Forces Mod support.
Maximum Opération FrenchPoint support.
Maximum ArmaModFrance support.
Maximum Project Zenith support.
Russian Alpha AK support.
Glock 19 (Roland Special Type Build) support.
Taran Tactical STI 2011 Combat Master (John Wick: Chapter 3 Pistol) support.
Taran Tactical Glock 34 Combat Master (John Wick Chapter 2 Pistol) support.
Maximum Swedish Forces support.
Refined 3CB support.
Massi LITE pack support.
Maximum Gold Weapons support.
25mm and 20x28mm grenade magazinewells.
Refined Aegis support.
Enhanced RHS MI-24 support.
Maximum C.N.P support.
Maximum Massi WW2 support.
Type 79 / Type 79 Extended support.
WW2-era rifle grenades
HCPookie Soviet Air Force support
RHS Little Bird support
Support for additional base game pylons
Support for new CJTF additions
.45 Raptor suite
6x49mm Unified suite
1.6x45mm suite
4.85x49mm suite
adjusted less-lethal time to lives
Mass extension of usable gas masks
Support for 20+ additional weapon mods.

Update "Crimea River"
Additional Glasser hypervelocity rounds.
7N23M and 7N26M.
40x46mm less-than-lethal suite.
12-Gauge Muzzle Blast shells.
Thermobaric effect overhaul.
Dragon's Breath optimization.
Several new Russian 40mm Caseless types.
Thermobaric RUAG Starblast Zuni.
40mm DM12A1.
65mm grenade suite.
30mm Russian grenade suite.
Updated naming conventions for 9x18mm, 9x21mm, and other calibers.
Tuned hypersonic effect.
RUAG Starblast 40mm MV grenade. It's a "Super DRACO."
66mm Rocket suite.
S-8DFM modern rocket.
M84 Flashbang.
Zarya-3 and View less-lethal grenades from Russia.
Mk13 Flashbang.
Seriously enhanced support for Faces of War.

Hotfix that fixes the M308 RG and also tunes some of the napalm distances and fireball sizes.

The "Light it Up" update.
Added Mk33 illumination Zuni.
Added Hydra M257 Illumination Flare and M278 IR Flare.
Added ZB-250 and ZB-500 incendiary (napalm-esque) bombs.
Added Mk82-T through Mk84-T thermobaric-frag bombs. Manufactured in Turkey, these are a nice upgrade from the normal Mk82 through Mk84.
Added numerous new Stinger grenades, including an OC, a CS, a reduced pellet size version, and more including the US Marines' classic GG04.
Tuned Flashbang radius.
Added stingers which can be fired out of a shotgun through a cup launcher.
Added BIN-series incendiary (napalm) bombs for western aircraft.
Added full support for the BWMod Puma, as requested by a local vampire.
Added new 84mm and 132mm Napalm and Dragon's Breath-type shells for the Carl Gustaf.
Tuned the performance of Carl Gustaf warheads. The FFV-441E now uses tungsten fragmentation as it should.
Instituted new naming standards for the 40mm and Carl Gustaf warheads.

Fixed a typo.

Added 7N24M2 and 7N39M, two new 5.45x39mm types derived from recently-discovered patents. The former is an enhanced 7N24M, while the latter is a Tungsten Heavy Alloy penetrator with ceramic "superhard" front and back elements to help defeat ceramic body armor.
Added .338 Lapua Magnum and .338 Norma Magnum Glasser HVAP.
Revised the Dragon's Breath effects. This improves performance dramatically while also significantly enhancing their usability in the field.
Added napalm magbomb.

Tuned the napalm effects.
Revised Magbomb naming conventions.

Corrected some errors in the 6.8mm mag descriptions.
Modified the Napalm effects to better match other fire effects' durations.
Added in the 6.8mm Glasser tantalum tungsten SLAP loading. Compatible with any NGSW-caliber weapon.
Added the hypervelocity effect to suitable .30-378 loads.

Quick ninja update requested by area vampire. Extends Firewill pylon support to the F-15SE and AV-8B.

Quick ninja update that implements 14.5x114mm 7N32 APDS.

The One-Year-Anniversary Update.
New Features:
Helicopter-fired TOW packs.
New 7.62x54mm types, including a hypervelocity Smerch load.
.458 Alpine ammunition.
7.92x24mm VBR ammunition.
.375 Cheytac Lobaev hypervelocity load.
FRAG-12 overhaul.
FRAG-12 EFP (explosively formed penetrator) variant.
Support for the Burnes Abrams.
Several new Hellfire variants.
Guided S-5, S-8, S-13, S-24, and S-25 rockets, as well as guided Zunis.
125mm Cannon shells.
Stinger grenades.
Yellow Phosphorus 12-gauge shell.
Incendiary 40mm and rifle grenades from Poland.
M60P2 / M60P3 rifle grenades.
Additional phosphorus rifle grenades.
Flashbang script tweaks.
20KT-yield SADM.
Additional S-24 and S-25 rocket models.
7.62x54mm "Target" and Smerch hypervelocity AP loads.
New hypervelocity effect.
14.5x114mm "Target" hypervelocity AP load.
Fixed magazine list for the base game 20mm Gatling.
.22 Magnum magazines and support for the PMR-30.
Updated support for CJTF Weapons.

Corrected the description of the 12.7x108mm UPU.

Added 40 round drums for the AA12.
Tuned some of the 6.5x39mm Grendel types.
Added 50 round .300BLK mags.
Added a new icon for 12-gauge types in the arsenal.

Fixed missing tracers for the .510 Beck Mk300 and Mk300 F3.

Update "Stealthy Bois"
Fixed the MX underbarrel GL's camera position.
Added 12.7x55mm and 12.7x108mm UPU, a rare and somewhat heavier version of VPS.
Added .40 S&W Mk308 MOD 0.
Added pylon support for the RHS Apache, Mi-24G, and Mi-28.
Added the newer, second-gen version of Alexander Arms' 6.5x39mm AA-125 AP.
Added Lobaev's new 2,000m/s hypersonic .408 AP.
Fixed the model on the APKWS missiles.
Corrected ammo count for the MX NGSW mags, along with weight for the 70 rounders.
Added .500 Phantom, .510 Beck, and .510 Whisper suites.
Added full compatibility for RHS and CUP Bradleys.

Small update to support the VOERE X-5.

The 'Murican Update.
Did a pass on the WP cloud classes to optimize their size and lethality.
Introduced the first Yellow Phosphorus munition. YP is WP but with some impurities of Red Phosphorus, which actually offers a net bonus in terms of lethality.
Added Hydra APKWS guided missiles.
Added some vehicle pylon weapon descriptions.
Added a new specific magazinewell for bolt-action 12.7x99mm rifles.
Fixed 5.7x28mm Paralight classes.
Rebuilt the .300WM magazine lineup.
Added an extensive 16-type 9x30mm GROM selection for an upcoming project.
Added M1158 ADVAP for 7.62x39mm and .300WM.
Added HAPI for .300WM, along with an M80A1 reload.
Added some XM1201 and XM1202 for 6.5mm Creedmoor.
Added support for the VOERE X4, along with a specific magazinewell.

Added BGM-71 series and Toophan-series missiles, initially accessible for the RHS M2 Bradley lineup.
Introduced 40x180mm support for the Marshall.
Revised the magazinewells for Polish Armed Forces.
Added a fifth WPExplosion class to suit the new BGM-71DF2.
Extended 30x173mm support across the base game, as well as support for some additional base game gatlings.
Added support that should help out with the Huey Pack.

Added 9x19mm M1152 FMJ, M1153 JHP, and M1196 AP. These are new-model, high-performance loads developed for the US Military. M1196 effectively functions like a Western equal to 7N31.
Added 40x53mm XM1176 HEDP.
Added a full 30x173mm lineup. Support is present for the USAF GAU-8.
Added 40x180mm magazines. Support will be coming soon for suitable weapons.
Added the BLU-119/B 2200lb WP-HE mixed effect bomb.
Added XM1200 6.5mm Creedmoor.
Introduced the NATO-series rifle grenades to the 6.8x51mm and 6.5mm Creedmoor magazinewells.
Did a second pass on .338 M1154 AP, souping it up due to recent findings regarding the true performance of the ADVAP family.

Modified magazinewell to support Red Mercury .50 BMG types.
Corrected 7Z24 config.
Tuned 6.8mm NGSW performance to reflect new findings. (XM1170 can defeat Level IV armor at over 600 meters with ease)
Added BR500WP, a powerful new 500-kilogram WP bomb.
Added additional pylon options for Mk82 / PFB-82 / BR250WP up to 6x, and Mk83 / BR500WP up to 3x. Note that a lot of pylons have config-level weight limits, so you may not be able to equip the 6x 250kg and 3x 500kg bombs on many aircraft.

Added support for the Burnes Challenger 2.

Update "Wallet Warrior"
Added support for the latest UAS: Variants update.
Introduced full support for the Fallout: Aftermath mod.
Added support for the aircraft guns from USAF.
Added pylon-level support for the FIR F-14 Tomcat.
Significantly expanded the 6.8mm NGSW lineup with tracer, Aeroshell, HAPI, and new GP / SP variants.
Added 5.45x39mm 7Z24 API.
Introduced rifled 120mm shells, including the legendary Penetration Coom Blast.
Added 7BZ7 and 7Z8 API, respectively an API and an HEI sporting new technology.
Added 14.5x114mm Bison, a steel APFSDS loading.
Introduced support for the base game 3GLs.
Added support for Bullpup AK pack.
Added support for that new Five-seven on the workshop.
Added 12 round .408 magazines for a CJTF sniper rifle.
Added new variants of the S-25, many of which sport a powerful fragmentation liner.
Modified the WP, RP, and napalm effects.
Added new magazinewells for use with Red Mercury.
Added a 40mm nerve gas grenade.
Rechecked the WP effect. It does indeed block AI vision.
Removed the vehicular belts of 40x53mm NICO. Engine limitation prevented them from firing.
Redid Hellfire guidance. The AGM-114L and the rest now use their respective actual real-world sensors.
Introduced a wide variety of new Hellfires, all the way up to AGM-114T. AGM-114KBF is a fun one.
Added a magazinewell suite for the CJTF NGSWs and 13.2mm TuF Tankgewehr.
Added .375 Cheytac LM119.

Added support for the new US Air Force mod (USAF).
Added support for Firewill's aircraft.

Remastered the 20x102mm lineup. Added support for the M197 rotary.
Added support for CUP's 30x113mm M230 autocannon.
Added support for the M242 25x137mm autocannon and the CUP GAU-22 on the F-35.
Fixed the weights on the 13-round 12 gauge magazines.
Added new drum magazines for both 6.8x43mm and 6.8x51mm, respectively 150 round and 70 round.

Adjusted the KHAB-1000 Phosgene bomb.

Saddam Simulator 2K20:
Added a whole new suite of fragmentation classes.
Tuned hand grenade damage values.
Applied new fragmentation classes to all explosives.
Added several Chemical Warfare agents. Phosgene, Sarin, Soman, Mustard Gas, Cyclosarin, VX, and VG.
Introduced an Iraqi Mustard Gas RPG-7 warhead.
Introduced a WW1-era Phosgene Gas grenade.
Introduced several new White Phosphorus bombs, from the ZAB-100 to the massive ZAB-1500. Western aircraft get the BR-250WP.
Introduced several new thermobaric bombs, from the ODAB-100 to the huge ODAB-1500.
Added in chemical S-8 (S-8GA) and S-13 (S-13 Borak) warheads.
Introduced 14.5x114mm BZKh, an experimental version of BZCh with the tear gas replaced by Phosgene.
Introduced KHAB-100, KHAB-250, KHAB-500, and KHAB-1000 chemical bombs. Some use Sarin, others use Phosgene.
Also introduced BLU-80/B and Mk116 chemical bombs on the US side. BLU-80/B uses VX, while Mk116 gets to pick either Sarin or VX.
Finally, this update introduces TMU-28B VX and KAV-80 Sarin spray tanks.

Cleaned up .50 BMG magazine configs.
Added associated vehicle magazines and support for the following non-Pylon weapons.
Base game 120mm cannon
RHS M256 120mm
Base game HMG 12.7
CUP M240
CUP M134 (Single)
CUP M256 120mm
CUP Rh120 120mm
CUP GAU-19 .50 BMG Minigun (Single)
CUP GAU-19 .50 BMG Minigun (Dual)
CUP Mk19
Base game 40mm GMG
To access these magazines, it is recommended that you use a vehicle magazine manager like the one included in Zeus Enhanced.

Added first set of non-pylon vehicle magazines.

Added .22WMR and 13.2mm Tank und Flieger libraries.
Introduced support for the latest additions to the CJTF weapons pack.
Added 5.7x28mm HAPI.

Added Hellfire B through G to the magazine array.

Added support for the RHS Apache and Mi-24s.

100th version of Universal Ammo System.
Added a range of S-5, S-8, S-13, S-24, and S-25 rockets for CUP Mi-24s and any other suitable helicopters.
Introduced OFAB-100, OFAB-250, OFAB-500, and ODAB-500 bombs for the Mi-24s.
Added a range of Hellfires, Stingers, Hydras, and Zuni missiles for the CUP Apache and any other suitable helicopters, as well as some fixed wing assets.
Also introduced some gunpods for the CUP Apache - 7.62, .50 BMG, and even 40x53mm.
Added Mk82, PFB-82, Mk83, Mk84, and PFB-84 bombs.
Added 9x19mm Libra Snail 2.8 and 6.9, two experimental variants. The latter is subsonic.
Added 7.62x39mm and 9x19mm VTUVM tungsten penetrators.
Introduced maximum support for CJTF and JSDF Mod weapons.
Set up a library of S-5 rockets suitable for use with improvised infantry launchers.
Added in the rest of the HAPI lineup, along with .338 Norma Mk212, a downscaled Mk211.

Magazinewell tweak to fix a bug mentioned by Ivan.

Added direct magazinewell support for Red Mercury to avoid overwriting existing 84mm magazines.

Extended the new thermobaric effect to suitable hand grenades.

Update "Brass Summer"
Introduced sham's US Armament Pack support.
Introduced Polish Armed Forces support.
Introduced hotshotmike weapons support.
Introduced fundamental OPTRE support.
Introduced full Dagger Support.
Added in additional 7.62x39mm, 5.56x45mm, and 12.7x99mm types.
Added in Panzerfaust / Metis warheads.
Added in 5.56x45mm, 6.5mm Creedmoor, and 12.7x99mm HAPI.
Added 40x53mm HV grenades.
Revised the bounding 40mm grenades.
Synced the .45 ACP magazinewells.
Introduced two new Stinger missiles, FIM-92M and FIM-92N.
Did some tuning to some 5.56 rounds.
Added in a new White Phosphorus effect. Credit goes to COXHOUND as a config reference.
Added in a new TB effect for suitable munitions. Credit goes to KICKASS.
Introduced a full suite of 6.5mm Creedmoor magazines. These are on standby until suitable weapons are apparent.
Introduced a suite of Igla warheads.
Also added some Guided Carl Gustaf Missiles, as well as a guided RPG-7 warhead (the Lavon), and more.

Added maximum support for EPSM Exomod.
Introduced the first 6.8x51mm NGSW magazine sets for some guns in UAS: Variants.
Rebuilt the Saiga magazinewell.

Added 9x19mm, a subsonic counterpart to 7N42. This matches the performance of the subsonic 9x21mm 7U4, since they have the same projectile.

Added support for the underbarrel weapons for the Promet and Type 115. Yes, I made them have the option of full auto. It's actually pretty fun to dump ten .50 Beowulf or ten loads of 0000 buckshot at lightning speed. Excellent as an engagement breaker.
Added 5.8x21mm magazines and ammo. You'll find this present in mods like VME PLA.

Added maximum support for Ktry's weapon pack.
Introduced .338 Norma Magnum magazines.
Added maximum support for Pedegne mod.
Slightly improved support for VME PLA.

Added 5.45x39mm 7T3 and 7T3M.

Added .50 Peacekeeper ammo types.
Added some new .357 Magnum varieties.
Support for the new UAS: ELR update.

Somewhat enhanced SPS weapons support.
Added support for the various handguns in NIArms, including the .357 SIG and .40 S&W types.
Added support for UAS Variants: ELR.

Added 125-round 7.92x57mm belts.

Added 7.62x39mm 7N38. This is a tungsten core AP loading recently developed for the AK-15 and Russian SOF. Highly capable against robust body armor.
Tuned 5.45x39mm 7N40 to better reflect real world performance as a steel-core accurized load rather than an accurized version of 7N39.

Added the M34 x3 Bandolier Grenade. This is just three M34s that separate upon impact.
Corrected the capacity of the 10-round 7.62x39mm magazines.
Added tear gas (N461) 7.62x51mm and 14.5x114mm (BZCh).
Switched the 7.62x54mm Yprit to deploy tear gas.

Additional .rpt fixes.

Did a second pass on .rpt errors.

Cleaned up .rpt errors generated from this mod.

Added support for the RPG-32.

Added support for the RHS M14 and SOCOM 16.

Added a full suite of 10mm Auto and .357 SIG magazines.
Added EN and other check values to various cannon types, which will reduce and potentially eliminate freak incidents where plates can eat 30x173mm hits.

Update to support the new stuff in Red Mercury.

Changed naming convention for 12 gauge Nobel Sport shells.

Corrected the weight of one-round 14.5x114mm magazines.

Added .338 PTR10 Prick, a powerful SLAP loading for your .338 Lapua weapons.
Added Eurometaal AP2000 and API2000, two powerful .50 BMG rounds with tungsten cores.
Added .50 PPI G2, an improved version of the PPI Anthena loading.
Introduced a 12-gauge reactive breaching slug, the R12HP.
Fixed a description typo for the .45 ACP green flares.
Fixed the Molotov Cocktail's impact detonation.
Added less-lethal ammunition for .45 ACP, 5.45x39mm, 7.62x39mm, 7.62x51mm, and 5.56x45mm.

Small update that fixes a few naming convention typos.
Added 5.56x45mm TW12 and 7.62x51mm AAI Flechette, an additional member to the Depleted Uranium family.

Fixed CUP MP5 and Saiga 9 issues.

Added .458 SOCOM magazines and support for Roberthammer's Mk18s.

Added new rifle grenades. The Nobel WP and Nobel HEDP, as well as the Mecar M200 HEDP.

Added CS and VX agent rifle grenades for most shotguns and rifles.

Added 12-gauge Ferret CS agent slugs, as well as M7A3 tear gas grenades. Thanks go to KICKASS for his permitting of his tear gas system.
Added an RGD-5.

Added three flashbangs and a new tactical-strength thermobaric grenade.

Fixed duplicate RPG-32 issue.
Tuned the FGM-148G weight.

Added a modest suite of .300 Norma Magnum ammo types.

Made a small adjustment to the 14.5x114mm selection.
Added support for the latest UAS: Variants update.
Moved the XM109 to UAS: Variants.

Added support for Brazilian Armed Forces rifles.

Added maximum support for GAC JSDF.

Added support for the .410 signal pistol from the base game.
Added subsonic .300 Winchester Magnum types.
Added .50 BMG tracer M10.
Introduced 4:1 tracers (one tracer every four) for suitable 5.56 and 7.62x51mm belts.

Switched all picture icon calls to the same directory.

Did some optimization to reduce mod size.

Added Javelin missiles.
Did some improvements to base game compatibility.
Added enhanced mag selections to the MSBS and the Katiba.

Added support for the CUP Stinger with a full selection of missiles from the FIM-92A to the FIM-92L. These have varying characteristics, from the FIM-92A being very easy to evade to the FIM-92L being an ultra-agile missile with an impressive range of 9,200 meters.

Added captive-piston super quiet 12 gauge and .44 magnum ammo.

Improved IFA3 / IFA3 Liberation compatibility.
Switched the pistol multiplex and anti-materiel weapon multiplex rounds to random from poissondisc distribution.
Redid the subsonic ammo audibleCoefs and visibleCoefs.
Added 7.62x54mm 7N19. This is an intermediate steel-core AP between 7N17 and 7N26.

Maximized UNSUNG support.
Added Toothpick and Blackjack 12.7x99mm rounds.

Aero update 1/2
Redid airfriction values for most weapons.
Universalized initSpeed.

Update "Have you seen anyone from my platoon?"
Tuned performance for some shotgun shells, namely the GP27 and GP9 (they were overperforming).
Updated nuke scripting to Freestyle 0.50.
Improved CSA38 compatibility.

Redid buckshot distribution patterns. The default poissondisc was pretty silly.
Added a new suite of shotgun ammo produced by Fiocchi for the SPAS shotgun series.

Removed the FFV-338 Nuclear Isomer warhead.
Added some uh... SADMs. Remember to bind the nuke key. They're on a 300 second timer.
Thanks go to Freestyle again for the nuclear script core.

Quick update that brought UAS support for UNSUNG shotguns, the Mosin, the DP, and several other weapons like the M1 / M2 Carbine and the Type 99.

Maximized compatibility with RHS: SAF. Some weapons like the M84 cannot be overwritten.

Improved WW2 support.
Full support for Massi NATO-RUS, WarfareThai, CSW, True Viking, CSW India, and FFAA.
Added Japanese rifle calibers.
Added .30 Carbine.

Solved a minor invisible gun issue.

Refined the 7.92x57mm selection.
Added new types of ammo for most calibers.
Dealt with an ammo type backlog for cartridges like 7.62x51mm and .338 Lapua.
Added very basic poison ammo functionality.

Merged Payload into UAS.
Revised Jasmin effect.

Added kinetic ammo support for the rest of KA Weapons Pack.
Fixed a small error with the 4.73x33mm selection.
Removed the unused Anzio compat - for now.

Added support for Trixie's rifles, while also restoring their functionality.

Added support for Project True Viking, aside from the 6.5mm CBJ SMG. That will come later.
Revised the naming standard for 5.56 and 7.62x51 magazines.

Update Oymyakon.
Added support for new weapons in CUP Dev.
Added support for BWMod.
Added support for SPS Weapons.
Added a suite of less lethal 12 gauge and 23mm ammunition. Credit goes to LAGO for the scripting core.
Enhanced ammo selections for 12 gauge, 7.62x54mm, 12.7x108mm, 7.62x51mm, 9x19mm, 9x21mm, and more.
Introduced new modern Russian ammo loads, like 9x19mm 7N31M, 7N42, 7.62x51mm 7N43, and .338 Lapua Magnum 7N45.
Added some interesting poison 7.62x54mm loads. These will gain special functionality later.
Added a certain... uh... nuclear 132mm overcaliber warhead for the Carl Gustaf. Many thanks go to freestyle_build for allowing us to use his excellent realistic nuke script.
The nuclear warhead is fired liked an EXACTO round. You need to bind a fire key in your controls - configure addons - UAS menu. It has a 210 ton yield, so avoid firing it up close.

Corrected the underbarrel shotgun for SPR.
Added support for the camo DVL-10 from SPR.
Added 40mm Toothpick.
Gave the Toothpick and its brother a new flying particle effect derived from their explosion.
Transplanted underbarrel grenades, launcher munitions, and rifle grenades from Payload.
Signed with a new key.

Added several new magazine sizes.
Significantly improved SPR compatibility.
Added 23mm shotgun shells.

Added support for RHS: USAF pistols.
Enhanced functionality with UNSUNG.
Added support for NIArms RPKs.

Corrected magazine proxy model with five-round 7.62x54mm magazines.
Added picture for 20 round 7.92x57mm magazines.
Added 20 round 7.62x54mm magazines.
Corrected weights on 20 round 7.92x57mm magazines.

Extended .50 AE magazines.
Added compatibility for some alternative weapon mods. Improved WPN_R_F compatibility.
Added .45 ACP Flares.
Added a new range of powerful 12 gauge shells.
Improved NIArms compatibility.
Introduced new fire effect for Dragon's Breath and more exotic incendiary shells, courtesy of KICKASS.
Added basic LEN and IFA3 compatibility to some weapons.

Corrected small bug.

Temporary revert due to small bug.

Significantly enhanced CUP and RHS compatibility.
Added 9x21mm magazine suite.

Full Aegis Compatibility.
Full Breaking Point Compatibility.
Design Mastery Compatibility.
Korean Armed Forces Compatibility.
Finnish Armed Forces Compatibility.
Russia 2035 Compatibility.
Global Mobilization Compatibility.
Extended 9x18mm suite.
Extended 7.62x39mm suite.
12.7x108mm VPS.
WarfareThai compatibility.
Contact DLC Compatibility.
Added 20x110mm suite.
Added 4.73x33mm suite.
Extended KA Weapons support.
Did some tweaks to certain ammo types.

Added a range of 12 gauge flares.
Added 12 gauge Dragon's Breath and the somewhat harder-hitting 12 gauge Super Dragon. These aren't a substitute for buckshot but they do have a limited splash effect that may prove useful in closer quarters. They also have very bold spread, which gives you more breathing room for if you miss.

Added compatibility for FHQ weapons pack.
Did some work on .30-06 magazines.
Adjusted weights for .300 Winchester Magnum magazines.

Added 5-round magazines for the new .338 types.
Corrected small typo in the .338 magazinewell.
Maximized 3CB compatibility to the best possible level. The shotgun and the L129 are a lost cause but everything else is good to go.

Introduced 5.45x39mm 7N18 and 7N7 as well as 7.62x39mm PZ, ZR, Libra Snail, and Modern Arms International SLAP.
Also introduced 7.62x54mm MAI SLAP alongside ST-M2 and other new rounds like PZ and ZR.
Significantly increased the 12-gauge selection.
Finished compatibility with Roberthammer Pistols.
Added .32 ACP, 9x18mm Makarov, and 7.62x25mm ammo suites.
Also introduced 12.7x108mm 7N34M and other new ammo types.
Revamped weights for 12.7x99mm and 12.7x108mm magazines.
Added 20 round 12.7x99mm magazines.

Added several new types of 12.7x99mm, bringing the total count to above 60.
Added 14.5x114mm magazines.
Added 14.5x114mm support for the WPN_R_F PTRS-41.
Added additional base classes for a bug reported by the HDC.
Expanded support to other WPN_R_F small arms.

Refined airfriction values for most .50 BMG types.
Refined 12.7x108mm MP types.
Fixed .338 XMP and .338 XMP-S having the same ammo class.

Added new effects for certain incendiary munitions.
Gave PELE and FAP rounds a second pass. Their indirecthit values have been significantly reduced.

Finalized SMA support.
Added .300 Blackout magazines to the relevant SMA and Roberthammer weapons.
Corrected the 6.8x43mm / 5.56x45mm situation in SMA.

Added 5.8x42mm support.

Corrected EXACTO bug.

Hotfix for the error appearing when Payload magazinewells were called but not present.

Enhanced compatibility with CUP. Introduced magazines for the additional AK-100 series types.
Over twenty new kinds of 9x19mm and 5.7x28mm as well as over ten new kinds of 12.7x99mm - including rounds like the DARPA Depleted Uranium Flechette and Mk211F3.
A whole suite of 12.7x108mm. Some additional support for SPR, Massi, and WPN_R_F.
Fixes for some ammo types like the Winchester Q1544 Buckshot.
Additional magazines for some ammo types like 9.3x64mm and 9x19mm.
6.5x39mm support for base game weapons (when applicable).
6.8x43mm support for Roberthammer M4A6 and M16A6.
80% support for Roberthammer's M4 / M16 Pack and pistol weapons.
Added experimental EXACTO ammunition for .300 Winchester Magnum.
Enhanced variety of .300 Winchester Magnum, with automatic support for weapons like the Falkor Petra and XM2010.
Additional ammo types in other calibers.

Added support for the LIM-85 and the Aegis MP7.

Further improved inter-mod compatibility. Introduced no-compat-required compatibility with several RHS and SPR weapons.

Rebuilt shotgun magwells.

Enhanced compatibility with Aegis. Added magazines to several new CBA magwells, which will enhance compatibility with other mods.

Progress made on universalizing ammo magwells.

Increased timetolive values for most ammunition types.
Tuned some of the .50 ammunition types due to popular request.
Added 6.5mm creedmoor types for an upcoming associate's project.

Added line of 6.5mm Creedmoor ammunition. This is for an upcoming project.
Corrected the ballistics of the .300 Blackout and .338 Spectre lines of ammunition.

Added additional sets of magazines to the base compat. This will help out later.
Fixed bug reported by MGZoltan for the .45 ACP Lightfield 'Alpha' APs.
Added new 12.7x55mm types.

Moved 40mm grenades from UAS to Payload.
Added a huge variety of new 5.56x45mm and 7.62x51mm types.
Expanded ammo classes for upcoming compats.
Redid some ammo types. Liberty 110-grain 5.56x45mm now accurately reflects its real performance.
Redid class structure. You might see a tiny performance boost from that.

Added WP rockets for the 84mm and 120mm ammo sets.
Added airFriction values for the 9x19mm classes.
Moved 40mm grenades from compats to the base compat, ensuring more universal compatibility.

Corrected .338 AP-RE ammo class name.

Fixed CUP images being used for the 9x19mm 30-round magazines.

Added new base classes. Introduced a line of 120mm 'Super Gustaf' shells based on the AT12-T's range.

Added a base line of shotgun ammunition for the RHS shotgun.

Added map menu documentation. The mod has documentation now, wow!
Added 12 gauge ammo types.
Added duplex and triplex ammunition.
Handled some bugs.
Added limited base-game compatibility.
Added some 40mm types.

Added .300 Winchester Magnum and 4.6x30mm to support the RHS: USAF compatibility patch.

Added .338 ammo types.
Made some tweaks to ammo penetration. 12.7x99mm DSG XMP will penetrate better now.


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