Author: V. Berlioz
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Requirements: Universal Ammo System, Simple Inventory Overhaul

Version: 3.33
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: is an Advanced Armor Plate Mod. A true body armor overhaul, back and better than ever.

Date: 2020-11-25 11:39

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Advanced Armor Plate Mod

V. Berlioz

Advanced Armor Plate Mod. A true body armor overhaul, back and better than ever.

- Over 2,500 different body armor inserts from all over the world, from bread-and-butter basics like AR500, RMA, Highcom, ESAPIs, XSAPIs, and SAPIs to exotics like 20-hit LIBA plates, .50-caliber protective SARVIP plates, and more.
- Velocity, hardness, energy, and sharpness simulation through a new ammo-plate comparison system. A new level in realism.
- Upgrade inserts for your helmet, neck, arms, legs, and pelvis.
- Simple armor equipping system. Just grab the armor inserts out of the magazine tab of Virtual / ACE Arsenal and place them in your vest.
- Fully realistic weight simulation. One in-game set has the same weight as its real-world counterpart, front + back + sides.
- Revised documentation containing levels of over ten different standards and an extensive tutorial.

It is highly recommended that you use AAPM III with UAS and either ACE3 or Cobalt ACE. Until the upcoming script rework is released, it is highly recommended to only use AAPM in singleplayer.

Please use the Discord or the bug reporting thread below for reporting issues. Discord:

To install Advanced Armor Plate Mod you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Recommended and/or optional addons and mods to use with AAPM III:
- Cobalt ACE (dont use together with the official ace!)

Changelog: (23-09-2020 - only displayed in news once every three months)
The Rising Crust Update.
Added a three-model series of modern PLA plates.

The "Tungsten Blues" Update.
Added a new 12-hit 7N39 plate in the GOST-BR5+ bracket.
Added the Verseidag Kins.0050B 7N37 and Swiss P AP-rated plate, the first in AAPM under the Austrian ONORM standard. It's like VPAM but more obscure.

The "Grozny Steel" Update.
Added the Ceradyne 10-hit BZ API plate.
Renamed several SARVIP plates to reflect their real PA-series designations.
Added the ASP-KM 7N24-rated steel plate from FORT.
Added GOST-BR5 and GOST-BR6 (12.7x108mm B-32 API-rated) Sotnik plates.
Added the ASP-M3, the size medium of which is the 5,000th insert of AAPM!

The 'Rising Industry' Update.
Added the ECSAPI, a new XSAPI-class plate adopted by the USMC in 2013.
Added new, very high level versions of FRDBA, including a 14.5x114mm-rated NIJ-IX model.
Added numerous new plates belonging to Atlas Armor, an up and coming Siberian outfit.
Introduced a very special GOST-BR6 plate made by Atlas Armor, able to resist 12.7x108mm B-32 API.
Made adjustments to the protection level of the NGSAPI.
Tuned some XSAPIs and introduced a new XSAPI+, a .50 caliber rated model.
Swapped out images for several plates to make their appearance better.
A couple weight fixes here and there.

New Additions:
British Osprey-II plates. These are like XSAPI-class Ospreys.
British Saker plates. These are equal to the typical Ospreys but are much lighter.
British Osprey-H plates, rated to defeat 12.7x99mm M2AP.
Hesco 3511, an ICW version of the 3611.
Hesco 3800LV, an ICW and low-vis version of the 3800.
Hesco 3885LV, an ICW and low-vis version of the legendary 3885.
Hesco 4400MC, a multi-curve equivalent to the 4401, albeit slightly heavier.
Hesco 3690, a standalone BZ API plate able to also defeat M80 and other threats.
The entire list of plates from Advanced Protection Systems, including new VPAM-12 and VPAM-12+ models, the latter of which is able to defeat .300WM DM131 tungsten-core AP.
Added CATI Level III AR500, CATI Level III+ AR600, and a new NIJ-RF2 AR600 as well.
Ceradyne "Spezial" and Airborne proto-XSAPIs.
Ceradyne "North Ireland" is now designated by its real title, the 80571.
The rifle-rating HOSDB plates have been totally revised in terms of designations.
Moved the RMA AR550 to RF2.

Tuned the Hesco 3885 and buffed it to stop M995.
Introduced the Hesco 4925, a very rare plate rated to defeat 6.8x51mm XM1184 ADVAP when used with IIIA soft armor.

Made adjustments to various NIJ-IIIA and NIJ-IIIB hard armor inserts to bring them up to their proper protective levels.
Introduced size variations for the Second Chance K-47.
Made an adjustment to the AP-PL check system to make it a little more definitive.

Mehler Vario .50 BMG AP-rated plate series. One of the first SK5-level plates.
MyForm Tac-Top flexible armor in AK and III+ protective levels.

Added titanium and tungsten disulfide NIJ-IVA panels. EOD suit-like performance but at less than half the weight!
Added a variety of new plates from Highcom, including their new budget III ICW IIIA steel.
Added LAPG Level IV GEN-1 and the reinforced GEN-2 version.
Added the 5.45 Design BKK-05 .338 Lapua AP-rated plate.

Hyperion LTD plates.
Inventory for rebreathers.
DSTU-6 five-hit B-32 API plate from Israel.
Mehler RHP41.
New TEMP-3000 plates.

Tuned the weights of the Velocity Systems ULV selection.
Introduced the B-VEL, a newer and higher performance version of the VelSys PULV.
Introduced some new silk soft and hard armor hailing from Thailand.

Added the Hesco 4601 and 3612.
Introduced the Diamond Age Neosteel.
Adjusted the weight on the Diamond Age Bastion.
Added a revised AR500 Militia helmet with NIJ-IV appliques.
Introduced some new Russian plates, including our first GOST-6C option.
Added a new, very powerful NIJ-VII option courtesy of a certain Texan outfit. Yes, this surpasses the 96034.
Majorly tuned the overall scripting balance. Made a lot more weight ride on the AP-PL check system. You'll find people are not as fragile against cheap limb hits anymore. This significantly improves armor reliability against the AI and should cut down on twitch-knockouts.
Optimized the AP-PL check system.

The One-Year-Anniversary Update.
Changed around some NIJ ratings, removed the outdated documentation.

Fixed typo with the L110 helmet.
Added some new LIBA plates with an Armox steel backer. These are heavy but can take an absolute beating.
Added some new GEN-VI SPEAR and TSA options. GEN-VII will be coming next.

Promoted the ACP-M to GOST-7A.
Added a new series of Russian LIBA plates.
Did some tuning to ICW functionality.

Undid config binarization - it was screwing with the scripting.
Readded the revised LTC 28601.

Addon Builder binarization failed, reverting to the May 19th version.

Revised the 28601.
Binarized the config, hopefully this will improve load times.

Added neck, pelvis, leg, and arm inserts to the checks index, resolving a bug reported by MGZoltan.
Added several new plates discovered by Ravenna1337 from Tyr Tactical, as well as a new Ceradyne.

Updated the Russian plate selection with info courtesy of MrDBoy12. Warm welcome to the ACP-M plates rated to stop 7N37.

Fixed the issues with overwriting vest colors in the base game.
Restored vanilla vest weights.
Added several new plates from FORT Technology and Tyr Tactical.
Modified the armor penetration system and tightened the logic.

Added BRONET Panzer plates used by the Bulgarian army in the 1990s.
Added the lion's share of Sanda's catalog. These are probably the best plates in China.
Added the first GOST-1 and GOST-6B inserts, courtesy of Bison vests.
Added Small and XS versions of the Hesco 4525.

Bugfixing update. Resolved small issue with vestinit.sqf.
Adjusted blunt trauma factor.

Added a couple new plates.
Fixed a typo where an Iranian Fishscale insert was still set as a plate.

Fixed invisible icon for the FDI 1540.

Tuned uniform-vest soft armor stacking.

Adjusted helmet checks.

Substantially increased plate / panel selection to over 4,000.
Revamped the 96034's performance.
Stab / slash panels.
Significantly reinforced soft armor selection.
Enhanced ICW armor integration.
Revised check system that enables proper soft + hard armor stacking.
Upgrade panels and plates.
Massive array of new Hescos.
XS - Extra Small sized plates are now in for some models. Even less coverage than smalls, but even less weight.
Moved DragonSkin and other flexible systems to being panels, not plates.

Added new soft armor panels, such as the Hardwire-68 and Hardwire-74, as well as most of the Panzerflex range.

Update "Long Schlong of the Law."
Changed the NIJ scale back to Roman Numerals.
Added a suite of FBI-rated soft armor. This stuff is rather good and is usually equivalent to a higher NIJ rating than the number would indicate. FBI-II is like NIJ-IIIA, FBI-IIIA is like NIJ-IIIB.
Moved the Model 4520 and LTC 28601 to the FBI scale. FBI-IV = XSAPI / NIJ-IV+.
Added a wide variety of early NIJ-I, NIJ-II, and NIJ-IIA armor inserts. Also added some old school hard armor, including the Armour of America GP588, the first known III/IV dual-rated plate from 1981.

Added various grades of Iranian Fishscale armor. This is similar to DragonSkin and will be used for CSAT later.
Added an ergonomic cut version of the IMI X-3 XSAPI plate.
Added the BAE 127960, a powerful sub-4lb Level IV-equivalent SPEAR plate.
Introduced the Protech 1013LW, 1013, and 1015, three old-fashioned plates from the 1990s.

The Krauskerino update.
Added two new Ceradynes, the GEN III SPEAR and an older relative of the 96034.
Added some Ancient-certified Botach plates.

Added the GOST-5A and GOST-6A Granit-2 plates.
Added the Ceradyne 2572575, a powerful M33 FMJ rated plate.
Added the BAE Systems MSAP, a 3.95lb Level IV ICW IIIA.
Made the energy check somewhat more gradular.

Raised the total count of plates to over 3,200.
Significantly enhanced the Russian plate selection.
Added the new TenCate CX-913.
Added a couple new SPEAR plates.

New soft armor panels.
Changed arsenal prefixes so the armor items now show up at the top of the magazines tab.
Added a couple new Ceradynes. These are quite powerful, but nowhere near the 96034.

Added several new ESAPI versions.
Did some small tunes to the SPEAR selection.
Added the Ceradyne 96034 ITSA - Improved Tactical Stand Alone insert. This is AAPM's first .338 AP-rated plate.

Replaced the outmoded uniform inserts with a line of simulated TALOS integrated full-body armor suites. These come in NIJ-3, NIJ-3+ (M855), and NIJ-3++ (BZ API / M855A1) varieties. When combined with a rifle-rated plate, chest protection can really get up there. We're talking triple digit no-craps-given protection against basic 9x19mm Mk243. Make sure you're packing good APs if you're going up against these. M995 and above.

Version "Stormer"
Added Hesco 4610.
Added Midwest Armor FM STX.
Redid the whole line of helmets. You now have the AR500 Militia helmet, the ACH, the ECH, the Mark II ACH, numerous Ceradyne helmets, and even some heavy-duty rifle-rated models like the Vulcan-5 and IHPS with visors.
Removed LIBA overhelmets. They'll be reimplemented later under a more suitable layer system.

Signed with new keys.

Removal of old decayed SQF.

Commented out the remaining vestiges of the dupe bug for contingency's sake.

Version "Exocet"
Traded out the durability system (temporarily) in exchange for (hopefully) eliminating the duplication glitch.
Adjusted AP-Plate behavior where rounds that defeat the plate will much more reliably kill the wearer.
Added XL-sized Hesco 4600.

Raised general armor coef to 1.85 from 1.55 to resolve testing data that suggested plates were underperforming.
Raised number of armor items to over 3,000.
Introduced FRDBA, Phoenix Armor's replacement for DragonSkin.
Introduced Laminated Boron Carbide and Polycrystalline Diamond versions of Hexar.
Introduced LTC 28791.
Gave a slight buff to the LTC 28720.

Implemented some alterations to vestinit.sqf that should reduce duping frequency.
Added some additional plates. New ESAPIs and more. The LSAPI is making a return and some new flexible armor systems are in.

Added several new plates. Expect some new AT Armor models, a new .50 rated plate, and additional XLs for plates which lacked the size.
Did some tuning to other plates.

Removed inventory alterations and moved them to a separate mod, which is now a dependency.

Fixed the weight of a few SARVIP types.

Heavy mathematical rework for plate simulation. Plates were considerably overperforming.
Removed unused plate models and images while also standardizing some plates to use more regularly-used world models. This reduces AAPM's size from just below 25MB to around 18MB at no cost to content.

Fixed line 99 error.
Hardcoded trauma divisor to resolve the aforementioned line 99 error. Don't fiddle with AAPM Options.
Added several new plates.


- Universal Ammo System
- Simple Inventory Overhaul

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