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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 1.1.4
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Short description: is (at this time, will be) a collection of 3 separate addons that work in tandem to create the ultimate single-player experience.

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Date: 2019-10-05 09:15

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All-in-One Single-Player Project


I'm sure everyone agrees that the current state of ARMA single-player is not really playable (unless you're alone!). The AI are always a burden and hard to manage. Well, in this project, my goal is to change that.

This project will consist of 3 addons:
1. All-in-one Command Menu (Deluxe ver.): The improved and enhanced version of my old , dusty mod, All-in-one Command Menu which itself was basically an improved version of WW AI Menu by Windwalking.
2. ADDON #2 (WIP, ~10% Complete); ETA: mid September
3. ADDON #3 (WIP, ~60% Complete); ETA: early October

The other two addons are not "command menus" but something entirely different and crucial to the single-player game, and interaction with them will primarily be through All-in-one Command Menu. I will update this thread about the latest development status. Stay tuned!

Feature Overview:
0. Customizability: Use CBA Settings to customize the mod.
1. Infantry commands and actions:
1.1. Heal + revive + drag + carry wounded units (including full support for ACE Medical)
1.2. R.O.E commands, such as Fire on My Lead.
1.3. Complete set of stances for AI (including "intermediate" stances)
1.4. Defensive options, such as take cover and fortification
1.5. Opening unit's inventory at the desired object/position
1.6. Weapons management, e.g. selecting a specific weapon, attaching suppressors, etc.
1.7. Assembling and disassembling static weapons.
1.8. Taking weapons from the ground or nearby vehicles/ammo boxes.
1.9. Complete rearming + class-based rearm, e.g. AT soldiers take AT Launchers, Engineers take Toolkit, Demo Specialists take explosives and Mine Detector, etc.
1.10. Planting explosives, with categorized explosive list (e.g. Explosive charges, AT Mines, Trip Wires, etc) + three fuse options for explosive charges (Auto, Manual, Timer)
2. Vehicle commands and actions:
2.1. Mounting vehicles; also shows a list of available seats, and is significantly better than the vanilla version when mounting vehicles on top of objects (e.g. on a carrier or ship)
2.2. Switch seat without restriction (e.g. mid-air!)
2.3. Create driver (or pilot): directly drive/fly vehicles with an AI behind the wheels!
2.4. A custom helicopter flight system with its own new pilot (called "super pilot") + loitering (including loitering UI) + cruising (including cruise UI) + landing + sling-loading
2.5. Landing; including various landing options such as combat landing for quick insertion.
2.6. Setting flight height
2.7. Rearming + refueling + repairing vehicles
2.8. Vehicle controls, e.g. turning on/off headlights and engine.
2.9. Slingloading without the vanilla 'infinite spin' bug!
3. High Command functions:
3.1. Recruiting + dismissing AI
3.2. Creating support groups from your own units (e.g. CAS, Artillary, etc.)
3.3. Monitoring squad units.
3.4. Selecting squad leader.
4. Essential Cheats:
4.1. Zeus
4.2. Teleport
4.3. Arsenal (Also supports ACE Arsenal)
4.4. Adding Revivability to units (basically a 'custom' medical system)
4.5. Quick heal up/repair
4.6. Quickly adding ammo/items.
4.7. Enabling/disabling fatigue
4.8. Reduced damage system (NOT DISABLED!)
5. New waypoint UI
6. (Optional) Reorganized vanilla command menus + added icons and colors

What's new since All-in-one Command Menu classic:
This is a complete rewrite of the classic mod, so obviously there's so many changes. Here is some of the most important ones:
New Features:
- Completely new design, with colorful icons to better recognize commands. Icons are also shown for vehicles, weapons, etc
- Many code optimizations here and there to improve the performance
- (Optional) Reorganized vanilla command menus + added icons and colors. Remove the keybinding in CBA Controls panel to disable them.
- New driver mode! Drive all land/sea vehicles directly with an AI behind the wheels!
- New pilot mode (for helis)! A custom flight script which enables you to fly helicopters directly for the ultimate gunner/FFV experience! Includes new pilot (called "super pilot") + loitering (including loitering UI) + cruising (including cruise UI) + landing + sling-loading
- New Waypoint UI
- Tasking system; New commands do not override each other but rather are added to the unit's 'tasks' (think of it as 3D waypoint assignment). Check the waypoint UI to see all tasks (tasks: GREEN, waypoints: BLUE). Most functions have been rewritten to support the new tasking system.
- Planting explosives, with categorized explosive list (e.g. Explosive charges, AT Mines, Trip Wires, etc) + three fuse options for explosive charges (Auto, Manual, Timer)
- Overhauled medical system with revive, drag, carry, etc. actions + full support for ACE medical (basic)
- Overhauled rearm: Rearm everything! Also added class-based rearming (e.g. AT soldiers take AT Launchers, Engineers take Toolkit, Demo Specialists take explosives and Mine Detector, etc.)
- New landing modes
- Essential cheats menu
- Auto-medic (optional)
- The mod is no longer initialized in the main menu. (actually, many mods have this issue but the authors don't know/care about it. This can improve the launch time of the game a little bit)
- The mod can probably run without CBA now (but you still need CBA to customize the mod). Didn't test it. I added this change after noticing some compatibility issues between CBA and the Contact DLC.
- Unstick: The mod does its best not to throw units out of buildings when unsticking them! Also, vehicles are now placed on top of objects (e.g. roofs, etc.) where possible. Also, you can now unflip vehicles by pointing at them (without any units selected)
- Mount: Units now move towards the vehicles before mounting them.
- Take Cover: Units now take cover behind objects (i.e. away from enemy); if there is no enemy, they assume the player is pointing at one.
- Medical (and some other functions): Medics/units can now move withing the 'bounding box' of objects (invisible barrier around objects which AI can't move into!).
- Assemble: The mod automatically detects the weapon backpacks now! You can simply select all units! Also, you can assemble the backpacks if they're already on the ground! Also, the weapon is now assembled where you wanted it to (if possible) and exactly towards the direction you wanted
- Disassemble: Units now take the correct backpack; for example, if there are many backpacks close to each other, they know which one was from the disassembled weapon!
- Support groups: For helicopter supports (CAS and Transport), a helipad is added at the helicopter's position so it can land there again.
- Prettier, Better and faster map selection (e.g. for mount, resupply, disassemble, etc.)
- Improved the Taxi script using a recursive path generation function instead of the old trial and error method. The overall system is still buggy though and I need to rewrite it completely.
- Fixed a bug in Zeus which caused the mod to throw errors in the main menu
- Fixed multiple compatibility issues with C2 Beta.
- Removed all unused event handlers to improve performance.
- Many, many more bug fixes for the many functions that have been rewritten.

To install All-in-One Single-Player Project you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
Subscribe to the Youtube channel

Q1. Does the mod work in multi-player/dedicated server environment?
A1. The mod is still in development. Due to large code changes, I can't test the mod under these environments right now. I'll probably add support for multiplayer after ADDONS #2 and #3 are released.
Q2. Will you upload the mod to Steam Workshop?
A2. Once ADDONS #2 and #3 are released and the mod is in a more presentable state, yes.
Q3. Why is ADDON #3 more complete that ADDON #2, despite later release date?
A3. I started ADDON #3 about a year ago, shortly after releasing my Tactical Satellite Feed mod. In fact, most of the stuff in the current All-in-One Command Menu mod were ported over from ADDON #3. But now I'm more excited about ADDON #2. It's going to be totally game changing (!) so I'll finish that one first.


Notes (MUST READ):
Some of this stuff might be a little hard to grasp at first (but once you learn them you realize how easy and intuitive they were!). I'm very busy right now so I'll add a video tutorial by the end of this week. For now, try to make do with these!
0. The menu is opened by pressing 'Y' ('Z' on German keyboard) by default. You can change the control settings from CBA Controls Panel (OPTIONS > Controls > ADDON OPTIONS > All-in-one Command Menu). In addition, you can change various mod settings from CBA Settings Panel (OPTIONS > GAME > ADDON OPTIONS > All-in-one Command Menu)
1. Some menu items have an asterisk (*) mark next to them. This means they receive the position in two forms: 1. By pointing at a position in 3D world and selecting the command; 2. By opening the map first, then selecting the command and then clicking on the map. This is very important to remember!
2. To cancel a unit's task, simply order him back to formation or use the waypoint UI. Note that when a unit's task is canceled, he will continue doing whatever he was doing before (except for waypoints, in which case the unit will stop at the final position).
3. Using the waypoint UI:
3.1. 'Undocking' the menus: Simply hover the mouse near the docked menu.
3.2. Selecting units: There are three ways: 1. Using F1-F12 keys or NUMPAD keys. 2. Using the unit buttons. 3. By drawing a selection by holding Ctrl + left clicking on the map. To quickly select units using the unit UI buttons, simply click and drag the mouse over them.
3.3. Placing WPs : Select the waypoint from the list and place it on the map by left clicking.
3.4. Deleting WPs : Select delete mode, then either click on the waypoint or draw a selection by Ctrl + left clicking on the map to delete multiple waypoints at the same time. You can also right click on the waypoint and select 'Delete WP'.
3.5. Confirming WPs : Either use the menu button or simply press 'Spacebar'. Note that when a waypoint is applied, it is added to the unit's task and can only be deleted, not modified (see below). Tasks are GREEN and WPs are BLUE.
3.6. Modifying WPs : To change a waypoint's position, simply click and drag it. To modify its type or parameters, right click on it.
4. When using the explosive menu, you should select the trigger quickly because the unit starts moving to place the explosive as soon as you select the explosive from the list (i.e. the trigger or fuse is added later). Also, note that the Auto trigger means AI will blow it up himself when he sees an enemy near it (he should be closer that 300 m to the explosive), and the Manual trigger means an action is added to the player to detonate it by yourself.
5. Using the custom helicopter pilot system (Super Pilot):
5.0. Controls: Hold 'W/S' for pitching (cyclic forward and back), Hold 'A/D' for banking (cyclic left and right), 'Q/E' to yaw (left and right pedal), 'Shift' to raise Collective, 'Z' ('Y' on German keyboard) to lower Collective.
5.1. To enable/disable 'Super Pilot' mode, select 'Create Driver' from the Vehicle Commands; then select 'Super Pilot Mode' from the 'Pilot Settings' menu which appears at the top of the root menu.
5.2. To enable/disable 'Cruise Mode', press 'Ctrl + W/S'. Cruise Mode means that the pilot will adjust the altitude himself and also tries to avoid objects. You can manually set the pitching degree by using 'W/S' (no need to hold).
5.3. To enable 'Loiter Mode', either press 'Ctrl + A/D' (depending on whether the position is to your left or right) or use the Pilot Settings (note the asterisk * mark too! See Note 1) to manually set the loitering position. To adjust the loitering radius, use 'A/D' (depending on whether the position is to the left or right). To adjust the loitering speed, use 'W/S' buttons. To quickly cancel Loitering mode, press 'Ctrl + A/D' away from the center of rotation. A quick example (try to imagine this in your mind and look at the keyboard to understand it better): I want to loiter around a position to my left, so I press 'Ctrl + A' (left) to enable it. If I want to decrease the radius, I press 'A' because 'A' takes me to the left, which means closer to the center, which means decreased radius. When I want to cancel, I press 'Ctrl + D' (to the opposite side, which is right here)
5.4. In both 'Loiter' and 'Cruise' modes, you can set the flight height quickly by pressing 'Shift' and 'Z'.
5.5. Note that by default, landing, slingloading and resupplying functions use Super Pilot Mode, which is highly experimental at the moment and might be buggy. If you don't like it, Uncheck 'Auto enable Super Pilot' in settings (see Note 0).
6. To disable the custom vanilla menus, simply unbind their keys in CBA Controls Panel (OPTIONS > Controls > ADDON OPTIONS > All-in-one Custom Menus).
7. You can open the High Command Menu in two steps:
7.1. Switch to high command (default: Ctrl + Space). If it doesn't work, open and close the AIO menu once
7.2. Now open AIO Menu

# Added:
* Replaced the menu item "Make units playable" with a new sub menu which lists all commanding menus (move, target, etc.). You can also change whether you want the vanilla or customized menus in CBA settings.
Note: "Make units playable" has been moved into the cheats submenu.
* Medical: A new setting called "Healing speed multiplier" has been added which allows you to adjust the healing speed for medics. I recommend you use a value above 0.5 otherwise it will be too slow.
# Fixed:
* HC Menu: High command couldn't be accessed if another unit was the hcLeader.
* Medical: Fixed other cases where the medic icon wouldn't disappear.
* Medical: Fixed using too many FAKs during self-heal.
* Medical: Workaround for a game bug which didn't update getDammage along with hit point damages, which resulted in healing taking too long,
* Super pilot: "Landing" on water was broken.
* Super pilot: Added soft landing to prevent damage to the helicopter.

# Fixed:
* Medical: Medic icon wouldn't disappear if the medic "abandoned" you.
* Super pilot: The pilot opens the landing gear automatically if the "altitude" (technically it's height above surface) is below 20 m and the helicopter is descending.

# Added:
* Medical: Added an indicator icon to show you where the medic is. This icon is always shown when you're unconscious. If you don't want it to be shown when you're "conscious", use the option that's been added in CBA settings.
# Fixes:
* Revive cheat: Fixed the death timer for AI (they wouldn't die when they where unconscious). Unconscious units die after 5 minutes + some minor bug fixes
* Super pilot: Fixed another loophole which would allow the helicopter to fly with engine off + improved the object detection to make sure the helicopter doesn't move through objects (which would result in instant explosion)

# Fixes:
* HC: Fixed a bug which allowed you to recruit enemies.

# Added:
* Added flanking sub-menu to the Move menu. In addition, an intuitive way for flanking using the Numpad buttons has been added, where you can use the numpad buttons as directional keys to tell the AI how you want to flank (e.g. Num8 to Advance, Num4 to Flank Left, etc.)
Note that the "Move into building" sub-menu has been moved into the "Defense" sub menu.
* Formation sub-menu is now accessible though a shortcut (default: 8), just like other custom menus.
# Improved:
* Medical: The medic now ejects the player and/or other units if they are unconscious inside a vehicle.
* Medical: Medics ignore the AI squad leader commands much better now.
* Medical: Significantly improved the dragging/carrying functions. There's less chance of AI passing through objects now.
* Cheats: The Add ammo cheat no longer adds randomized mags if the unit already has a mag in his weapon. This fixes a bug where AI wouldn't reload their weapons even if they had mags (because the mag was different). Also, the cheat automatically fills your current magazine now.
# Fixed:
* Custom Menus: fixed a delay in opening menus if the user was using a different keybinding than the vanilla counterpart.
* Formation menu: Fixed wrong icon for Echelon formations.
* Medical: AI wouldn't use some objects as cover when dragging/carrying.
* Medical: Fixed a bug which caused the AI to use too many medications without actually applying them.
* Medical: Fixed a bug when the AI carried the player where he constantly switched to the "carry up" animation.
* Driver mode: Fixed an error that popped up when you switched to driver mode (due to suspension in unscheduled environment)
* Ejection: Fixed several bugs in the ejection code.
* Cheats: Fixed a bug in Heal up cheat where the injury effects wouldn't be removed after being healed (my revive system only)

- You can now select menu items using both Numeric and Numpad keys. The option is available in CBA Settings.
- Custom Menus now use the same buttons as the ones defined in your controls.
- Fixed a loophole which caused the helicopters to fly with engine off.

Rearming: items would be removed from the ammobox, etc. but not added to the unit's inventory. Now the script checks to make sure there's enough room in the inventory.
Zeus: make force-activating addons optional. Previously I force-activated all addons in a mission which slowed down mission load times. (99% of missions don't need this though) I suspect it might not be needed at all.

Super Pilot: Make sure flight height is not zero when switching to cruise/loiter mode + fixed vanilla AI preventing the super pilots from taking off (they forced the engine off!) + misc bug fixes
High Command: Fixed Create HC Group not working after the last change to the Create Support Groups option
Mod icon: Fixed transparent background made texts illegible (replaced with white)

1.0.1 beta

- Community Base addons A3

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- BI forums

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