Author: V. Berlioz
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Requirements: Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3)

Version: 1.21
Signed: Yes

Short description: adds explosives from all over the world. Hand grenades, explosive charges, and mines from the US, former Warsaw Pact, Sweden, and elsewhere.

Date: 2020-02-04 09:48

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V. Berlioz

Explosives from all over the world. Hand grenades, explosive charges, and mines from the US, former Warsaw Pact, Sweden, and elsewhere. Currenly includes the following:

- MON-50, MON-90, MON-100, MON-200, MON-300, MON-400, MON-500, and MON-1000 directional mines. Hailing from the Soviet Union, these mines are named for their lethal range. The largest of the lot, the MON-500 and MON-1000, are legends in the demining community for their raw power and reach.
- FFV-013. Hailing from Sweden, this 20+ kilogram "Super Claymore" is capable of border defense and more.
- Minimore. A smaller Claymore mine for more tactical operations.
- OZM-160. A massive bounding APERS mine with the raw power of a large artillery shell. Capable of eliminating infantry in a 50+ meter radius.
- Mk138 Charge. A large demolition charge for tactical work. Capable of easily handling most buildings.
- Mk2 Grenade. The legendary pineapple grenade.
- No.73 Grenade. A British AT Grenade dating from the Second World War. You better find some cover before you throw it.
- M720 'Grenade'. A 60mm M720 HE mortar shell equipped with an M10 Destructor grenade fuse. Definitely a lethal one.
- V-40 Minifrag. A small mini-frag grenade, ideal for close quarters and urban warfare.
- RKG-3 and RKG-3EM AT Grenades. Popular in the Second World for their tank-busting abilities.
- XM78 HAAG. Experimental US AT Grenade from the closing half of the Cold War.
- HG85. Austrian fragmentation grenade.
- HG86. Austrian mini-frag grenade.

All explosives are available from the respective tabs of virtual arsenal.

To install Payload you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Moved 40mm grenades, Rifle Grenades, and Launcher munitions from Payload to UAS. This better fits the theme of UAS and also allows the munitions to harness UAS magazinewell infrastructure.

Added cell phone detonation options to the static explosives. The mod is now certified Irish.

New as of 11/20/2019:
- Numerous new grenades, including illumination and concussion types.
- Rebalanced and more realistic nailbombs.
- Fragmentation overhaul. Now Payload fragmentation should behave better.
- Additional RPG-7 warheads.
- Additional Carl Gustaf warheads.
- Further progress on the universal battlespace munition concept.
- New images for RPG-7, Carl Gustaf, and 40mm UGL munitions.
- Additional Rifle Grenades, including a new Yugoslavian-Chinese series for AK-pattern rifles.

The mod has also been fully keyed.

Removed duplicate image files. This saves over a megabyte of space.
Raised number of available RPG-7 warheads to over 60.
Added M-26, M-26A1, and M-26A2 'Lemon Grenades'.

Added new generic magazines for most tank munitions.
Added the new TBG-7G thermobaric warhead for the RPG-7.
Added some other stuff. Very descriptive, I know!

Further tunes made to the ADM-series munitions.
Fixed name tag on the OG-7CE concussion warhead for the RPG-7.
Condensed and reworked the 84mm and 132mm warhead classes for the Carl Gustaf. Eliminated the fictional 120mm series.
Some other tunes here and there.

Hotfix for the MK3A2 and MK3A1. Also introduces RGO, RGN, Type 86, and Type 82 fragmentation grenades.

- Several new grenades like the MK3A1, MK3A2, and a fix for the 64lb Nailbomb.
- Twenty new RPG-7 warheads, increasing the total arsenal of RPG-7 warheads to forty. Some of these newcomers, like the TBG-7VRM and the PG-7VRM, are extremely powerful.
- Adjustments made to some explosives.
- Small nerf for the 84mm, 120mm, and 132mm canister shells.
- Added additional tank shells. I did some foundational work for making them usable, but nothing concrete yet.
- Adjusted the rifle grenades so they fly a tad better.

Fixed mortar base class bug.

Fixed wonky rocket trajectories for some of the uh... Carl Gustaf offerings.
Added a WIP library of mortar, tank shell, and MLRS ammo types.
Refined some grenades.
Fixed the 40mm flares.

Corrected airFriction value for APAT.

Fixed other non-fatal requirement error.

Fixed non-fatal requirements error.

Moved 40mm grenades from UAS to Payload.
Added 40mm grenades for GP-25s.
Redid Rifle Grenade flight model, added in-flight model. Thanks, Purple!
Added warheads for SMAWs, RPG-7s, and other launchers.
Added some new grenades.

Fix for the grenades as well.

Bug-squashing and content additions all around.
New rifle grenades, new grenades, several off-route AT mines, and a new series of explosives.

Added Rifle Grenades. Added White Phosphorus grenades.
Added some other stuff too. WP effects are currently interim and will be revamped in the future, along with the ballistics of the rifle grenades themselves.

Added Alstex charges. These will give you a standardized system of charges. Larger ones are heavier but produce bigger booms.
Added Magbomb grenades. These are magnum stick grenades popular on internet sites like Optimized for urban warfare, they'll kill everybody in the room without bringing the house down.
Slightly nerfed the No.73 so it doesn't demolish every house it touches.
Added Mk20, M112, and M118 small demolition charges. Also added the much larger Mk135 and Mk127 charges.

Fixed "grenades not throwable" bug.



- Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3)

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