Author: Vespade
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Requirements: Operation: TREBUCHET

Version: 0.23.03
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: is a mod created to accompany Article 2 Studios' Operation: Trebuchet (OPTRE). The original sole purpose for A2D was to create higher quality and more diverse textures for units to use as they battled either the Insurrectionists or even the Covenant.

Date: 2020-03-31 09:15

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A2 Declassified: Fireteam Zulu


Fireteam Zulu, formerly known as Article 2 Declassified, is a mod created to accompany Article 2 Studios' Operation: Trebuchet (OPTRE). The original sole purpose for A2D was to create higher quality and more diverse textures for units to use as they battled either the Insurrectionists or even the Covenant. Using what's been given to us in Operation Trebuchet, as well as inspiration from the Halo community, we were able to create something truly unique. Today, Fireteam Zulu aims to make interactive gameplay within your unit, or even just your singleplayer scenario, more immersive and more fun.

Fireteam Zulu now not only incorporates our new high definition textures into your missions, but we also add new and exciting features such as Side Mounted Machineguns on your Falcons and Back Mounted Machineguns on your Pelicans. Though, that's not where we cross the line. The new and improved A2D allows your pilots to drop supplies down from high altitudes without worry of what's to become of it when it hits the ground at raging speeds. Using our Pelicans, you can drop vehicles from 200 meters and above to apply a parachute to it as it falls, thus making quick resupplies much safer.

Due to the developers' use of their own mod, some other small adaptations have been made to accompany the new armor sets that have rolled out in our latest updates. ECH252s are now equipped with CH252D standard Heads Up Displays or HUDs. Not only that, all helmets that are sealed or closed off are now also compatible with the Chemical Warfare mod. Luckily for everyone, this is not a requirement of Fireteam Zulu at all, only some lines to make them work together if you wish to make the situation a little more requiring of its players.

Ever get shot at by some of those nasty Innies and wonder, "If only I had a mounted M247 Tripod on my back like the Marine from Halo 2," or even, "A great way to start off this mission would be to load everyone into a Bumblebee Lifeboat and launch them across the map?" Well boy have I got some news for you. Not only can you find Deployable M247T Backpacks in your average arsenal using Fireteam Zulu, you can also get ahold of some UNSC Standard Issue Deployable (Respawn) Tents! Oh, the Bumblebee? Try placing one of Zulu's Bumblebee Lifeboats and hopping in the pilot's seat. You can thank us later.

To install A2 Declassified: Fireteam Zulu you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Found a game-breaking bug that's terrorizing you? Hop in Zulu's official Discord and report it to us! Here you can get ahold of the developers and give us your list of ideas to make gameplay more immersive and more fun. We listen to your suggestions and make sure any bugs that are reported are squashed or are verified to be unfixable.

Credits & Thanks:
Thank you to all of Fireteam Zulu's developers for making a mod that can be used so widely with so many different audiences.
Thank you to Article 2 Studios themselves for creating Operation: TREBUCHET and allowing us to adjust and tweak all the different things you've so lovingly given to us to work with.

Thank you OPCAN[/url], OPCOS, and every other Operation Trebuchet side-modder out there for inspiring some of the ridiculous work that is thought up of in the Fireteam Zulu Developers' minds.

~ Reconfigured Units
~ Fixed Uniform Hitpoints
~ Fixed Slim Shortsleeve Uniforms
~ Fixed Vehicle Textures in Eden
~ Added Colonial Police Vehicles and Units
~ Moved ONI to INDEP
~ Changed Thruster System
~ Added Sparrowhawk Textures
~ Added Civilian Warthog Textures
~ Added MQ221 Drone
~ Adjusted Honeybadger in-water speed
~ Removed ACE Overpressure from SpLaser

~ Reconfigured Helmet Attachments
~ Added HURS Helmet Attachment
~ Added HUL Helmet Attachment
~ Added UA(B) Helmet Attachment
~ Fixed Buffalo (Covered) Bug
~ Removed AutoSlim Script
~ Buffed the HoneyBadger Armor

~ Helmet Attachments

~ Added Bison Variants
~ Added Hornet Variants
~ Added Water Buffalo Variants
~ Added HUD Balclavas with no Goggles
~ Fixed various bugs
~ Fixed ACE Arsenal Bug

~ Added Urban Marine Compositions
~ Added Evolved Marine Compositions
~ Added Shaw-Fujikawa script
~ Added "Warhound" ODST faction
~ Added "Hiroku" ODST faction
~ Added "Soft" M52 variants
~ Added "Base" Variants of all uniforms
~ Added MQ-49 Recon Variant
~ Added Modified "AutomaticSlimLeg" Script
~ Adjusted "Gray" Uniform color
~ Adjusted "Khaki" Uniform color
~ Adjusted Falcon MG Script
~ Adjusted M28A2 DMR configuration

~ Added Security Armor set
~ Added Grenadier Armor set
~ Added Vest Armor set
~ Added Corpsman Armor set
~ Added Khaki Uniform base
~ Added Rolled Uniform types
~ Added Short-sleeve Uniform types
~ Added Bumblebee Launch Script (WIP)
~ Added M247 Detach Script (WIP)
~ Added Deployable Tent Backpacks
~ Added Deployable Sleeping-bag Backpacks
~ Added Chemical Warfare compatibility
~ Added Anniversary "Evolved" armor color
~ Added "Urban" armor color
~ Added "Reaper" ODST Faction
~ Added Medical Honeybadger
~ Added spawnable "Urban" Marines
~ Added spawnable "Evolved" Marines
~ Added S1/ONI/Recon Helmet with gold and silver visors
~ Added spawnable "ONI Field Operative"
~ Added ECH252 variants with gold visors
~ Added "UNSC" Flagpole
~ Added "UNSCMC" Flagpole
~ Added "UNSCAF" Flagpole
~ Adjusted vehicle inventories to be compatible with ACEX
~ Adjusted armor's color schemes to fix lighting bugs
~ Fixed non-spawnable compositions in Zeus
0.2 Side Notes:
~ Detachable M247T will make you walk slower as you hold it, due to you "carrying" two weapons.
~ Only long sleeve versions of uniforms work as CBRN gear.
~ Only ECH252, CH252D, and S1/ONI/R helmets function as proper CBRN helmets/respirators.

Fireteam Zulu Update
There is much to discover and relearn. More will be added here in the upcoming days as bugs are fixed and modifications have been made.
Thank you all for being so patient with us as we worked hard on the update. Enjoy!

~ M808B Scorpion Variants
~ M808C Scorpion Variants
~ UH144 Falcon Variants (Armed, Unarmed, Side Armed, Armed Side Armed)
~ Unarmed Pelican Variants
~ OPTRE Frigates by request
~ A2 Declassified Logo sizing error
~ Hyena
~ Medical UH144 Variants
~ Pelican Machinegun Detachment Script

Redone and Updated:
~ Pelican textures
~ Warthog textures
~ Honeybadger textures
~ Dunes textures
~ Snow textures

~ FX142 Flares
~ FX142 Radar
~ FX142 Camera zoom

Bug Fix! Hooray!
~ Rapier Dynamic Loudout system (Entirely custom)(Never want to do that again)
~ Pelican glitch with textures
~ Rapier camera
~ Rapier missiles
~ Olive warthogs had flipped textures on certain variants

~ Olive Halo 2 Hog Variants
~ Olive Halo 3 Hog Variants
~ Rapier Jet (Requires FOX Shinden)
~ Gasmask polarized helmets (Requires Chemical Warfare)
~ Marines instead of Rangers
~ Vehicles and units spawnable through Zues AND Eden
~ Vehicles that are not currently finished have been moved to WIP
~ Vehicles unable to be used whatsoever have been removed from spawn list

~ Minor vehicle mishaps
~ Unable to spawn certain vehicles
Known bugs/Issues:
~ Falcons
~ Honeybadger
~ Hyena
~ Script load in pelican
I will be doing much more to FIX and make sure the things I've already added WORK before I go ahead and add to much more... thank you for your patience.

~ Temporary Pelican textures
~ Temporary Honeybadger textures
~ MG Script for Falcon
~ MG Script for Scorpion
~ MG Script for back of Pelican

~ Frigates are back!
~ Elites have been modified heavily
~ Visors on MJOLNIR armor have been fixed
~ AVLRP214 now works
~ All vehicles and objects are now spawnable through zeus
~ Honeybadger
~ Hyena
~ Falcons
~ Pelicans
~ Mongoose/ATV
~ AA Warthog
so... much... more...

~ New Textures for S/VRC
~ Flags and Banners for various units
~ Warthog spawnability through Zeus
~ UNSC Variant of Quadbike
~ Armed and Unarmed Falcon variants
~ Armed and Unarmed Pelican variants

~ Pelican Code to lift Declass vehicles

~ Warthog Variants
~ 65th Unit Banners
~ Traffic Cone (WIP)
~ Hyena Code (WIP)

~ Added ability to spawn 18th Vehicles via Zeus

~ Honeybadger Tan
~ Honeybadger Green
~ Medical Resupply Warthog
~ Mustang Falcon WIP
~ 18thMEF Flag
~ 1stMAW Flag
~ Broadsword Banner
~ Greatsword Banner
~ Halberd Banner

~ Crayon textures
~ NVG Aviators
~ NVG Wayfarers

~ Aviators
~ Wayfarers
~ Crayons
~ Goggles w/ Hud
~ Pilot Radio

~ Crayons (Kind of)
~ Balclava HUD (Kind of)
~ Some other things
~ Patrol Cap
~ LR Handheld Radio
Probably some other things...

~ No icon on inventory screen bug

~ Cayde's Helmet
~ Jackson's Helmet
~ Killian's Helmet
~ 1stMAW Beret
~ Patrol Cap (For now)
Known Bugs:
~ Missing image in Inventory for MAW items

~Fixed Pilot Vest Texturing
~Fixed self-consciousness when it comes to the inability to organize things

~Fixed Damage on Pilot Helmets
~Added Pilot Vest

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