Author: STA | G.Drunken
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.1.4
Signed: Yes

Short description: adds new textures for the CSAT faction and includes different variants of already existing CSAT vehicles for different purposes.

Date: 2020-06-22 11:10

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CSAT ReTexture [ DrunkeN's Arsenal ]

STA | G.Drunken

This addon adds new textures for the CSAT faction and includes different variants of already existing CSAT vehicles for different purposes.

The addon includes:

- 3 new ( well, ReTextured) factions within OPFOR:

- CSAT (Urban) (Finished)
- CSAT (Desert) (WIP)
- CSAT (Black Ops) (WIP)

- Future ones?

- CSAT (Winter) - Will be replaced with Urban, Urban will recieve a better, more similar to what the Guards units have.
- CSAT (Woodland) - Livonia related, looks good in test versions on Tempest.
- CSAT (Marines) - PLA related.

- ReTextured objects such as tents and camo nets.

- ReTextured content of all CSAT related objects up-to-this-version. ( This goes for Hex-ed camoed content, of some importance. Don't expect me to do retextures of CSAT sleeping mats. Pfftss... )

- Includes all DLC vehicles within each faction ( that is, if the textures fit the faction that's being mentioned), so there's no need for any "Required DLCs". If you have the purchased DLC of that specific vehicle, you can use it. If not, rip.

To install CSAT ReTexture [ DrunkeN's Arsenal ] you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

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Known issues:
- You can't see the retextures in the Virtual Arsenal. I'll try and sort it out in the next update, I recently started doing configs, relating to ArmA 3.

Future plans:
- ReTexture the gear of CSAT to fit the other factions, excluding Desert and Urban variants.

It all started as an idea, but later turned out to become the real thing. I felt sorry for the Urban infantry of CSAT, so I've decided to make ReTextures of all of the vehicles that the normal CSAT units have, basically paint them into Urban-looking colors, but it just wasn't enough. So what I did was, make ReTextures of all Hex looking objects that have great importance to a player.

The addon includes "Tempest" trucks of different textures, such as Desert and Black Ops. These two ReTexture projects are still WIP and are a lot harder to work on, since it's not just dropping buckets of white and black all over the vehicles, right? Let's be real. For now, they just serve as a "promotion" of some sort, I've got no clue what I'm talking about.

Also, as I was finishing up the configs, I wasn't even aware that ArmA III was celebrating its 6th Anniversary, so would you look at that. Right on time. Like a present. Maybe it is?

All to all, I'm happy I'm working on this, hopefully I'll finish it sooner.

Credits & Thanks:
Much thanks to:
ACE3 for better interaction with vehicles and animations, made some of these screenshots even better.
Advanced Towing for including such amazing features.
CUP for using the Snow version of the Chernarus map.

Created, packed, signed and uploaded by:
STA | G.Drunken

- Added .Bikey for servers. Properly this time.

Due to having issues with updating the mod, for now this version (v1.1.1) will be the live version.
Updates will come when I figure out what's the issue. Thank You for your patience.

- Fixed Viper units and groups

- Updated CSAT Winter
What's new?
- Fixed some CSAT Desert and CSAT Winter textures.
- Upon requests, I've decided to modify CSAT infantry units, better yet, step up the game. All of the vanilla infantry units received a complete rework regarding textures. These units also include some custom infantry units, but more are to come in future updates. ( I used the ALiVE ORBAT Tool to create these units, it made my pain go away and it was much easier to use ).
- Each CSAT infantry unit has a unique appearance, meaning all of them don't look the same. No randomization included. It took sweet time, blood, sweat and nerves trying to retexture almost EACH item from all 4 groups ( Uniforms, Vests, Helmets, Facewear), but in the end it (maybe?) payed off. The meaning behind it all is deep ( s' what she said...), but you get the point.
- Added CSAT Winter groups. In order to make it easier for Zeus Gamemasters and Editor users to make their dreams come true or cause other players to have a seizure due to the amount of enemy troops and vehicles in front of them, they can now spawn groups. Pretty much a copy-paste of what CSAT and CSAT (Pacific) have, but with a bit of magic touch from me. Groups sorted by Hex, Grey and White ( Infantry related).
What now?
- CSAT Desert and CSAT Black Ops are back in the workshop (literary). The content remaining needs to be finished soon.
_ CSAT Winter might recieve a bit more updates, but it depends on what's missing or what has been forgotten.
- CSAT Weapons are something I still have in my mind, but won't be able to do it alone, nope. Might have to pull some people into this, to share the fame.
- Custom CSAT units are still WIP, ETA unknown.
- If there's something missing or not working properly, do leave a comment in the comments section, or contact me directly on either Steam or any of the other sites.

- Updated CSAT Desert group.
- Removed CSAT Urban, added CSAT Winter.
- Updated CSAT Winter group.
What's new?
- Many of the vehicles within CSAT Desert are finished, only things remaining are static weaponry and objects such as IR Masking Tents, Tents and Connectors.
- CSAT Urban got renamed to CSAT Winter and its arsenal got updated. A lot of planes, helicopters and drones got added with different textures for different terrain for the current existing CSAT groups.
- Added infantry units (vanilla organized), for now it's just standard.
What now?
- Remaining content that is missing (mainly textures) from CSAT groups of the First Part, will be updated soon. I am unable to give an approx. date due to RL stuff happening and the amount of work that needs to be done.
- Infantry units will be properly modified and replaced once I manage to organize where, what and why each unit belongs within each CSAT group/subgroup. I will focus on infantry units once I'm done with vehicle textures and start working on infantry gear and weapons.
- Making huge updates is a no go, so I've decided to release smaller updates, that way I'm more efficient regarding the codes and textures, but I'm still organized by what I wrote in one of the discussion topics I've made (the locked one though). Come to think of it, it does need an update...
- If there's something missing or not working properly, do leave a comment in the comments section.


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