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Requirements: Operation: TREBUCHET, Community Base addons A3

Version: 5
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: is a collection of cosmetics to complement Operation: Trebuchet.

Date: 2020-08-18 08:33

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Operation: Cosmetics


A collection of cosmetics to complement Operation: Trebuchet.
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Originally created by Reverence, Operation: Cosmetics, or OPCOS, is a cosmetic side-mod that includes various uniforms, armors, and vehicle retextures by myself and the community! It was first designed as a replacement solution to OPCAN, but with Burgess back we can now focus on what we think OPCOS should be! (We've also added some secrets)
If you would like to contribute and help us out, contact me on Discord! Username: Reverence#2654

To install Operation: Cosmetics you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

We will also have a discord, but we mostly use the community channel in OPTRE's official discord:
OPTRE's Discord:
OPCOS' Discord:

You want to see something added? Let me / us know in the suggestions thread!

Credits & Thanks:
OPTRE by Article 2 Studios — For being my dependency and being an awesome mod.
OPCAN by Burgess — For being a awesome mod and inspiration.
Xandion, ZeeCat, SpartanJackWar, Grenadier — For their current and future contributions.
Vespade - For an awesome amount of templates, kindness, and experience.

Cross Branch Uniforms
+USSR/Russian Partizan Camo
+Desert MARPAT
+sawtooth pattern camo
+Blue digital
M52A Vests and Helmets
+Blue digital
+Fix missing UCP Medic
M52D Vests and Helmets
+Red digital
+Blue Digital
+DOCS M52D and R/B5 helmets (Milton)
+Milton's personal set changed.
+Place POLICE on police hogs
+Sirens on Police hogs
+Dazzle hog
+Merge racehog to the normal hog texture lists.
+Ahegaopat (Blame Tycus!)
+Remove underbelly from banana
+Remove underbelly from Insurrectionist
+WWII German Panther A camo
+Ahegaopat (Blame Blast!)
+Abillity to Spawn all Units from 3DEN
+Add low-light VISR to all VX-16
+Make all UNSC pilots wear VX-16 instead of ECH252.
+Crew helmet in snow color
+Crew helmet in desert color
+Crew helmet in urban color
+Crew helmet in DCU
+Crew helmet in CTRG
+Crew helmet in UCP
+Crew helmet in Multicam
+Crew helmet in banana
+Crew helmet in red digital
+Crew helmet in blue digital
+UNSC insignia patch
Weapons: (Milton's work)
+M6G Gold
+M6G Silverballer
+M6G Samurai

- Fixed Milton's Helmet Texture
- Fixed outdated texture sources for the Rocket Hog
- Fixed outdated texture sources for the Pelican

Cross Branch Uniforms
+Red Digital
M52A Vests and Helmets
+Chocolate Chip
+Red digital
M52D Vests and Helmets
+Chocolate Chip
+Get rid of UNSC on back of innie hogs
+Fix AA rocket hog textures (Thanks Vespade!)
+Racecar hog
+Add no-step markings
+Add danger markings
+Fix fist on front of innie hornet
+Add textures to innie faction
+Adjusted Dazzle camo
+Added Insurrectionist version
+Fixed banana's gear not being the same color
+Add No step markings (Thanks Vespade!)
+Add intake markings (Thanks Vespade!)
+Upgrade to 4k textures
+Implement bungie logo to trigger [Redacted].
+Implement ace arsenal event handler to help with the above [Redacted].
- Removed Rev's Dev Armor for redesign.

Bug Fixes!

Cross Branch Uniforms
+CTRG Tropic
+CTRG Arid
+CTRG Urban
+Multicam Black
M52A Vests and Helmets
+CTRG Tropic
+CTRG Arid
+CTRG Urban
+DoCS set
+Milton's personal armor
M52D Vests and Helmets
+CTRG Tropic
+CTRG Arid
+CTRG Urban
+Innie hogs
+Police hogs
+Banana Hogs
+Innie hornet
+Police hornet
+Banana hornet
+Police patrol cap
+Shemaghs, in various colors
+Various deck crew helmets
+Misriah Armory ballcap
+Folded boonie hat in brown, olive, and urban.

- Thanks to SpartanJackWar!
- Fixed and re-enabled the secret

Hopefully this fixes the update, if not god help me

- Hot fix
- Added Author line to all AA helmets
- Removed Templar Medic Arsenal entry (didn't have a texture)
- Added another secret

- Added SpartanJackWar's camos and vests
- It has alot of stuff expect me to miss some things
- New Desert Set
- Banana Set
- A lot of well made camos
- He also rewrote the config stucture and made acouple scripts
- Thanks!
-Added Insurrectionist VIP ODST armor by Xandion (GySgt W. Milton on Discord)
-Added Helmet Attachments similar to OPCAN
-New logo

- Code Rewrite
- Minor Bugs Fixed
- Edited Woodland and Desert ODST armors to be more Woodland and Desert-y
Coming Soon:
Up-Armor Bits
Insurrectionist Update
Medical Variants of Custom Retextures

Hotfix! With Moar Camos.
- Redid all camos, with the current ones being:
Halo 2 Anniversary ODST Camoflauge
U.S. Woodland (M81) - Blown up from ERDL Highland
ERDL Highland
ERDL Lowland
UCP Urban (Custom Variant)
Halo Reach Trooper UCP
MARPAT (Woodland)
Desert Battle Dress Uniform
-Fixed Armors not having the proper model.
Coming Soon:
- Code rewrite to be proper
- Insurrectionist update

-Added Security Preset (Based From OPCAN)
-Added Police Colored Armor (Decals WIP)
-Broke everything, apparently.

- Added More Uniforms:
-Halo 2A ODST
-Added Two ODST Sets

- Added an additional uniform camoflauge: Reach UCP Trooper

-Added two Uniform Variants
-M81 Woodland
-Woodland Marpat
Soon: Other uniforms (Open to feedback.)

-Added Four sets of Colored ODST Armor
Soon: Uniform Camoflauge Variants

- Added Red and Blue Color Sets to all existing armor, except ODST
Coming Soon:
ODST color sets in Green, Red, Blue, and White.

- Added Texture Varients to the CH252A: Polorized and Non
- Desert
- Marine
- Urban
- Snow
-Tons of bloody stuff.

- Operation: TREBUCHET
- Community Base addons A3

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