ArmA Support And Patching Plans - Part III

Spanel bros has written another article for the bistudio developers blog.

Quote Spanel bros :
We worked very hard since the original 1.00 version to improve ArmA and we are quite satisfied with the shape of ArmA at version 1.14 . Since the release of the 1.14 patch, our focus shifted almost exclusively to the development of ArmA 2 . However, we still feel there are some fixes that will not only help to further improve ArmA, but will also help us to ensure greater stability and compatibility of ArmA 2 when it will be released one day.

Fixing to stay future proof

After version 1.14 was released, we identified with the great help of some members of the community, a few serious issues that we considered important enough to release another patch:
    * Vista x64 4 GB problem with ATI (some users cannot run the game)
    * Joining in Progress causing lag and disconnection (JIPing player can break the game for the players already ingame)
    * Dedicated server bandwidth control wrong (not working as intended because of bad DS framerate measurements)
The x64 ATI issue is something which is currently only hitting a few users, but within a few years it's likely the problem would become more prevalent. Multiplayer issues are quite low level and definitely annoying and also by fixing them now and testing them in a larger scale use it's the best way forward for ArmA 2's eventual release.

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Some more fixes?

Given we're to release the patch anyway, we have selected a few fixes which we consider safe, addressing some issues frequently raised by the community (see Killing Bugs for more information about how this works). We will not give you the list right now but we can honestly tell you this list will not be anywhere as long as it was in previous patches as ArmA is already mature enough.

And what about bug XXXX and feature YYYY?

Often after releasing a patch we can see reactions like: "Hey, how can you release a patch that does not fix (Insert You Favourite Bug / Feature Here)?"

With a game's development there is a difficult balance to achieve - how much time do you dedicate to adding new features? How much time do you dedicate to polishing the product? We understand some of you would like to get both - perfect polish and broad scope, but we have yet to see a company able to deliver this.

Now the decision we make is not always "sensible", because we are human beings as well. Sometimes we get excited over some feature and implement it, because we think it adds something significant. Sometimes we simply fix a little bug as it is simple to fix or it is related to some other work.

Will There be Any More Patches?

We don't know. But we are already fully focused on our next game, ArmA 2, so we will definitely not be able to release any more patches in the near future, and unless some really critical problems (critical means issues preventing many users to run/play the game) appear in the future it is very unlikely any such patch could be released.

Community Configuration Project

As part of this patch, we would like to formalize community oriented approach towards fixing and improving some of the aspects of the game configuration files. This already happened in some of the previous patches but this time we would like to go further in this approach and allow the community to contribute with more fixes and tweaks on the configuration side of the game. For this, we plan to setup a dedicated category on the wiki page where community config gurus will be able to propose changes and fixes. We will then review it and what we feel is safe and good will be integrated directly into the patch. Generally, we don't want this to turn into some form of massive attempt to heavily modify the game but we hope to see a few simple config fixes contributed by the community in the final patch


We hoped you would not ask, but since you did :) .... well, the fact is we are unable to tell you when, as we do not know yet. Most likely there will be a beta stage again, followed by a stable release. All the three "major" fixes are already implemented, we would like to test them internally first, so that we can be reasonably confident we do not re-release the patch quickly. Once this is done, we need to first prepare a public beta patch to ensure new bug fixes really fixed all issues and didn't introduce some unwanted side effects. It is probably safe to assume the new final, stable release is only a few months away.

Written on 2008-07-28 13:12 by Bohemia Interactive  

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