Author: Georg Ravioli
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Requirements: RHSAFRF, RHSUSAF

Version: 1.17
Signed: No

Short description: is a lightweight mod adding mixed tracer/ball magazines for RHS weapons that don't already have them. Ideal for multiplayer scenarios, providing a more immersive/realistic way to point out targets for your comrades.

Date: 2020-09-26 10:27

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RHS Mixed Magazines

Georg Ravioli

A lightweight mod adding mixed tracer/ball magazines for RHS weapons that don't already have them. Ideal for multiplayer scenarios, providing a more immersive/realistic way to point out targets for your comrades.

"Mixed" ball/tracer magazines ("Tracers Every 3" for 5.45/7.62x39, "Tracers Every 4" for 5.56x45, but "Tracers Every 2" for M855)
Makes existing RHS tracers behave more realistically (example: 7N6, M196, and T-45 have no delay)
Adds extra AP ammunition types (7N24 for 5.45x39, 7N23 for 7.62x39, and M995 for 5.56x45)

To install RHS Mixed Magazines you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Fixed the keys again, verified with a third party this time.

Fixed bikey and bisigns, hopefully.

-Integrated my RPK magazines mod, now you have the 45/60rnd 5.45 and 40rnd 7.62 RPK mags as well.
-Added HK Maritime and Lancer L5 mags from NIArms for STANAG weapons.
-NOTE: Lancer L5 TE4 mags don't "look right", they show a TE3 load with 3 reload tracers. I'll do some experimenting later to see if this can be easily remedied.

Added mixed mags to FN FAL/L1A1.

-Reverted all naming convention changes. These will be put in a separate mod when I finish this pass of changes, making it more modular and ideal for those who like either naming convention.
-Changed "Mix" to "TE2" for Russian magazines.
-Added a Bakelite 5.45 7T3M Tracer (with delay).
-Had to mess with the 45rnd 5.45 RPK tracer mags, I may have switched the 7T3 and 7T3M. Things got confusing when I was renaming them back.
-Corrected wrong name for RHS's 7.62x39 tracer (should be 57-T-231P, not 57-N-231P).
-Added a full tracer 7.62x39 M70 mag, renamed/adjusted existing tracer mag to TE2 standard.
-Changed 20rnd STANAG TE4 mags to TE3, based on some shit I read on a forum. Makes sense to have slightly more tracers per mag.
-Added "AP" to M995 mag names.
-Added mixed mags to M21, VHS-2, G36, M14, and SCAR. Adjusted some existing "Tracer" mags to be full tracer.
-Changed M855A1 mags for above weapons to SS109, since M855A1 is only used in the US military, and M855/SS109 is most common (mags still use RHSUSF's M855 ammo, but are named SS109, per NATO standard).
-Renamed "M856" and "M856A1" mags for above weapons to "L110", per NATO standard.
-Added "SS111 AP" mags to above weapons (M995 AP ammo, but with "SS111 AP" name; I can't find any source on SS111 AP performance compared to M995 AP, but I assume they're very similar).
-Added M61 AP mags to M14.
-Added an M61 AP mag to the SR-25, by request.
-Added M993 AP mags to SCAR.

Further raised hit value of M995 and PPBS, making them a more noticeable upgrade from M855A1 and BS.

Changed hit values for 7N24 BS, 7N39 PPBS, 7N23 BP, and M995. Thanks to Rezistor for some guidance on that.
Removed 7N27 PP. According to available ballistics info, it performs almost identically to 7N23 BP. I'll wait for some concrete info on newer cartridges such as 7N38 or something to add another 7.62x39 cartridge.

signed and keyed this bitch, throw it on your servers, yo

Added: 5.45 BT magazines, because why not. They're just BP magazines with tracers turned on, so no EFT-esque performance boost.

Added: I gave in and added 7N39 (5.45x39 PPBS) and 7N27 (7.62x39 PP). They're basically turbo anal AP rounds.
Fixed: Added RHSGREF to requiredAddons[] array, should fix Mosin clip displayName.
Fixed: Following abbreviations changed:
7.62x54 B-32 > B-32M
7.62x54 PS > SnPS
9x19 PS > Pst
Fixed: 44rnd PP-2000 mags were labeled 30rnd.

Fixed: Changed 5rnd Mosin clips to new naming standards
Fixed: Missed a bunch of ammo types, got 9x19, 9x18, and 9x21 converted to new naming standards.
Fixed: US magazines are now labeled Subsonic

Changed: All Russian ammo types are now displayed with Russian abbreviations. Changes are as follows:
7N6/7N6M > PS
7N10 > PP
7N22 > BP
7N24 > BS
7T3 > T
7T3M > TM
7BT4 > BT
7U1 > US
57-N-231 > PS
57-N-231(89) > PS(89)
7N23 > BP
57-N-231P > T-45
57-N-231PM > T-45M
57-N-231U > US
7BT4 > BT
7U1 > US
57-N-323S > LPS
57-N-323P > T-46
7N13 > PP
7N26 > BP
7BZ3 > B-32
7N1 > PS
7N14 > SNB
7N21 > PS
7N31 > PBP
57-N-181S > PST
7N28> P
7N29 > PS
7BT3 > BT

Fixed: Mk262 TE4 STANAG magazine displayed as Mk318 in HUD.

-changed all AK mags to TE2, as per some anecdotal info from Russian veterans
-changed M855 mags to TE4
-added T-45M tracer mags for 7.62x39
-^57-N-231(89) mags now have T-45M
-added 20-round Mk262 TE4 magazine

fixed naming conventions for M855A1



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