WIP report - XAM 1.5 announced
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snake the well known maker of the Extreme Arma Mod (XAM) has asked me to inform the community about the upcoming XAM 1.5 release.

Quote snake :
Contrary to appearance the XAM is not dead!
Indeed I had personal constraints these last months which prevented me from developing the MOD correctly. I am here to announce you officially that Version 1.5 of the XAM is currently under development.
I cannot give any date for the release, I want to spend the necessary time to release the most stable possible and to offer to the players a lot of missions for the mod.

Make sure you visit the new forums for the XAM mod which you can find here (English and French sections).
The Armaholic forum discussion can be found here.
Here is a small video snake sent me showing the F16 takeoff sequence.


Written on 2008-07-28 19:45 by snake22000  

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