OAC (OFP ArmA Conversion) demo release

Q just released the demo of his open source project OAC in the BI forums.

OAC is an open source project which allows you to play OFP missions or campaigns in ArmA with little or no modification of the mission file. It is possible to use community made addons alongside to improve the visual aspects,
sounds or gameplay. It has been made compatible with a lot of them.

Quote Q :
This is a demo release to gather interest in the project,
as the project itself is meant to work as an open source project.
This means anyone can participate in many different ways.
Read more about the project and how to participatehere.

Download the campaign from our download section (linking to the original source until we are allowed to mirror).
The campaign requires the ACE CWC island pack for which you can find a link under the installation notes!

Written on 2008-07-28 20:29 by kju  

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