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Version: 1.12 v14

Date: 2008-10-28 09:41

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Warfare - Iced-Hard

Modified version of new Warfare based on Rommel's version.

Airlift for bothsides
Faster Fast Travel
Resistance AI upgrades: Smarter, more weapons and armour
$2500 starting money, $800 starting suppply money for commander
Revised Spawn Locations
Aircraft Factories can build Jets
There are no AI supply trucks. So Remember to build up the supply values of your towns.

Just extract the pbo file to your ArmA\MPMissions folder

Su34B's will rearm GBU's but only at Ammo trucks. If you try to rearm the SU34B at the Depot it will remove the GBU's and that aircraft will no longer rearm at ammo trucks either. I will try to work out the problem but until then this will have to do.

Change log:
v1.12 v14:
- N/A

v1.12 v13:
- No bugs

v1.12 v12:
- fixed a bug
- Default view distance is now 3000m

v1.12 v11:
- Bug fixes

v1.12 v10:
- N/A

v1.12 v5:
- Lots more changes
- improvements
- mando flares
- base town values increased

v1.12 v2:
- You can now board allied AI vehicles
- Equipment Prices revised
- Dolores is now "BootCamp"
- The Island Airfileds are now capturable

v1.12 v2:
- Fixed: the Mi17 was not airlifting

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