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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

Short description: A simple script to make convoys work in Arma 3

Date: 2019-11-21 17:05

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Simple Convoy Script


It is now of common knowledge that Arma AI barely got its driving license !
While the driving is "decent enough" for single vehicles, when asked to form convoys, the AI will often stop/get stuck for no reason.

Here's a script using new features of Arma 3 engine and following Occam's Razor principle :
Simpler is better.

- Convoys will not get stuck for no reason !
- Robust script
- Easy to use : put your waypoints in the editor, and run the script with the convoy's group name as parameter
- Player friendly : you can be part of the convoy as driver/gunner/commander in any vehicle of the convoy without breaking the script
- Adjustable convoy speed
- Adjustable convoy spacing
- Performance and environnement friendly :)

Installation / Usage:

Put the script code in an sqf file, trigger, init field or whatever you fancy, then call it with :

convoyScript = [convoyGroup] spawn TOV_fnc_SimpleConvoy;

Check the readMe in the Demo mission file for more details.

- Having mixed vehicles in the convoy will cause the fastest vehicles to have a not so smooth driving, as they'll accelerate faster than the other vehicles then brake once they reach target speed.
- Due to how setConvoySeparation works, the convoy will stop on tight turns, vehicles crossing one at a time. Rear vehicles will then cut the corner to catch up faster if possible (doFollow behaviour).
- It doesn't fix all AI driving issues !

Credits & Thanks:
The Arma community with special thanks to all who answer scripting questions on the forums

License / Disclaimer:
Share it, edit it, steal it, rip it, call it your own etc.
Arma scripting and modding is about sharing !
If you're having fun, then I'm happy !

- Initial version

Forum topic:
- BI forums

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