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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.8.1
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: sets custom speeds on selected animations of Arma 3. Some movements were sped up, others were slowed down trying to bring a cohesive realistic movement in 360 degrees in all stances and speeds from prone slow to tactical running.

Date: 2021-02-25 10:18

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C.A.S.T. Combat Animations Speed Tweak


This addon sets custom speeds on selected animations of Arma 3, the goal is to return the combat pacing of Arma 2.
Some movements were sped up, others were slowed down trying to bring a cohesive realistic movement in 360 degrees in all stances and speeds from prone slow to tactical running.
Hopefully veterans will notice a huge difference while casual players will hardly notice any changes.

* Highly recommended to install ArmA3 Old Running Animation by MasterWolf (sprint) to complement Arma 2 animations.

Most rifle movement speeds customized
Most pistol movement speeds customized
Most unarmed movement speeds customized
Player and AI affected
Auto lower rifle when running (optional)
Auto lower rifle when walking kneeling (optional)
No idle animations for player and AI (optional)
Still cargo animations (optional)
Arma 2 animations for walking and running (optional). Requires cast_auto_lower_rifle.pbo
No prone sprint (optional)
Swimming with diving suit left/right with proper speed 
Compatible with ACE3
Compatible with ArmA3 Old Running Animation by MasterWolf

To install C.A.S.T. Combat Animations Speed Tweak you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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Known issues:
ACE3 overwrites some animation speeds. (Compatibility Patch included in zip file).

Untested in multiplayer. Please provide feedback, thanks.

Credits & Thanks:
Bohemia Interactive
BI Arma Forum Contributors

Thanks to: (Foxhound)
Mondalkb and the Global Mobilization CDLC team for copy/paste of their EULA from
Everyone supporting me @BI Forums.

License / Disclaimer:
Non Military - You may not use the content of this addon as a whole or any part of this addon for military purposes.
No Monetization - You may not use this addon as a whole or any part of this addon on monetized servers.
Armaholic - The author grants permission to Armaholic ( moderators to upload and update the content of this addon.
Attribution - You must attribute the material in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the material).
Noncommercial - You may not use this material for any commercial purposes.
Arma Only - You may not convert or adapt this material to be used in other games than Arma.
Share Alike - If you adapt, or build upon this material, you may distribute the resulting material only under the same license.

Changelog: (25-02-2021 - updated as it happens, displayed in news once every month)
tweaked: walk raised rifle x0.925‬.
tweaked: walk raised pistol x1.01.
tweaked: tactical standing rifle x~0.985.
tweaked: tactical standing pistol x1.02.

added: advanced stances for pistol/rifle tweaks.
added: walk unarmed FL/FR, BL/BR tweaks.
added: limping with lowered rifle front left tweak.
added: kneel running with launcher front right and backwards tweaks.
added: kneeling lower/raise rifle/pistol sound.
added: stand/crouch with lowered pistol sound.
added: stand/crouch with lowered/raised rifle shorter soundEdge edit.
added: stand/kneel walking with launcher front/backwards soundEdge edit.
added: kneel tactical lowered pistol tweaks.
added: kneel tactical raised pistol L/R soundEdge edit.
added: walking lowered rifle right soundEdge edit.
added: faster in/out water transition.
added: swimming without diving suit x1.5. Up/down underwater x1.2.
tweaked: running left with launcher x0.9.
tweaked: prone slow with rifle x1.2.
tweaked: kneel walking with launcher x1.02784 = front 4.30km/h.
tweaked: kneel tactical with raised rifle left/right x1.13.
tweaked: stand walking with launcher front FL/FR, backwards BL/BR x1.12.
tweaked: kneel running with lowered rifle backwards left/right x1.1 = 8.50km/h.
tweaked: kneel running with raised rifle backwards left/right x1.15 = 8.0km/h.
tweaked: walking raised rifle x1.1.
tweaked: prone fast rifle x0.9.
tweaked: prone fast back left with rifle x0.88.
tweaked: prone fast back and BL/BR with pistol.
changed: standing Tactical with lowered rifle (A3 anims) replaced with Running with lowered rifle A3 anims on cast_arma2_anims.pbo. Credits to ACE Team for idea and config.
updated: cast_kneel_walk_auto_lower_rifle.pbo.
updated: cast_auto_lower_rifle.pbo.
updated: cast_no_prone_sprint.pbo.
updated: cast_ravage_a2_anims.pbo.

- Tweaked: walking front lowered rifle/pistol increased to 6.0km/h (+0.20km/h). Vanilla and Arma 2 animations.
Tweaked: tactical pace lowered rifle increased to 12km/h.
Tweaked: minor tweaks running rifle fr/fl/backwards.
Updated: ACE and Ravage compatibility patches.

- Tweaked: kneel with rifle tactical x0.9.
Tweaked: kneel with rifle raised running x0.9.
Tweaked: A2 animations stand with rifle walk x1.05 + Ravage patch update.
Tweaked: A2 animations stand with rifle lowered left/right run x1.01.
Tweaked: kneel with pistol tactical x0.9.
Tweaked: kneel with pistol lowered run front x0.9 (to match raised).
Added: swimming with diving suit left/right proper speed (2x-4x).

Added: auto lower rifle when walking kneeling (optional) (cast_kneel_walk_auto_lower_rifle.pbo)
Added: Ravage + Arma 2 animations compatibility patch (cast_ravage_a2_anims.pbo).

Fixed: Arma2 anims rifle walking lowered backwards sound out of sync.
Added: fix for pistol walking raised crouched sound out of sync.
Added: speed tweak patch for ArmA3 Old Running Animation by MasterWolf. Slows down sprint a bit, not mandatory.
Added: sprint lowered front right interpolate to run and running lowered front right interpolate to sprint. 

Tweaked: overall fine tuning.
Added: no idle anims unarmed.
Removed: cast_running_rifle_raised.pbo.
Removed: vanilla_idle_anims.pbo.
Removed: vanilla_tactical_jog.pbo.
Added: cast_auto_lower_rifle.pbo.
Added: cast_no_idle_anims.pbo.
Added: cast_no_prone_sprint.pbo.
Changed: renamed cast_vanilla_prone_sprint.pbo to cast_vanilla_prone_sprint_speed.pbo.
Fixed: small vanilla glitch.
Updated: ACE compatibility patch.

Added: Arma 2 animations for walking and running with rifle front, FL, FR.
Added: cast_ace_arma2_anims.pbo compat patch.
Fixed: prone run playing sprint sound.
Updated: vanilla_prone_sprint.pbo sound.
Fixed: missing cargo seats still animations.
Tweaked: prone with rifle tweaked for stealth/combat (slow/fast respectively).

Added: optional/standalone arma2_cargo_idle_anims.pbo.
Added: no idle animations weapon raised pistol and rifle kneeling/standing and launcher standing.
Updated: vanilla_idle_anims.pbo.

Tweaked: sprinting and running crouched increased a bit 360º rifle/pistol.

Changed: running and sprinting with rifle is 1km/h faster.
Changed: running left/right with rifle raised is 1.45km/h faster.
Changed: running backwards left/right with rifle raised is faster.
Updated: ACE3 Compatibility Patch v1.5.

Added: running standing with rifle raised replaced by running standing with rifle lowered, player and AI.
Added: replaced prone sprinting with binoculars by prone running with binoculars.
Added: binoculars prone front right walk and run vanilla was too slow.
Added: launcher walking standing/crouching left/right/backwards vanilla was too slow.
Added: no idle kneeling with launcher.
Added: optional cast_running_rifle_raised.pbo.

Added: optional vanilla_idle_anims.pbo.
Added: optional vanilla_prone_sprint.pbo.
Added: optional vanilla_tactical_jog.pbo.
Added: no idle animations for player and AI, prone.
Added: no idle animations for player and AI, pistol.

- Changed: reverted back to C.A.S.T. rifle running (front-left-right-backwards) (lowered-raised) as in previous to
Tweaked: walking kneeling with rifle raised -0.20km/h. Vanilla speed.
Tweaked: tactical kneeling raised was slowed down to vanilla (maybe -0.10km/h).
Tweaked: tactical running standing raised +0.10km/h.
Tweaked: unarmed running and sprinting faster 1km/h.
Added: no idle animations for player, kneeling and standing.
Added: no idle animations for AI, kneeling and standing.
Updated: ACE3 Compatibility Patch v1.4.

Changed: kneel sprinting reverted to v1.3.1 (with default animation).
Changed: kneel running raised replaced by kneel running lowered.
Tweaked: kneel tactical raised is faster.

Changed: replaced prone sprinting by prone running: unarmed, pistol and rifle (a la Arma 2).
Changed: replaced kneel sprinting with rifle by kneel running with rifle lowered (a la Arma 2).

- Update: ACE3 Compatibility Patch v1.3 (fixed running with rifle lowered too fast).

Changed: reverted to vanilla rifle running (front-left-right-backwards) (lowered-raised).
Tweaked: more agile character especially tactical.
Update: ACE3 Compatibility Patch v1.2.

Tweaked: kneel tactical raised front (armed) +0.20km/h
Added: lower/raise pistol faster 1.8x/1.7x
Added: unarmed to pistol faster (reach) 3x / (draw) 1.7x

Tweaked: running raised backwards +0.20km/h
Tweaked: walking kneel lowered -0.20km/h
Tweaked: walking kneel raised pistol +0.10km/h

Tweaked: complete review of speeds, character is more agile.
Added: pistol movement (except prone minus sprint, and kneel tactical lowered).
Added: pistol and rifle speeds synchronized given few exceptions where animation would look off.
Added: AI animation running raised with rifle (AmovPercMrunSrasWrflDf_ldst) replaced with player animation (AmovPercMrunSrasWrflDf).
Update: ACE3 Compatibility Patch v1.1.

Added: running lowered backwards left, running lowered backwards right, prone walk back left, prone run back left, prone walk back right, prone run back right, (probably some others).
Added: unarmed movement (except prone).
Added: unarmed stance transitions.
Tweaked: small speed tweaks on some animations.

- Added: kneel tactical raised front right and kneel tactical raised front left


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