OAC (OFP ArmA Conversion) updates

Q informed the community on the BI forums there are new updates available for the OAC on the OAC YomaTools server.

Updates on 2008-11-08:
    - Updated the OAC compatibility addon.
    - Added a set of new OAC replacement addons. For more info see here
      :- OAC Bmp1 vile replacement
      - OAC Bradley vilw replacement
      - OAC Inf Civ BB Civilians replacement
      - OAC Ka50 ericm ka52 replacement
      - OAC M1abrams ch m1a1ha replacement
      - OAC Oh58 sap air replacement
      - OAC Su25 rktsu27 replacement
      - OAC Su25 rktsu33 replacement
      - OAC Su25 vit mig29 replacement
      - OAC T72 ch t72 replacement
      - OAC T80 ike t90 replacement
      - OAC T80 smurfc oplot replacement
      - OAC Uh60 glt uh60 replacement

Be sure to check out the excellent OAC project page made by Raptor.
It is the portal to guide you to every important part of the project.
You also find a forum over there to ask for support or share your feedback and ideas regarding OAC and the PROPER MOD.

Check out the very nice detailed step-by-step guide to install OAC made by Raptor.

Written on 2008-11-09 05:50 by Foxhound  

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