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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 1.14
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: adds the capability to Helocast, Kangaroo cast and recover Zodiacs (CRRCs).

Date: 2020-03-30 09:59

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This addon adds the capability to Helocast, Kangaroo cast and recover Zodiacs (CRRCs).

This is designed to work in SP, MP and Dedicated with human and AI pilots and boat crew.

This is a Beta release. More features are planned and more aircraft will be supported. I'll be adding a video showcase soon to demonstrate the features.

Please note: I can incorporate any boat or aircraft into my mod without REQUIRING that addon as a dependency - I just use classnames.

With this in mind, I'd like to incorporate as many reasonable additions as possible, so keep 'em coming!

Supported Aircraft:
RHS CH-47 series (Helocast & Recover)
RHS H-60 series (K-cast)
RHS CH-53 series without rear gun (Helocast & Recover)
Vanilla CH-67 (Helocast)
Vanilla Blackfish (Helocast & Recover) *Note the AI can't hover, so no helocasting with AI pilot
CUP US H-60s (K-Cast)
CUP MH-47E (Helocast & Recover)
CUP US CH-53E (Helocast & Recover)
CUP V-22 (Helocast & Recover) *Note the AI can't hover, so no helocasting with AI pilot
EricJ H-60s (K-Cast)
EricJ H-92s (K-Cast)
EricJ CH-67 (Helocast)
Konyos MH-47 (Helocast & Recover)
Boeing Konyo MH47G SOAR (Patch to Konyo's MH-47) (Helocast & Recover)
OPTRE Pelicans (K-Cast & Recover *goofily*)

Supported Boats:
All Vanilla CRRCs
ZodiacCRRCBoat (]

Support for SP, MP and Dedicated
Ability to Helocast, Kangaroo Cast (K-Cast) and Recover CRRCs
Automatic setup for supported helos and CRRCs
Add a CRRC to a helo via Eden
Green chemlight automatically added to the CRRC after being cast so swimmers can find the boat at night
Users can remove this marker once they're near the boat
Boat crews are automatically loaded into the helo
Support for all CRRC/Zodiac form factor boats in ARMA 3
Support for addon aircraft without mod dependency
Safety checks to ensure you only helocast onto water
Inter-operable with Feint's Paddle Mod - New 2019-12-27
Logistical Loading/Unloading of CRRCs - New 2019-12-27
Jump animations - New 2019-12-27
Door/ramp animations - New 2019-12-27
Cabin Light operation (RHS assets with AI pilots only) - New 2019-12-27
Should be compatible with Liberation, Antistasi, etc. (Would love testing feedback)
Designed to be compatible with the USS Freedom (Load/Unload CRRC without explosions)
Updates all characters so they're more likely to splash when jumping

To install Helocast you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

In the Eden editor, you will see an options to "Add CRRC" under attributes. Check this box and a CRRC will be added to the helo (if supported) when the scenario starts.

Boats are automatically recoverable by supported aircraft without additional setup.

Helicopters are automatically setup for supported Helocast, K-Cast and recovery functions.

Helocast Procedure:
Inside moving helicopter with a boat loaded > Prep for Helocast (Ramp opens, drop altitude and speed) > Helocast (Boat is kicked out/dropped and all non-flight crew jumps out). A marker chemlight is automatically added to the CRRC. It can be removed by the user once they're near the boat.

Recovery Procedure:
Suitable helicopter lands in water with ramp open > pilot CRRC inside the helo > Recover CRRC > The boat is secured, boat crew takes up seats in the helo and the ramp closes.

Prepping and canceling helocast will cause the AI pilot to act accordingly. With human pilots, this only opens and closes the ramps. Your human pilot will need to fly lo and slow for you to see the option to Helocast.

The alignment to recover in a CH-47/MH-47 variant is pretty tricky. A tip is to set yourself up so that that inboard edge of the righthand row of seats looks like a straight up & down line. I have a reference image above.

Known issues:
The air crew of the helo needs to be in a different squad than the crew jumping with the boat
The recovery helo must have bench seats (don't use hide seats attribute in Eden because this prevents passengers from being able to take seats in the helo)
In most aircraft, the CRRC is not visible while inside the aircraft with the ramp closed. This is related to the aircraft models and beyond my scope.
The RHS CH-53s and CH-47s take water damage and drown the crew after sitting in the water too long. I'll be reaching out to RHS to see if this can be resolved.
The Vanilla CH-67 sinks immediately when touched by a boat - at this time recovery is not supported on the CH-67.
The function that pushes the CRRC out the back of the helo is very simplistic at this time: if you helocast at severe pitch/roll angles weird things will happen.
The AI don't seem to know how to hover VTOLs so you won't be able to helocast with an AI pilot in a VTOL

Future plans:
Configurable CRRC markers (IR strobes, other chemlights, etc.)
Better condition checks for helocast launching (consider pitch, roll, etc.)
Support for additional (appropriate) aircraft per user requests
Add caving ladders to H-60 and similar
Prep for recovery action
AI custom waypoint types to Prep for Helocast, initiate Helocast and Setup for Recovery
Tuned flight profiles so helos don't gain as much altitude when slowing down
Support for appropriate addon boats
Support for addon marker type grenades as available CRRC markers (e.g. my Thermal IFF Strobe:
Code update to require server-side only execution
Zeus ability to add CRRC to helo

Will/Can this be released as a script? - Unfortunately things like tying into the Eden editor to add the CRRC to a helo aren't possible as a script. I have no plans of pursuing this as a script at this time.

Why can't I see the Helocast action? - The helo must be flying low and slow (<= 10 KPH and between 0.5 - 4.5 meters off the ground) and be over water and have a boat

Credits & Thanks:
Acknowledgments and Thanks:
All of the original content authors for the assets this supports: RHS, CUP, EricJ, Konyo, Get Trippy and OPTRE

License / Disclaimer:
The GNU General Public License v3.0:

I know folks are going to dePBO this, so the GPL license just basically asks that you mention me on any work based on this. I will be making my Github for this public once the addon is a bit more mature.

Anyone may add the raw PBOs for this mod into their own addons, etc.

Fixed - Error preventing boats from loading from Eden setup
Added - Support for FFAA CH-47
Removed - Holdover diag_log debug code

Changed - All helos have Helcoast enabled by default (this allows Zeus spawned Helos to load boats, etc.)
Changed - Added longer delay after last jumper before telling the helo to gain altitude

-Added initial support for Legion Studios LAAT

Added – Dual Boat Helocast Support
Changed – Helocipter will fly at 10km/h now instead of 8
Changed – Moved Helocast commands to bottom of the list to get them farther from Engine Off, Eject, etc.
Fixed – recoverCRRC: restore aircraft to last known altitude instead of 50 meters
Fixed – recoverCRRC: use rampDoor function in lieu of old code
Fixed – Prevent AI from turning in mid air during jump

Fixed - Missing NATO Boat from Eden options
Fixed - boatCoords for RHS CH-47 series

Added - Ability to choose boat type to be spawned in Eden

Added - Configuration change so characters trigger a splash effect at a lower velocity (6 vs the default 8)

-Attempt to fix keys

Added – Konyo MH-47 Support
Added – Boeing Konyo MH47G SOAR
Added – CUP CV-22 Support (Although AI won't slow down enough to helocast and I couldn't figure out how to either)
Added – Vanilla Blackfish Support (Although AI won't slow down enough to helocast and I couldn't figure out how to either)
Added – OPTRE Pelican Support
Added – RHS MH-47 ramp animations
Added – More robust rampDoor function to handle opening and closing of ramps and doors
Added – rampInvert system to handle assets whose animations are "backwards" (e.g. The A2 MH-47 ports)
Added – Support for planes so VTOLs can be support

Added – EriJ H-60 Support
Added – EricJ H-92 Support
Added – EricJ CH-67 Support
Added – jumpOffset system to address aircraft geometry issues

Added – Support for ZodiacCRRCboat (
Added – diag_log output to detail when a helicopter is not supported
Fixed – More modular code for selecting acceptable boats

Added – CUP US H-60 Series Support
Added – CUP MH-47 Support
Added – CUP US CH-53E Support
Added – altOffset feature: some helo models have a significant alitutde offset when commanded to the same altitude as other helicopters
Added – testBoat function: facilitates helping find boat palcement and getting helo classnames. If you'd like another aircraft added, ask me about this feature
Fixed – Better disabling of rubber boats damaging helos
Fixed – Better handling of collision prevention between boats and helos during casting
Fixed – Direction of jumpers when casting

Added - Logistical Loading/Unloading of CRRCs
Added - Cabin light operation during helocasting (RHS assets with AI pilots only)
Added - Feature to return aircraft to the height it was flying at when prepHelocast is called
Added - Jump animations
Added - Boats locked while loaded on Aircraft
Added - UH-60 door animations
Fixed - Issue where unsupported helos may see helocast actions
Confirmed interoperabilty with Feint's Paddle Mod

Initial Release

- Community Base addons A3

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