Author: STA | G.Drunken
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Requirements: RHSAFRF

Version: 1.01
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: adds new textures for 2A18M a.k.a. D-30A from RHSAFRF.

Date: 2019-10-17 10:49

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2A18M (D-30A) ReTexture [DrunkeN's Arsenal]

STA | G.Drunken

This addon adds new textures for 2A18M a.k.a. D-30A from RHSAFRF.

( CSAT ReTexture is out! )

The addon includes several new textures:

- Green, Lightgreen, Sand, Khaki, Olive, Sand camo and Khaki camo variants.
- Both for D-30A and D-30A AT versions.
- For all 3 factions. [ OPFOR = FIA, BLUFOR = NATO, INDEP = AAF ]
- Group name is "DrunkeN's Arsenal" ( for future ReTextures, mostly focued on one mod group, which is the RHS ).

To install 2A18M (D-30A) ReTexture [DrunkeN's Arsenal] you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Known issues:
- You can't see the retextures in the Virtual Arsenal. Other than that, it seems ok on my side.

Both good and bad, solid constructed comments on formal level are always welcome, as long as the content of the player or the player himself, are mature.

- Some units with different uniforms and gear displayed in the screenshots have been modified to fit the scenario they are in, such as the Iraq's Golden Division. These units are not included in the addon. The retextures are focused specifically on the D-30A (2A18M).
- The goal is to make ReTextures of vehicles that will represent certain factions (both IRL & In-game).

A Rate Up on this addon, or a share, favorite or something would be very nice from You, but if not, it's alright. I can't force you now, can I?

Credits & Thanks:
Much thanks to:
Red Hammer Studios for their outstanding work on such high quality content.
ACE3 for better interaction with vehicles and animations.

Created, packed, signed and uploaded by:
STA | G.Drunken

License / Disclaimer:
- The model and the original texture of this static artillery piece displayed ingame belongs to RHS, the original creator. The ReTextures displayed in the screenshots and located within this addon, were done by me in my spare time. I personally have no intention of making money out of these ReTextures that I released / will release on Steam Workshop.
- I do not support ANY kind of monetization of the content I work on or the content the RHS team works very hard on.
- If the RHS team has ANY reason to find this addon not suitable to their taste, or might find it breaking their terms, they have EVERY right to take this addon down from Steam Workshop, as it is the only place I will be uploading my ReTextures.
- If the RHS team does not want to have their content displayed under custom factions, I will put the retextures under already existing groups of all 3 factions, such as the CDF ((Ground Forces), both BLUFOR and INDEP ) and Russia ((MSV), OPFOR ) .
- I make these ReTextures for fun and because it's fun, I make sure I work very hard on even the smallest details. More like a hobby, I could say. Whenever I have the time or will, I work on ReTexturing any kinds of vehicles.
- You are allowed to include this addon in mod packs, but it would be nice if you could at least, include me in the credits, regarding this mod (or at least, copy the page URL and link it, so people can see what's this all about ). If not, I won't hold a grudge.
- I do not wish to see any kinds of reuploads on either Steam Workshop or any other websites. I know this is the internet, but come on...

- Removed the need for using @RHSUSAF and @RHSGREF. @RHSAFRF is now the only requirement/dependency.
- The D-30A under each faction uses vanilla units, unarmed riflemen from NATO (BLUFOR), FIA (OPFOR) and AAF (INDEP).



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