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Version: 1.00
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Short description: is an archipelago, twenty eight miles from the UK mainland.

Date: 2020-02-13 14:58

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dt ios


The Isle of Scilly is an archipelago, twenty eight miles from the UK mainland.

EARLY ACCESS - Please don't judge me!

Please please only download this if you are mad enough to play with unfinished content. I am only uploading as it's been sitting on my drive for some time, and if there is a flood of interest, it may spur me on to get started. Currently, the island is covered in grass, with just an airfield. Not intended for any actual play, more of an experiment release to see if there's an appetite. I did have a lot more "done" a few years ago, but with recent engine updates, and redundant assets, this is a fresh start, and I will likely use Livona or WW2 assets to complete the terrain.

The only positive is that it's sorta fun to fly about (I guess?) and land at the airport, use your imagination when looking at what it "could" become!

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If you fancy taking this project of my hands, please let me know and I can share with you the source files. That goes out to other mod teams as well.


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