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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 1.62
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: is a physics (vehicle handling) sound and graphics modification.

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Date: 2021-01-16 15:08

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Real Panzer Tank A3


This mod is a physics (vehicle handling) sound and graphics modification. The main features are:

1. Real vehicle engine startup and idle and driving sounds.
2. Real life inputs for engine, gearbox and transmission ratios, fuel levels, wheel weights, torque, engine power rather than the made up ones in the Vanilla game.
3. Armour hit sounds and shell fly sounds have been added for more realism. This effect also works in other tank sims and is a global effect.
4. More realistic vehicle textures with weathering effects on them.
5. Additional vehicle textures.
6. Tanks deliberately slowed down to their offroad speed. Tanks in A3 do not have an offroad coefficient so they drive just as fast off road as on road, which is wrong. For a more realistic battle experience the tanks only do their top offroad speed on flat ground. More is possible downhill etc. I notice now that the stock tank speed has also now been reduced to offroad speend and that mine are now a little faster than theirs.
7. Winter skins.
8. The ammo has been changed to reflect the more true to life values of the Steel Beasts Pro simulation.
9. All MBTs can launch an anti personnel mine from the gunners position using the smoke command.

To install Real Panzer Tank A3 you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

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Changelog: (16-01-2021 - updated as it happens, displayed in news once every month)
1. Added back stock physics.

* Added some new and some improved tank textures.

RPA3 RealPanzerchangelog
* Adjusted muzzle energy of tank shells downwards a bit to cater for the below change of the additional damage effect.
* Added HE fragment subammunition effect to AP tank shells.

RPA3 changelog
*Added some extra shell armour hit sounds.
*Added thermobaric wave and spall damage from tank shells as per RHS mod.
*Tank armour hit sounds now audible from inside and outside the tank.
*Refined tank shell submunitions code as per RHS example.
*Adjusted the destroyed tank explosion effect.
*Cleaned out some unused sounds and files.

* Removed the RTC real tank crew script as it is redundant when one uses one of the many AI addons now available that have this in or something similar. The less scripts running the better. This means no more repairs by crew members. The script is available as a seperate addon and mod.

* Made some placeable tank types with different skins for each faction.
* Minor physxs udpate so that max and min omega are calculated with a formula.

* Added more variety to tank explosions and burn effects.

* Better external Leopard 2 driving and idling sound.

* Fixed not all tanks had an anti personnel mine launchable from gunners position using the smoke command.
* Added more detail to SABOT rounds, name, speed and RHA penetration to match.
* Removed crater effect from tank launched anti personnel mine.

* Made tank shells cheaper so the AI is more likely to spend them on targets. So far seen no change in game play at all.

* Added these now A3 functions to make damage and hits more interesting:
hullExplosionDelay[] = {5,10};
hullDamageCauseExplosion = false;

* Raised hit value of shells as they were not doing enough damage upon penetration.

1. Slowed Armata with gears after hard code limit was ignored on max speed.

1. Slowed down the Black Eagle to offroad speed.

* Gun hit values rescaled back down to orginal A3 levels.
* Tank health values resscaled back in line with A3 levels and based on weight of the tank divided by a modifier.
* Removed the tankscript as it removed the speed limits on the tanks. How I do not know as it makes no reference to any physics components.

* Improved tankscript with SFX.
* Removed font error message source from tankscript about zeppelin33
* More wheel MOI and clutchstrength for Black Eagle.
* New vehicle health system based on weight.
* Lowered flame on the tank cookoff SFX.
* New destruction effect for tanks when destroyed.

* Physics tweak for better engine power.
* Added tankscript for damage effects.
* Improved tankscript.
* Brake idle speed adjustment.
* More efficient torque curves and gear change settings.
* Increased gear change latency times.

*Physics tweak to make the tanks capable of achieve maximum engine revs in best gear at all times for max power with better torque curves and gear change settings.
* Updated mod to keep up with change to the main game such as the commanders being able to look around in their cupolas

* All tanks have optimised gear change values.
* Armata has real life engine details and number of gears.
* New gearbox info for the Leopard 2 added for the RENK HSWL 354.
* New physics settings for clutch and engine damping and suspension from new research on the Nvidia forum
* New damage effects and fires and smoke.

* All tanks have optimised gear change values.
* Armata has real life engine details and number of gears.
* New gearbox info for the Leopard 2 added for the RENK HSWL 354.
* New physics settings for clutch and engine damping and suspension from new research on the Nvidia forum.

* MBT Anti personnel mine has shorter range and more immediate airburst effect for close in protection from close assaulting infantry.

* All MBTs now have white winter skins.

* 3 MBTs have crew that says when the gun is ready to fire after loading and a louder clunk sound when the breech shuts.

*General macro commands used to make changes stick.
*Much more realistic engine sounds for the Leopard and Merkava.
*All MBTs have short range anti personal launchers in the gunner position activated via the smoke launcher command.
*New Leopard BW skin.
*New Leopard Tropical BW skin.
*New Leopard ambush skin.
*New Green and sand plain skins for leopard
*New woodlands and tropical skins for Merkava
*Black Eagle has gone back to standard gas turbine sound.
*Armata now has real physics, real sound, some new basic skins.

1. Added some additional sounds to the 3 MBTs.
2. Adjusted the sound levels inside and outside for the 3 MBTs.

1. Sound definition upgrade for better engine sound resonance.

1. Track animation change, track should come off when hit.
2. Changed visibility of some Merkava skins.

1. Minor ammo tweaks.

1. AP shells have more drop via air friction, less time to live and a higher simulaton step and work better.
2. Shell code refined generally.
3. Please provide feedback in the mod discussion section.

1. Removed some leo skins.

1. Sagging rear end on tanks solved.
2. Leo less turn force.

1. Sound adjustments.
2. Vehicle handling adjustments.
3. Added tank hit sounds for shells hitting armour plate.

1. Tanks roll on when W is released and one can adjust the speed with a press of the W key.

1. Physx tweaks.
2. Black Eagle new idle and drive sounds.
3. Tweaks to Leo and Merk sounds.
4. Ammo recalced on Armoured Beast info basis with EVAL__ calc used based on range and penetration.
5. BW texture for Leo.

1. Added and refined sounds on the tanks.
2. Added support for and new sounds and physics for the awesome Mammoth tanks mod.

1. Some new textures and reworked existing textures.
2. Physic tweaks.

1. Added some weathered Merkava textures and also sand/green stripe texture.

1. New worn texture for the Black Eagle.
2. Improved physics for all using realistic settings and the new physics coding.
3. Converted all sounds over to the new shader format.

1. Changed vehicle physics back to standard now that the game developer has improved them.
2. Added Leo sounds to the Merkava as they have the same motor and gear box combination and sound the same and because the standard Merkava sounds are quiet bad and the new Leo ones are excellent.

1. Added correct fording depths.
2. Some phyics tweaks to vehicle handling.

1. Darker textures for some of the weathered Leopard variants.

1. More vehicle textures added, most notably for the Leo.
2. Some minor physics tuning to the wheels settings to make the wheel rims 100% the same size as the original.

1. Added lots of new textures for the tanks.
2. Some minor vehicle handling tweaks.

1. Made vehicle physx info a hpp file.
2. Lowered maxOmega to peak torque revolutions on Merkava and Leo.
3. Added several new textures for Merkava and Leo.

1. Added weathered vehicle skins to all tanks.
2. Added T90 gearbox and final drive ratios to the Black Eagle.
3. Adjusted Black Eagle vehicle handling physics to allow for 2 above.
4. Added more items to the vehicle inventory that one normally finds in and on a tank such as medikits, maps, flares, tools and binoculars, self destruct explosive charge.

1. Obtained and coded in actual gear box and final drive ratios for the Black Eagle tank. Adjusted sound code to suit.
2. Wound back performance of Black Eagle with DampingRateinAir adjustments to bring off road speed down to about 40kmh on flat rough ground.
3. Black Eagle performs really nicely now and the engine revs and peaks out on gear changes with sounds that match.

1. Dusty, muddy Black Eagle and Merkava textures

1. Leo now all dirty and done.
2. Black Eagle half ready.
3. Merkava still clean.

1. First part of new skin for Leo.

1. Refined Leo sound.
2. Refined Merkava sound.
4. More tankturnforce for Leo.
5. Turned off custom AI drive settings, now back to stock settings.

1. Turbo diesel sound added to Black Eagle.

1. sorted out a sound overlap error. Thanks goes to MuffDiver for pointing it out to me.

1. Better Black Eagle sound.
2. Sound code updated to new standard as per the A3 sample kit.
3. Added custom internal sounds.

1. Ready for public release.
2. Happy Easter

1. More MOI, tankturnforce and dampingrateinair tweaks to leopard and merkava to stop sudden jumps in confined spaces when turning.

1. Added a screen logo of a Merkava tank. So that one can see that it is running.

1. MOI and dampingrateair refinements. After testing.
2. Reduced reverse speeds to 10kmh to stop unrealistic acceleration to 30kmh in the one available gear. High acceleration sometimes caused spring and jumps on some surfaces.

1. MOI adjusted with dampingrateair until tanks do off road speed as a maximum speed. 40 for Leo and Black Eagle, 55 for Merkava.

1. MOI changes and sound definition tweaks for Merkava and Leo.

1. Lower MOI.

1. More physx tweaks, Merkava and Leo now have a simulated torque converter gearbox.

2. Second version for testing.


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