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Requirements: IFA3 AIO Lite, Faces of War, Forgotten Fronts: 40 - 45 [DEV], GEIST A3 Lite, US General Equpiments and Accesories (FOW/IFA3)

Version: 1.01
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Short description: tries to recreate the equipment of the French army in 1944 based on the pictures I could find that were of French troops later in the war.

Date: 2020-04-01 10:12

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France: 1944

Martin is ***

Historical background:
Many people know of the fall of France in 1940, however this was not the end of the French army. Frances fight continued in its African Colonies, and later they would take place in the Invasion of France in 1944. French troops along with Colonial conscripts would invade the south part of France and would be fighting there for months. Despite fighting for a country they had never even seen, the Colonial troops most commonly known as the senegalese tirailleurs would fight diligently against the Wehrmacht forces. Despite this, they were often pushed to the side in propaganda peices, news coverage, and over all ignored by the greater world in general. It wasn't until 2017 that they were even granted citizenship.

Mod details:
I tried my best to recreate the equipment of the French army in 1944, based on the pictures I could find that were of French troops later in the war. Generally I found that they had mostly American equipment, including uniforms, web gear, helmets, weaponry, etc. However, they had quite a bit of British gear too, French paratroopers with camo smocks and Bren guns are pretty common in the pictures. They only real bit of French equipment I see consistently is a lot of them kept on wearing Adrian helmets. I doubt this is due to not being able to get new helmets, and I am pretty confident that they were just kept as a way to keep the "Frenchness" of the French army. Overall, its difficult to say exactly what equipment they used but I did my best to geuss and hopefully its close enough to reality as possible. Some of the colonial troops had Chauchats and Lee Enfields and I would take a geuss and say probably they were given secondary equipment as they weren't seen as important as other French troops. I will be adding more stuff as I can but dont expect too much. I'm not a mod maker, I just use ALIVE orbat editor.

also battlefield 5 can bite my left nipple, I did more research and all I did was google ♥♥♥♥ and look at pictures.

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Included files:

Added armored vehicles, kinda glitchy due to orbat editor not always working right but should be good for now

2 factions:
French Army
French Colonial Army

- IFA3 AIO Lite
- Faces of War
- Forgotten Fronts: 40 - 45 [DEV]
- GEIST A3 Lite
- US General Equpiments and Accesories (FOW/IFA3)

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