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Version: 0.92

Date: 2020-07-23 15:17

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C O I N | Counter Insurgency Operations


COIN is a CO-45 multiplayer mission featuring USMC recon marines who have been tasked to seize and secure various AO's occupied by Opfor insurgents and Takistan Armed forces.

    COOP 44 Player slotsĀ + 1 (optional) headless client;
    Support for RHS and CUP mods;
    Multiple AO's, offering challenging opponents and immersive game play in a lively Middle Eastern setting;
    A variety of Side missions;
    Extensive replayable randomized operations;
    Various support options available to the CO;
    Join in Progress (JIP) supported;
    Respawn at the FOB. Teleport to team leader using the flagpole;
    Optimized for dedicated server play with the support of a headless client.

Besides all missions, the AIO package also contains media and templates for forum postings etc.

  • Aliabad Region, Takistan (MCN_ALIABAD);
  • Al-Rayak, Takistan (G.O.S Al-Rayak/PJA310);
  • Al-Salman, Iraq (swu_public_salman_map);
  • Anizay district, Takistan (Tem Anizay);
  • Chongo, Republic of Angola (Chongo);
  • Dariyah Region, Sudan (G.O.S Dariyah/PJA307);
  • Dingor, Republic of Lingor (dingor);
  • Diyala district, Iraq (DYA);Diyala, Iraq (DYA);
  • Farkhar Valley, Afghanistan (ARC Farkhar Valley);
  • Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA);
  • Feruz Abad district, Takistan (Takistan);
  • Kujari Region, Sudan, (Tem Kujari);
  • Kunar Province, Afghanistan (CLAfghan);
  • Lythium, Afghanistan (Lythium);
  • Reshmaan Province (Reshmaan);
  • South-Sahrani, Sahrani (Saralite);
  • Tora Bora Region, Afghanistan (Tora Bora);
  • Zargabad, Takistan (Zargabad).

  • Community Based Addons ARMA 3 (CBA_A3);
  • CUP Terrains Core + CUP Terrains Maps;
  • The map of choice + it's required add-ons;
  • -or- Red Hammer Studios USAF, AFRF and GREF (requires Project OpFor -and/or 3CB Factions);
  • -or- CUP Weapons/Units/Vehicles (requires Community Factions Projects).


  • Additional maps (suggestions welcome);
  • Session Saving.

Please leave comments/feedback/bug reports in the BIS Forum thread:

COIN's COOP missions are designed to be enjoyed by at least 10 players. A headless client is recommended.
Small AO's generally consist of 35-55 Opfor, while the largest AO's can have as many as 255 Opfor. Some AO's have an army based which is populated by Takistan Armed forces.

The All-In-One archive contains a folder with media that can be used for forums post etc. Latest screenshots can be found on the Steam collection page (insert link). Screenshots from the different maps:


Added: CUP Units/Weapons/Vehicles compatibility. Requires Community Factions Project;
Added: new maps: Chongo, Al Rayak, Dingor, Farkhar;
Added: localization (CN, CZ, FR, DE, IT, JP, KO, PO, PT, RU, ES, TR);
Added: intel function. Intel provides clues, opfor location information etc;
Added: side missions (can be enabled/disabled in mission params);
Added: IED's and VBED's (can be enabled/disabled in mission params);
Fixed: airlift support when the airframe was KIA.;
Fixed: RPT spamming;
Fixed: invunerable turret gunners (fixed for real this time);
Updated: ambient civilians can be enabled/disabled in mission params;
Updated: ambient air traffic can be enabled/disabled in mission params;
Updated: clear map AO's and/or Side Missions, enable/disable in mission params;
Updated: advanced flight models set to 'player option';
Updated: Applied ADF 2.26.

Added: new maps: Lythium, Al-Salman, Zargabad, South Sahrani;
Added: hand weapon ammunition to the supply container and BCo vehicles;
Added: Support for EricJ Taliban Units (Optional)
Fixed: few AO-trigger conditions;
Fixed: error where AO's would not always spawn as intended;
Fixed: bug where a second AO could not be cleared;
Fixed: bullet-proof turret gunners;
Fixed: command support options after respawn
Fixed: tomcat airframe would RTB with players still onboard;
Fixed: knight M1A1 support would get stuck when engaging enemies enroute to the AO;
Updated: vehicle inventories;
Updated: Ambient air based on map size
Updated: implemented a workaround to ensure the tomcat airframe moves as ordered;
Updated: knight M1A1 support RTB when the current AO is cleared.
Updated: Applied ADF 2.24.

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