Author: ASmallDinosaur
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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 1.03
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: adds the possibility to go into ragdoll at the press of a button.

Date: 2020-05-14 09:54

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Go into ragdoll at the press of a button. (Default: Shift + Space)
Perform jumping/diving ragdoll if running and standing.
Falling high distances will put you into ragdoll.

To install Ragdoll-on-Command you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

CBA Settings:
This mod has some CBA settings that can be configured. You can toggle free falling, jumping and disable the mod completely. Controls are also configurable in the CBA options.
Ragdolling - Can be disabled/enabled. Basically turns the mod on and off.
Jump Ragdolling - Can be disabled/enabled. Changes whether you perform a jump on pressing the ragdoll key when sprinting and standing.
Free Falling - Can be disabled/enabled.
Screaming - Can be disabled/enabled.
Parachutes - Having a parachute prevents you from going into a ragdoll when falling. You can define parachute classnames in a array here.

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
Subscribe to the Youtube channel

Known issues:
This mod is entirely built around crashing objects into players so that they ragdoll as there is currently no easy way to force a unit into ragdoll therefore, it's not perfect.
Free falling doesn't always activate. (Pressing WASD usually fixes it)
Jumping ragdolls don't work above 8 meters from ground level. (Therefore doing a jump ragdoll above that height just makes you ragdoll without the jump)

My group, TheSpeshalPlatoon is currently recruiting! If you're looking for an ArmA group that isn't "Milsim" but still puts a emphasis on teamwork and coordination, I encourage you to check us out.
Additionally, we develop in-house mods for our group, just like this one!

Credits & Thanks:
KillzoneKid - This mod was inspired by his ragdoll script.
TheSpeshalPlatoon Members - Helped us create the video.

- Screaming always stops eventually. (However, dismounting from vehicles at high altitude on a surface may make you scream once)
- Free falling is now more reliable.
- Added CBA option to enable/disable screaming noises.
- Added CBA option to define parachute classnames.

- You can no longer spam the ragdoll button.
- You can no longer fly by spamming said button.
- You may still be able to survive high falls by timing your ragdoll, but it is difficult.

- You can now ragdoll in Zeus remote control.


- Community Base addons A3

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