Author: Spyke
Author Website:

Requirements: Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3), Community Base addons A3

Version: 0.7.12
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: allows you, through modules, to add different additional features to your missions.

Date: 2020-12-06 16:21

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A3U - Arma 3 Utilities


Mod with the Scripts used in the clan CAP, with the aim of facilitating its implementation for the people who edit and do not want to get into Arma 3 scripting.

This mod allows you, through modules, to add;
- Teleport betwen map points.
- Teleport betwen players.
- Copy Equipment betwen players (Put an end to things lying on the floor XD).
- HALO Jump (by pokertour).
- Virtual Garage.
- ACE role selector.
- ACE heal zone and AddAction.
- Visualizer of the medical configuration of the ACE ingame.
- Dynamic Groups.
- STC (Survive to crashes).
- A3U Ingame Configuration Display.
- Change the time (Day/Night without Zeus).
- DMG (Dynamic Missions Generator).
- Safe Zone.
- TAW's (from Tonic).
- Medical Training.
- TFAR Jammer (by Asherion and Rebel).
- Simple Defuse.
- Change Side UI.
- Zone Alarm.
- Predefined Loadouts Copy.
- Some of the specified above modules are available to execute in Zeus (only if you use Achiles Mod)

Key in the folder of the mod.

To install A3U - Arma 3 Utilities you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

You can enter the discord to report bugs or ask any questions about the mod, Arma 3, addons, etc.
Discord Group:

Credits & Thanks:
This mod includes the ATM_Aridrop (HALO Jump) that belongs to pokertour.
The author has authorized its use, you can see the original Script in the following link:

This mod includes effects, sounds and part of code from some ALIAS's Scripts.
The author has authorized its use, you can see his Youtube Channel in the following link:

This mod includes TAW's, an Addon from Tonic.
The author has authorized its use, you can see his Script in the following link:

This mod includes a modified version of jammerRadiosTFAR created by Asherion and Rebel.
I have not been able to contact the author, the original link of the mod is as follows:

I want to thank Bohemia interactive for having created a game that allows it to be moded in the way that Arma 3 allows it. And the fantastic Wiky that they have.

I also want to thank all the people in the bohemian community forums. Without them I would have never been able to finish this mod.

Last but not least, I want to thank all the people who have helped me in the tests and the CAP clan that has been practically my guinea pig XD.

All feedback will be highly appreciated (you can provide the feedback through the Discord or the corresponding threads of the workshop).

License / Disclaimer:
All the codes, scripts that I have made, are under "ARMA PUBLIC LICENSE SHARE ALIKE (APL-SA)"
I allow the "fusion & workshop publication" of the mod with other mods, as long as those mods are from the clan itself (to facilitate their mod management). You must mention me and the original A3U along with a link to this workshop page.
All the scripts provided by other authors are under their own license. You will have to consult them for permission if you want to replicate or transform their work.
Some icons and pictures were taken from and are under CREATIVE COMMONS (CC BY 4.0) license.
The A3U logo was made by myself.

- STC: Internal code improvements (rewrite)
- Stretcher: Zeus module will only work if the Stretcher Module hasn't been placed in the EDEN.
- Stretcher: Now when the patient wakes Up from unconsciousness maintains the animation.
- Stertcher: Hint Error 0003 changed to diag_log and now is a Warning not an Error.
- Copy Loadout: Added parameter "AddAction Condition".
- Defuse: Solved, time wasn't in realTime.
- *Timer: Added Timer functions (the timer can be Started, Stoped, Reseted, Resumed, Initialized and Terminated) (No module, only functions abiable).
- Repeater TFAR: Added new EDEN module and Zeus module to spawn a TFAR repeater (works like Jammer TFAR but amplifying the signal instead of decreasing it).
- Teleport: Added AddAction Title, Color, Radius parameters to the Teleport modules (Map Teleport, StrategicMap Teleport and Simple Teleport).
- Safe Zone: Now should execute correctrly in EDEN MP and EDEN SP.
*Info in the Discord group
I forgot how to write :(
I forgot to upgrade the versión number XD

- Added Simple Resupply Zone (Eden Module, Zeus Module).*
- Added Static Stertcher script (Eden Module, Zeus Module).*
- Copy Loadout UI: Modified, now all the items in the listbox will show the entire name when cursor is over.
- Medical Training: Solved code error when spawning AI in the reanimation state.
- Generic: Added Zeus Enchanced Compatibility.
- TAW: Updated from TAW's 1.5 to 1.7, with optimization improvements for no interface machines (server/HC).
- TAW: Updated from TAW's 1.5 to 1.7, solving some bugs and internal polishing.
- STC: Solved STC not being activated correctly in MP.

* Modules in test fase, for more info ask on Discord.

Bugs solving
- Solved translation error in Eden Module "Teleport (TP Position)".
- Solved translation error in Zeus Module "Add CBRN Item".
- CBRN, Solved players didn't die when exceeding 200% of toxicity in blood (when they were out of the gass radius).
- ACE Heal Zone, "Get Damaged (ACE)" Solved code error.
I have updated again because in the previous update I uploaded the 0.7.8 backup, so i didn't update nothing XD. Now I have double checked it and its all ok.

- Generic: Core Classname changes on the modules (from CAP_Modules to A3U_Modules).* Read below IMPORTANT
- Generic: Reorganization of internal code and optimization.
- Generic: Full translation compatibility trough stringtable.xml
- Generic: Full translated into Spanish
- Generic: New descriptons for the Modules.
- Generic: .rpt polishing.
- Generic: Added new poster images (CBRN, Heal, Med. Training)
- Ace Heal Zone: Added Message when healed.
- Ace Heal Zone: Added checkBox parameter "Show Message".
- Ace Heal Zone: Added ACE Get Random Damage AddAction to chose in the "Type" comboBox.
- Teleport: Solved module parameter "Scale" not showing.
- Teleport: Added new teleport "Teleport (Simple)". *
*It is a one way instant teleport.
*Where you put the Module is where you will be teleported.
*You need to Sync the Module with an object to acces the teleport.
- Workshop template: Upadated modules (from CAP_Scripts to A3U_mod), added new modules and posters.
- TAW: "Solved" a bug that causes some players to have their view distance settings changed to low values when entering vehicles.
- Zeus, Zone Alarm: Solved "Accept" button not working.
- STC: Solved one code error.
The modules that you have been using until now, will become unusable for version 1.0.0 (next patch in a month). Although for this version they will still work, you will notice that the icons of the modules no longer appear (and in fact those same modules can no longer be selected in the EDEN), it is because they are not the new modules. You will have to relocate the modules before version 1.0.0 if you want to avoid problems. For any doubt I recommend that you enter the discord.

0.7.8 - HOTFIX 2
- Generic: Solved, some translations in English missing.
- CBRN: Solved, detection tent and showers not working when ussing Arma 3 respawn system.
- CBRN: First contamination detector iteration.
- Predefined Loadout: Solved, The UI doesn't load the loadouts list on dedicated serververs.

0.7.8 - HOTFIX 1
- Solved Predefined Loadout Copy not working as intended in dedicated servers.

Road to 1.0.0 !!!! (1 or 2 patches remaining)
- STC: Solved smoke and fire effects not showing when selected in the modules.
- CBRN: Simulation/Test module, added the option to contaminate your gear.
- CBRN: Solved CBRN HUD.
- ZoneAlarm: Added parameter "Execute OnTrigerAlarm"
- ACEHealZone: Added (Eden Module).
- ACEHealZone: Added (Zeus Module).
- Safe Zone: Added checkBox parameters "Show Warning Text" and "Show In/Out Text" (Eden Module).
- Safe Zone: Added checkBox parameters "Show Warning Text" and "Show In/Out Text" (Zeus Module).
- Copy Equipment: Solved TFAR radios problem when copying someone's equipment.
- Unconscient Equipment: Added comboBox parameter "Access to unconscious equipment (ENABLE/DISABLE)".
- Unconscient Equipment: Solved that when taking the AT launcher of another unconscious player, this one did not come loaded even though the unconscious player had it loaded.
- EDEN Modules Icons: Added 9 new icons.
- EDEN Modules Icons: Updated 16 icons.
- Medical Training: Full translated in English and Spanish.
- Medical Training: Added new button "DELETE" wounds.
- Medical Training: Now is possible to add wounds to the "no wounds" selection.
- Teleport (Normal): Added new parameter "TP Accuracy (m)".
- Teleport (StrategicMap): Added new parameter "TP Accuracy (m)".
- Predefined Loadout Copy: New utility (see video).
- STC: Improved crash detection, so now STC is trgered before the damage to the vehicle is fatal.*
- Generic: .rpt polishing.
- Workshop Template: AddonOptions Updated.
- Workshop Template: General Updates.
- Workshop Template: Added "Unconscient equipment" zone.
- Workshop Template: Added "Predefined Loadout Copy" zone.
- Workshop Template: Added "ACE heal" zone.
- Workshop Template: Added images to all posters.
- Generic: New A3U Logo!! (changed everywhere)
- Generic: Now the mod should be fully in English (if you have the game in English). If you see some text in Spanish or another language please notify me.
patch notes video:

- Generic: Solved some warning messages about A3U missing ";" in some Dialogs/GUI's showing in the .rpt.
- Generic: Now all the modules will report they initialization in the .rpt.
- Change Side: Added new module that will allow players to change side ingame.
- TAW: Solved Eden parameter allow no grass should work correctly now.
- Version Information: Now the version info will appear in the .rpt.
- Teleport: Internal code optimization.
- Teleport: EDEN setup reworked.
- Teleport: Added new module: "Teleport Position". Now the teleport position is set using this module.
- Teleport: Added new teleport Module: "Teleport (StrategicMap)".
- Zone Alarm: Added new parameter "Start delay" (EDEN Module).
- Zone Alarm: Added new parameter "Start delay" (ZEUS Module).
- Zone Alarm: Solved sound executing more than one time (proportional to the number of players in the game).
- Zone Alarm: Now you can know if the alarm has been triggered using: _isAlarmActive = <yourObject> getVariable ["A3U_ZoneAlarm_AlarmActivated",false];
- STC: Code tweaks.
- STC: Now if you disable it via A3U Conf it will affect vehicles prior to disabling STC.
- STC: Land Vehicles, now the vehicles parts will be disabled correctly (for example, the tank turrets can't move).
- Ace Role: Added option to access Ace Role through Ace Interaction Menú (Test version, if it works as intended will be added to the others utilities).
- CBRN: Updated diagLog texts showed in .rpt
- Workshop: Published a mission named: A3U - Malden - Template. This will allow you to se how the modules are placed until we reach the date of V1.0.0 where I will make a full video explaining all.

WARNING! The teleport setup in eden has been changed. In the following video the highlights of the patch are showcased. And you can see how to setup the Teleport.
Join our Discord to ask anithing you want:
Workshop Template

Little adjustments and bug fixes.
- TAW: Added 2 parameters to EDEN module (Máx. view distance and Allow no grass).
- TAW: Interface modified showing the 2 new parameters (just for information of what has been configured on EDEN module).
- STC: Solved code error when the Ground Vehicles module is placed and the others not (same problem solved in case of Helicopters and Airplanes placed alone).
- STC: Solved Ground and air modules code error.
- STC: Changed the EDEN Ground,Air,Helicopters modules. Naw the effects are selected with comboBox.
- STC: Changed some titles with bad description.
- Zeus: Changed some modules with a bad title.
- CBRN: Solved code Error '_ActualDamage not defined'.
- CBRN: Solved Check CBRN Logged on Ace Medical showing the CBRN damage divided by 100.
- CBRN: Changed, 'Neutralize' AddAction distance increased to 2 m .
- CBRN: Added 2 parameters to Personnel and Vehicles showers (Shower required time and failure probability).
- CBRN: Added combobox, to select required role for CBRN Item Neutralization (Add CBRN Item, Eden Module).
- CBRN: Added combobox, to select required role for CBRN Item Neutralization (Add CBRN Item, Zues Module).

- Zone Alarm: Added new Module that allows you to trigger an alarm when any of the selected side troops inside radius are in combat.
- Defuse: Added parameter Execute OnCountDownComplete (Executed for everyone).
- Defuse: Added parameter Execute OnDefused (Executed only by the person who defuses it, you can propagate the execution to others using 'remoteExec').
- Ace Role: Added EOD Specialist Role.
- Ace Role: Solved, basic config info, not showing entirely when advanced bandages set to "Enabled & can reopen".
- CBRN: Solved problem with gas not appearing when using the Arma 3 respawn system, instead of immediate respawn.
- Zeus: Added Jammer Module (with UI).
- Zeus: Added Zone Alarm Module (with UI).
- Zeus: Added Safe Zone Module (with UI).
- Zeus: Added UI to AddCBRN Module.
- Medical Training: A debug System chat I forgot to remove has been deleted.
- CBRN: Decontamination showers now always decontaminate, whether or not they are activated. This will stay that way until Arma 3 fixes the bug.
- CBRN: Now Detection Tents, Personnel Showers and Vehicle Showers, can be syncronized to more than one object.

0.7.4 - Hotfix 3
- CBRN: Added the CBRN information HUD in the ace intereaction menú, Cntrl+Windows\A3U-CBRN\CBRN HUD (experimental, useful for training and debug). In the future you will be able to asing a custom Hotkey.
- CBRN: Naw the check CBRN actions shows the info wiht ACE's hint instead of the Arma 3 hint.
- Copy Equipment: Naw the TFAR radios should be copied correctly.
- A3U Conf: Naw the STC lisbox shows the active modules (Helicopters, Land or Air).
- Medical Training: Adapted to the new ace changes.
- Zeus (CBRN): Add CBRN Item fixed.
- Zeus (Generic): Naw the zeus modules Ace Role, Halo Jump, Copy Equipment and Player TP will be executed for JIP (that means players that conect after you have used the zeus module will execute the module).
- Zeus (Generic): Added A3U Conf to Zeus modules

0.7.4 - Hotfix 2
- CBRN: AddCBRN Module when not use with a trigger. Naw there are 2 Modules
AddCBRN: To spawn the gas from the mission start, without Trigers.
AddCBRN (Triger): Allow triger syncrinization to spawn the gas.
- CBRN: Deleted debug systemChat

0.7.4 - Hotfix 1
I forgot to update the versión XD, Done.

- CBRN: Damage is controlled with a state machine (FSM).
- CBRN: If you are inside a contaminated area and you do yourself damage (shots, falls, grenades, ...), you will receive a proportional amount of toxic damage.
- CBRN: Now it is possible to know the level of contamination through the menu of the medical ace, or the interaction menu (both to check yourself and others).
- CBRN: The player's visual and sound effects have been modified.
- CBRN: The dependency between modules has been eliminated, that is, you can now use only the "Init CBRN" module and the "Add CBRN" module without having to use the others in the category.
- CBRN: Bug fixes (especially on dedicated servers).
NOTE: The On / Off animation of the Contacts DLC decontamination showers does not seem to work on Dedicated Servers / Multiplayer.

0.7.3 - HOTFIX 1
- CBRN: Gas error in Dedicated servers .rpt solved.
Note: Highly recommended to update the server if it was being used

- Simple Defuse Script Module
- Jammer TFAR Module
- Teleport: Code changes, better efficiency and bug fixes. Now the markers should not stay for all players.
- ACE Role: Ace Configuration View, Updated to support the added ACE Params.
- CBRN: Code refactor (Code Optimziation, but still work to be done).
- CBRN: The Medium dose is naw aplyed using any Plasma IV (Atropine has been removed from ACE).
- Fixed some dialog errors logged in the .rpt.

0.7.2 - Hotfix 1
I had forgotten to upload the version, done.

- AceRole: ACE Config View, added a table in which to see in real time information about the ACE's bendages: Efficiency, Reopening Probability, Reopening Min Delay, Reopeneing Max Delay.
- Med. Train.: Removed 3D text from "TARGET".
- Med. Train. Improved the appearance of the medical information poster (Now it shows you the information of the last objective to which you pointed and will disappear when you point to another objective or move away 2 meters). NOTE: Due to the new update of the ACE it seems that it does not work when the unit is unconscious.
- ACERole: ACE view Config rewrite.
- TAW's: Now only shown if the corresponding module has been entered.
- TAW's: Now you can enable / disable access to TAW from the A3U Conf (if the module has been placed in the EDEN).
- Modifications resulting from the rewrite of the Medical ACE (Modules: STC, ACE Role, Med. Entr.).

0.7.1 - Hotfix 4
BUGS form old versions ...
Solved problems with Player TP. (LIST order problems)
Solved problems with Copy Equip. (LIST order problems)
Server Update: Not needed.

0.7.1 - HotFix 2 02
0.7.1 - HotFix 2
Virtual Garage Block disabled temporally.
Server Update: Not needed.

0.7.1 - Hotfix 1
Virtual Garage was bloqued by default XD, solved.
Server Update: Not needed.

- TAW's: Interface to change the viewing distance ingame.
- Medical Training: Module that allows to generate Units with different ACE wounds and provides extra information in "real time".
- EDEN Medical Training:
(Watch video)
0. You can put a module for each training position you want.
1. First synchronize the module with the position where you want the test units to appear (e.g. invisible helipad)
2. Second synchronize with any object in which there will be the interface for spawning the units (eg ammobox)).
(the order of synchronization is taken into account, so the previous order must be followed)
- Virtual Garage: Added access block to the garage if someone is already taking out a vehicle.
- NRBQ: Added module to activate the CBRN gas using trigger.
- Ace Role: Did not correctly assign the ROL of Doctor and Regular Medic.
- STC: Does not apply to static turrets.

STC (Survive to Crashes)
- Reorganization of the STC. There is now a category in the EDEN for A3U - STC.
- Added alarm sounds.
- Added Texts and options in the modules to choose type of text / information (None, Simple, Complex, etc).
- STC module - Helicopters
- STC Module - Land Vehicles
- STC module - Airplanes
- Within each module you can configure everything related to the STC for each type of vehicle (Remove Effects, Sounds, Duration, etc)
- The STC code has been almost completely restructured.
- STC optimization (In addition you can now remove the effects of particles to improve performance).
- A3U Conf: The time (Day / Night) of the map on dedicated servers was not changed.
- Player TP: Now if the target player is in a vehicle and there is room in the vehicle, he will teleport you inside the vehicle.
- Player TP: Added Full Vehicle verifications, and Null player.
- Now the version of the A3U between the Client (player) and the Server will be verified regardless of whether the module of the A3U Conf has been placed in the EDEN.
- NRBQ: Apparently what generated problems in multiplayer was the HUD that I removed in the last update (V0.6 Hotfix 9, because it has not happened anymore). Therefore, everything from the NRBQ can now be used without problems.

0.6 HOTFIX 9
- Added mission description in the DMG GUI.
- Added option within the AceRole GUI to see the medical configuration of the mission.
- Added Module -> Safe Zone
- Safe zone - Avoid Shooting (within the zone).
- Safe zone - Damage disabled (within the zone).
- Safe zone - Immediately eliminate any vehicle that explodes (within the zone).
- Safe zone - You can activate / deactivate ingame from the A3U Conf (if you have put your administrator ID in the A3U Conf Module).
- Ace Role GUI redesign.
- Canceled everything related to the HUD of the NRBQ (which would be with Ctrl + L). Possible cause of bugs when entering Arsenal, Zeus, etc. (It is being investigated).

0.6 HOTFIX 8
- NRBQ Corrections.

0.6 Hotfix 6
- A3U CONF: Redesign of the ingame control interface of the A3U CONF.
- A3U CONF: Naw the CBRN Mechaninc can be Activated / Deactivated in A3U ingame Conf (As always, if the CBRN module was placed in the EDEN).
- Copy Equip: Problems with the TFAR radio when copying another partner's radio.
- CBRN: Message that atropine cannot be applied because you are not a doctor.
- CBRN: Naw the horitzontal progress bar from arma should be displayed correctly.
- Generic: Some translation corrections.
Server update: not necessary (although recommended).

0.6 HotFix 5
- New HUD information interface, opened with Ctrl + L.
- Now gas effect should be visible for all.

0.6 Hotfix 4 01
0.6 Hotfix 4
- Now the gas can be seen if it is on a dedicated server.
- Now it works correctly after dying or respawning.
Discord Group (questions, bugs reports, ...):
STC bugs notified by YonV (Forum/Bugs Report): are being investigated.
(this should be the last hotfix until the next version, thx for your patience)
(Server Update: Required)

0.6 HotFix 3
CBRN should initialize correctly in Single Player
(Server Update: Not required)

0.6 HotFix 2
CBRN Module naw is initialized on Dedicated Servers.
(Requiere Server mod update)

0.6 HottFix
A3U - Generic modules naw are executed for all not only zeus.
(it is not necessary to update it on the server, although it is recommended).

- Added modules for the ZEUS (Only if the Achilles MOD is used)
(I'll make a video shortly so it looks like setting it up)
- The categories of the EDEN editor to which the modules belong have been rearranged, being divided into 3: Generic modules, DMG modules and the new CBRN modules.
- Ace role: It did not correctly show your current ACE role when you would have it for the first time.
- Copy. equip. Possible multiplayer error (source not yet found). Now if something fails it will show you that it has failed and will not take away the equipment.
- Copy. equip. Translations were missing.
Thx for feedback:
- Compañia de Asalto Polivalente (CAP).

0.5 HOTFIX 2
- Versión check should work as intended now XD

0.5 HOTFIX 1
- Versión check should work as intended now.
- English description.

- NEW MODULE --> Unconscient Equipment: It allows you to pick up or drop some equipment from unconscious soldiers.
- --> Unconscient Equipment: It allows you to add a predefined sound that will be called when a soldier go to unconscious mode (Sounds like: Ohhhhh, Wilhelm Scream, ...).
- --> Unconscient Equipment: Eanglish and Spanish translations.
- --> Unconscient Equipment: EDEN module and icon.
- Mod Versión control: Will inform you in case the server and client versions don't match.
- A3U Conf: it is now possible to ACTIVATE / DEACTIVATE the new module Unconscious Equipment.
- All GUI's (Interfaces/Displays) will show the actual versión of your client mod.
- DMG Rescue Interception: limited to 1 mission of this type running simultaneously.
- DMG General: Added more translations.
- DMG: Using a map without locations programed generate code errors and wrong mission generation, solved.
- DMG: In case of map without locations the mision generation will change automatically to map pos selection instead of continuing with aleatory pos.
- DMG: In case of map without roads, the misión will be canceled (Only in the caso of the Rescue Interception mission).
- A3U Conf: The object number indicator in the mission now shows the actual number of objects instead of always 4.
Thx for the feedback:
- Carry (clan CAP)

- A3U Configuration Display: It allows to disable and monitoring the modules and functionalities that provides A3U ingame.
- A3U Configuration Display: Monitoring of some info like players, AI, other objects, server FPS. It allows you to change the day time (12:00h and 0:00h).
- A3U Configuration Display: A3U Administrator is necessary to enable and disable the modules ingame (you have to put your Steam UID in the A3U Conf Module).
- Copy Equipment Display: It allows you to copy the equipment of a player ingame (Put an end to things lying on the floor XD).
- Teleport between players Display: It allows you to teleport to another player (Not inside vehicles yet).
- Dynamic Missions Generator (DMG): It contains some missions created by me, that can be randomly spawned, or select the desired position using the map (3 types of missions abiable).
- Dynamic Missions Generator (DMG): If you use TFAR, you will see some special troops with radios in the missions generated by DMG (be careful they will call to reinforcements if they are engage and the radio is still alive).
- Reinforcements: generated in the DMG missions. The third mission (communications platoon) will allow you to spawn only the platoon (it will not generate any missions or tasks).
- Reinforcements: They are random. Available: heliported troopers, airborne troopers, artillery, enemy CAS (Close Air Support).
IMPORTANT: You have to "build" an enemy base (just put some invisible helipads or something and Sync with the modules, look screenshots or the video in the SteamWorkshop page).
IMPORTANT: Each module is independent, so isn't compulsory to use A3U Configuration Display although it is highly recommended.
- All the new functionalities --> English and Spanish translations.
- All the new functionalities --> Module ICONS
- HALO Jump --> Texts
- HALO Jump --> Spanish translation.
- ACE Role --> GUI improved a bit.
- STC Helicopters --> Debug messages deleted.
- STC Helicopters --> ACE Medical and related should work as intended now.
- STC Helicopters --> After crash the player returns to BLUEFORD faction (I use the Civilian faction to avoid the AI focus while crashing).
- HALO Jump --> Bad Type ERROR when player using it for first time, solved.
- HALO Jump --> Info text not showing as it should, now it works.

- STC (Survive to crashes), helicopters part (module on EDEN editor.).
- A3U logo on the menu and eden ;)

Added: English translation.
Modified: Module descriptions have been clarified and translated.

Logo Image !!!


- Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3)
- Community Base addons A3

Steam Workshop:
- Subscribe

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