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**********UPDATE********** have posted a new Physics video made by Luemmel from

Physics 2
Size : 8.34 Mb

You can download this movie from our video section PART II.
Or watch it streaming by selecting below:

Earlier news
More and more videos, they just keep coming.

The first one comes from Mr.Burns at showing a tank driving through a forrest:

Size: 43 MB

The second one is from snake22000 at showing a barn demolition:

Size: 30 MB

And the last one from 3dom at BI Forums and shows an AH-1z chopper in action:

AH-1z take off
Size: 19 MB

You can download all those movies from our video section PART II.
And for the Destruction video u can use our streaming link:

Written on 2006-11-26 23:24 by Armaholic  

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