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Requirements: CUP - Units Pack & Vehicles Pack & Weapon Pack & Terrains Core and Maps, Community Base addons A3, 3den Enhanched, Lingor/Dingor Island, FAP Units(Foes & Allies Pack), TAC Vests, Multi-play Uniforms, Enforcer, Pook boat pack
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Version: 1.1

Date: 2020-12-20 15:34

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Deadly Warlands 1

by Unluckymonster

Play as the ruthless drug-cartel leader in civil-war torn Middle-Lingor and fight against government, bandits and mysterious British soldier who seems to be some sort of ex-BAF officer.

July 24th 2017 (mission date)

There is no sign of an end to the Middle-Lingor civil-war. While most of the Middle-Lingor is warzone some safe towns have been established by mutual agreements between factions like Los Peligron, Morada and south-town of San Arulco. On east side of Middle-Lingor situation is worse as only faction accepting civilians to live in their area is Trevor Clyde (player character), a cruel drug and arms-dealer working on east side of the Middle-Lingor.

President Abel Ahmad 60th birthday

President Abel Ahmad celebrates his 60th birthday. At this point President Ahmad has led Lingor 10 years and middle-Lingor civil-war has lasted three (3) years. President Ahmad administrative season should end next year, but Ahmad has hinted that he might want to continue as President of Lingor and change constitution so that he could be President further than two six-year terms. In government supportive press gallop that is done government held areas, 83% Lingor citizens support Ahmad to continue as President.

At the international level, while other countries are working to stabilize Lingor's situation, some countries and communities are illegally selling and transporting arms and resources to the middle-Lingor, seeking to shape Lingor's future to a more beneficial state.

- Nine (9) square kilometer open-world full of enemies and objectives to take care of
- Semi randomized enemy-weaponry which aim to replicate same weapons as used in Far Cry 2 game. With this feature two playthroughs will never be exactly same
- Automatic healing after 10 seconds so collect guns and ammo as much as possible into your pockets as resources in civil-war are scarce
- Special weapons shop where you can buy machineguns and rocket launchers with money you collect from completing optional missions, dead enemy bodies and hidden stashes. You can check anytime how much money you have in your pocket.
- Intro & Outro-cutscenes
- Full briefings of:
* fictional Lingor island democratic history all the way till present day
* Game mechanics/ features
* Factions present in Deadly Warlands and their key characters
- Custom sound effects used
- Fast-travel between two villages that are controlled by player’s faction
- save game anytime through radio
- Estimated length of playthrough two (2) – three (3) hours.

To install [SP] Deadly Warlands 1 you need to extract the .pbo file to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/SPMissions folder.

Deadly Warlands 1 takes place in a fictional African island country, that player experiences through the lens of brutal and cruel drug lord called Trevor Clyde.
During the mission you might encounter player character TC expressing following ideas/ insults towards subjects like:
- encouraging the use of very dangerous drugs / substances for intoxicating purposes
- insult to people’s sexuality, religion or/ and nationality
These insults/ ideas are not something I personally do not support, but feel that they are essential in order to portrayal what kind of character TC is in middle of civil-war torn Lingor country.

If these subjects sound too sensitive for your personal state, I recommend to skip playing Deadly Warlands 1. In Deadly Warlands 2 (when it’s done) TC character doesn’t appear and previously mentioned ideas/ insults are NOT present, so do not be afraid the check that out when it’s done.

Credits & Thanks:
SPECIAL THANKS TO: GEORGE FLOROS GR for Semi-randomized enemy weaponry script
IceBreakr for Lingor map and FAP-units pack
Community-Upgrade-Project (CUP)
ixaak for writing the script which adds the money to your account and how the check by yourself how much money you have

Thanks goes also to:
CBA_A3 by CBATeam
3den Enhanced by Revo
TAC Vests, Multi-play Uniforms and Enforcer-pack by Zabb
Boat Pack by hcpookie

Changelog: (20-12-2020 - updated as it happens, displayed in news as it happens)
1.1 Update
FIX: Apperently Lingor-map geometry height has been changed/ updated, causing some vehicles to dig half meter down on earth. Should now be raised back to surface properly.
FIX: M249 and PKM carrying enemies loot system corrected to work as intended in Deadly Warlands mission(s).

- Community Base addons A3
- Community Upgrade Project - Units Pack
- Community Upgrade Project - Weapon Pack
- Community Upgrade Project - Vehicles Pack
- Community Upgrade Project - Terrains Core
- Community Upgrade Project - Terrains Maps
- 3den Enhanced
- TRYK [TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms]
- Enforcer
- Lingor/Dingor Island
- FAP Units (Foes & Allies Pack)
- Pook Boat Pack
- MagRepack (optional)

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