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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.6

Short description: is a multiplayer-compatible reincarnation of spectrum analyser from DLC Contact for use in normal Arma3.

Date: 2020-09-09 09:17

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Spectrum analyser script


Multiplayer-compatible reincarnation of spectrum analyser from DLC Contact for use in normal Arma3
This is RU/ENG singleplayer showcase mission:

-automatic generation of UAV&terminals signals
-custom signal source by missionmaker on any object (ACE cargo compatible)
-realistic signal fade from terrain&distance
-UAV&terminals jamming
-UAV&terminals friendly-foe identification
-multiplayer tested with 120+ players on server and 20+ devices working and nearly 20 signal sources. Thanks players for it

-no addons required

Script developed and tested for MP, so some functions dont work proper with AI and in this showcase scenario are simulated with simple scripts (they still work fine in mp with non-ai clients)

Installation / Usage:
For usage instructions and information of how to use the Spectrum analyser script please refer to the included documentation, example mission and/or [url=]Github[/url] page.

Quick "How to use in your mission":
-place spectrum_device.sqf, sa_ewar.sqf, stringtable.xml (last for russian&other languages support) in your mission folder
-call scripts in init.sqf of your mission like this:

[] execVM "spectrum_device.sqf";
[] execVM "sa_ewar.sqf";

-give players device&antennas (in unit's init field or sqf file) like this (device&antennas are hidden in VR by default):

this addWeapon "hgun_esd_01_F";
this addHandgunItem "muzzle_antenna_02_f";
this addItemToVest "muzzle_antenna_03_f";

-if you need to add a custom signal for any object in your mission by edinting spectrum_device.sqf

//Miss´╗┐ion settings
(t1, t2-variable name if object, second parametr-frequency of signal, -1 for random. 3rd parametr-base strength of signal. not used=defaul, -1 random, or some value in dBa)

-fixed issue with jamm on dedicated server
-added spike signals while jamming
-fixed messages text w/o stringtable.xml

-small net optimization of spike signals

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- BI forums

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