Author: Taurus (TCGM)
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.11
Signed: No

Short description: adds new characters and female uniforms that are 100% compatible with facial animations, helmets, hats, balaclavas, bandanas, goggles, backpacks and vanilla vests.

Date: 2021-01-02 11:08

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TCGM Girls

Taurus (TCGM)

Pretty Girls Can Fight Too.

Add new characters and female uniforms that are 100% compatible with facial animations, helmets, hats, balaclavas, bandanas, goggles, backpacks and vanilla vests.

If you like this mod and ask for it, I will add more faces and uniforms.

Thumb up if you like it.
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All suggestions are apreciated.
The uniform model mesh are created by me and try to recreate in as much detail as possible the original men's uniform versions from the game.
This mod does not include the textures of the uniforms, it uses directly the vanilla of the game owned by Bohemia Interactive.

Thank you very much.

To install TCGM Girls you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Changelog: (02-01-2020 - updated as it happens, displayed in news once every month)
(New Female Wetsuit on NATO, CSAT, CSAT Pacific and AAF camo )
(New Units for NATO, CSAT and Independent: “TCGM Assault Diver (Female)”, “TCGM Diver Team Leader (Female)”, “TCGM Diver Explosive Specialist (Female)”)
(New Squads for NATO, CSAT and Independent: “TCGM Diver Team Female”, “TCGM Diver Team Female (Boat)”, “TCGM Diver Team Female (SDV)”)
(Fix: New tabs texture for female faces)

(New Female Viper Suit)
(New Viper suit and helmet camo: “Urban”)
(New Opfor Units Urban, Arid and Green: “TCGM Viper Operative (Female)”, ” TCGM Viper Team Leader (Female)” , ” TCGM Viper Markswoman (Female)” , ” TCGM Viper Demo Specialist (Female)” , ” TCGM Viper Paramedic (Female)” , ” TCGM Viper Riflewoman (AT, Female)” , ” TCGM Viper JTAC (Female)”)
(New special forces squads on Eden and Zeus: Urban, Arid and Pacific “TCGM Female Viper Team”)

(Fox’s head Thermal fixed)
(Veins of hands, arms and legs smoothed)
(Small changes on Portman and Ayres Hair)
(New Sport Clothes)
(New Civilian Units “TCGM Civilian (Sport, Purple)”, “TCGM Civilian (Sport, Brown)”, “TCGM Civilian (Sport, Gray)”, “TCGM Civilian (Sport, Blue)”, “TCGM Civilian (Sport, Black)”)

(Texture fix on Liu, Gonzalez and Fenty… A line on te back of the Heads)
(Vertex correction in Fox's left eye)
(New characters: Stone, Eilish, Portman and Ayres)
(New Makeup: Pink)

(Fox’s mouth Fix)
(Fox’s UV, tabs and hair Changes)

(New Combat Fatigues Uniform)
(Small fixes on the sleeves of the stealth uniform to correct the texture stretch.)

(New Survival Fatigues uniform)
(New units “TCGM Riflewoman Survival (MTP, Bra)”, “TCGM Riflewoman Survival (Tropic, Bra)”)
(Inventary imagen preview fix)
(Underwear Girl name changed to “TCGM Girl (Underwear)” =))

(added “autocenter 0” property on all uniforms to fix the T-pose bug. I hope it works)
(Civilian units associated with faces with makeup)

(Big changes in the appearance of the hands to make them look more feminine.)
(The arms have been recreated from scratch to repair the bug of stretched textures and the narrowing of its shape with certain animations.)
(The weight and position of various vertexes of the uniform models have been modified to avoid stretching the texture and deformations with some animations.)
(The size and shape of the uniforms has been modified to increase compatibility with the female heads of other mods.)
(Shape and neck position of all the heads has been modified to better fit the female uniforms of other mods.)
(Skin tone changed)
(Selectable female chest in Facial Accessories, to maximize compatibility with some female outfits from “Enforcer" mod)
(New Civilian Outfit with a Mini Skirt)
(New Civilian Outfit Swimsuit)
(New Bluefor Units: TCGM Range Master (Mini Skirt), TCGM Competitor (Mini Skirt))
(New Civilian Units: TCGM Journalist (Mini Skirt), TCGM Journalist (War, Mini Skirt), TCGM Marshal (Mini Skirt), TCGM Aid Worker (Mini Skirt), TCGM Civilian (Casual Mini Skirt) 1), TCGM Civilian (Casual Mini Skirt) 2, TCGM Civilian (Casual Mini Skirt) 3, TCGM Civilian (Casual Mini Skirt) 4, TCGM Civilian (Casual Mini Skirt) 5, TCGM Civilian (Casual Mini Skirt) 6, TCGM Girl in swimsuit (Maya), TCGM Girl in swimsuit (Flowers), TCGM Girl in swimsuit (Leafs), TCGM Girl in swimsuit (Hearts), TCGM Girl in swimsuit (Poker))
(2 new Patches)

(Class names changed, I promise it will be the last time)
(Names of uniforms changed)
(The skin tone of the torso now adapts to the color of the character. This causes texture issues on the torso when using a head from another mod on some of my uniforms. To correct that you should only use one of my heads. I will try to find some way to modify that in the future, to make my uniforms compatible with more female mods.)
(I have removed all the underwear colors from the inventory because they were so many and a bit distracting. Either way they are present in this mod and removing the uniform from a unit will reveal the correct color underwear.)
(I added some details like tattoos on some characters.)
(Some small changes to the vertices of the uniform mesh.)
(Small changes on tabs)

(New “CTRG Stealth Uniform (Pacific For Girls)” and “CTRG Stealth Uniform (Arid for Girls”)
(New CTRG Units “TCGM Team Leader (CTRG TNA)“, “TCGM Markswoman (CTRG TNA)”, “TCGM Demo Specialist (CTRG TNA)”, “TCGM Paramedic (CTRG TNA)”, “TCGM Autoriflewoman (CTRG TNA)”, “TCGM Scout (AT CTRG TNA)”, “TCGM Riflewoman (Light AT CTRG TNA)”, “TCGM JTAC (CTRG TNA)” and “TCGM Scout woman (CTRG TNA)”)
(New NATO CTRG Stealth Squads “TCGM Sentry Women”, “TCGM Mixed Fire Team”, “TCGM Mixed Rifle Squad”)

(Small compatibility fix)

(Changed some unit and squad names, now all have TCGM so they can be found easily)
(Added More Independent units "TCGM Looter Girl (Rifle)", TCGM Looter Girl (Shotgun) Polish speakers too)
(New Independent looters squads: TCGM Mixed Criminal Gang, TCGM Mixed Looter Gang)

(Underwear colors fixed on Units)
(Added new female asian head "Liu")
(Added new uniforms combinations for independent looters)
(Added new Independent units "Looter Girl (SMG)", "Looter Girl (Pistol)" who speak in polish)

(iconWoman Added)
(TCGM Mixed Assault Squad added On MTP, TNA and WDL)
(TCGM Mixed Fire Team added On MTP, TNA and WDL)

(Some unit class Names changed)
(TCGM Female units added: Autorifleman, Combat Life Saver, Engineer, Explosive Specialist, Marksman, Officer, Repair Specialist, Rifleman (Light), Squad Leader, Team Leader, UAV Operator , Survivor)
(Woman names added for all girl units)
(Fixed: flag on right shoulder of the combat fatigues)

(Voice script by Maxjoiner added: Thanks Max)
(Added Night club and Gothic makeups for all the faces)
(Added units with equipment)
(Some Class Names Changed)


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