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Requirements: There Is Only War Mod

Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: is the public release of Age of Darkness 1.5! A Horus Heresy themed sub mod for There is Only War.

Date: 2021-05-05 07:48

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Age of Darkness


Ten thousand years before the Cicatrix Maledictum would tear the galaxy asunder, before the founding of this hollow Imperium of Man, the apocalyptic wars of the Horus Heresy raged across the stars. Led by the arch-traitor Horus, first Warmaster of the Imperium of Mankind, a full half of the Space Marine Legions turned their backs upon their Emperor and made war upon the very empire they had fought to create. In their rage and grief, both Loyalist and Traitor would wreak untold havoc on the worlds of the nascent Imperium, each unleashing the full mesure of their hatred upon the foe, turning loose all the forgotten weapons of that age that they might scour their foe from existance. They left only ruins in their wake and shackled this Imperium of Mankind to its sterile destiny, the slow death which only now do we see played out its final act.

Welcome to the public release of Age of Darkness 1.5! A Horus Heresy themed sub mod for There is Only War.

We've been working on this for a while now and we finally feel that we're at a point to relase our first public build, our aim with this has been to expand the weapon and cosmetic options available to the Space Marines in TIOW with a distinct Horus Heresy flavour.

You can find the current content list below, if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to join our discord!

Content List:
- Tigrus Patern Bolters
- Stalker Bolter
- Combi Bolters
- Phobos Pattern Bolters
- Volkite Weaponry
- Deliverance Patern Shotgun
- Phaistos Pattern Heavy Flamer
- Phaaestos Patern Flamer
- Ryza Pattern Las Cannon
- Primus Pattern Melta Gun
- Astartes Rotor Cannon
- Ryza Thunderbolt Patern Plasma Gun.
- Kalibrax Pattern Auto Cannon
- Astartes Helmet Crests
- Astates Banners (Loyalist & Traitor)
- Astartes Banner Props.

To install Age of Darkness you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:


License / Disclaimer:
Note: We do not claim any ownership of the the Horus Heresy or Age of Darkness IP, all rights belong to their respective owners.

Changelog: (30-01-2021 - updated as it happens, displayed in news once every three months)
+ Ryza Plasma Pistol - Banner and Shield Variant.
+ Volkite Pistol - Banner and Shield Variant.
+ New Ryza Plasma Gun model - Replacing the older model we did almost a year ago.
- April Fools
+ UM Jetbikes
+primaris marines (See primaris Sub Cat in the SM section)
+ Techmarine Power Pack MK.IV
+ Techmarine Power Pack MK.II
+ NVG Mk.V helmet Sudes (Red, Black, Gold and Silver)
+ Facewear Mk.V helmet Sudes (Red, Black, Gold and Silver)
+ Hand Held NVG Banners with pistol (work the same as the shield so sellect the banner pistol first).
= Adjusted Muzzle Flash on Tigrus Pistol.
+ Tigrus Pistol with Combat Shield (shield found in NVG section)
+ Space Marine Invisible Night Vision Goggles
+ Shieldless version of Lascutter.
= MK.2 Jump Packs take less fuel per jump
= Mk.2. Jump Pack can carry more fuel.
= Mk.5. Jump Pack can carry more fuel.
= Removed NVG from all TIOW SM helms.
= Copied every visual wear item to NVG
= Adjusted names of MK.2 Jump Packs to all say “Jump Pack”

+ Mars Pattern Jump Pack
= Increased damamge of Kraken Missile Rounds
= Increased Combi-Plasma OC rounds from 1 to 4.
= Reduced combi-plasma standard rounds from 17 mass to 15 mass.
- Temporarily removed Rad Missile Rounds
Added Space Marine Jump Packs (Yes, they Work):
+ MK.II Serpha-V Pattern Jump Pack
+ MK.IV Phaeton Pattern Heavy Lift Jump Pack
+ Mark.V Heresy Pattern Jump Pack
+ Raven Guard Exclusive Dark Fury Jump Pack
+ Vexilla Banners
- DG
- DA
- BA
- TS
- RG
- IF
+ The first vechile to AoD, the Scimitar Jetbike
- Plasma Cannon Jetbike
-Multi-melta Jetbike
-Heavy Bolter Jetbike
- Volkite Jetbike
- skins for: DA, DG, BA, RG, SAL, WE, WS, IF and EC
+ Added Mars Pattern Plasma Cannon
+ Added Mediant Pattern Multi-Melta
+ Added SM Grenade Launcher
- HE rounds
- Smoke rounds
- Rad rounds that act as area deniel
+Breacher Shield with Lascutter
+ Thousand Sons Squad Flag
= Renamed the model config skeletons for many of the items in AoD. This is because I have had reports their names were conflicting with some of the TIOW stuff (particularly the Necron weapons).
= Configs have been adjusted to allow some items to spawn correctly in Arsenal and Zeus
+ TIOW Space Marines now have options to be spawned in with AoD Weapons in Eden and Zeus.
- Adjusted the names of the Autocannon Mags to give them the correct number of rounds.
- Adjusted some Combi-bolters to ensure they did not inherit Magazine proxies.

+ Volkite Charger
+ Volkite Caliver
+ MK 3 Breacher Shield 1
+ MK 3 Breacher Shield 2
+ Tigrus Combi Plasma
+ Tigrus Combi Melta
+ Tigrus Combi Flamer
+ Tigrus Combi Seeker
+ Recon Backpack 1
+ Recon Backpack 2
+ Kraken Rounds to all bolters
+ Dragonfire Rounds to all bolters
+ Chaos Inferno rounds to Tigrus Bolters
= Almost all weapons have had texture adjustments.
= Melta weapons had experimental adjustments to make them more lore accurate.
= Auto Cannon:
- New Model
- Adjusted ammo count from 17 to 12
- removed the AP and HE rounds combining them into one high powered explosive round.
= Rotor Cannon:
- New Model
- Doubled damage output.
= Adjusted Mag Size for:
- Stalker bolter increased by 5 rounds
- Heavy Falmer reduced from 200 to 80 rounds
= All Stalker weapons have had their ammunition travel faster.
= Colour of Las cannon changed to orange.
(Honestly, left my notes are home so these are all the adjustments I can remember. There are more).
= A few naming fixes for the rounds of weapons.
= Fixed the Tigrus Stalker Bolter to have the correct ammunition.

- There Is Only War Mod

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