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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.10
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: adds different retextured gear and uniforms.

Date: 2021-01-10 13:18

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AJAX 2035 : Gear and Uniforms Expansion


ArmA III strongly seems to lack expansive 2035-style expansions on vanilla content. It has been my dream to fill that gap with a mix of my own ideas and ideas brought forward by many avid fans of the BLUFOR 2035 setting. After five years, I have finally started work on this project, with the irreplaceable aid given to me by renowned mod authors responsible for the likes of the CSAT Modification Project, Community Upgrade Project, the unofficial Aegis expansion, and more.

If you have requests for what you'd like to see in this mod, please note that if the uniform/vest/gear type isn't in the mod presently, I likely won't be able to make any texture edits until I add them into the mod. Thanks for the continued support, and I hope you enjoy the mod!

To install AJAX 2035 : Gear and Uniforms Expansion you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

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Credits & Thanks:
AveryTheKitty, Chairborne & TheEvanCat - Config and Texturing Support, Model Aid and Function Support.
Farsight, yorvic, Pheasant-One & TitanStrawberry - Design Advice and Support.
Bohemia Interactive - Models and game.

Changelog: (10-01-2021 - updated as it happens, displayed in news once every month)
-Cage and Condor Plate Carriers in camouflage tiling for all factions.
-Combat Fatigues (LDF fullsleeve with gloves) for all factions.
-Flekcpat Desert, MTP Arid, EMR, OCP-D (renamed to OCP), FROG (renamed to MARPAT) and CCE patterns have all recieved significant redos to be more akin to modern-day counterparts as opposed to a futuristic setting.
-Improved consistency to the "fatigues" and "Crye combat" uniforms through revised templates.
-Assault Packs redone on a new template, improved details.
-Adjusting HBK helmet goggles in the NVG slot so that they will work more seamlessly with the OPSCORE as well as the HBK.
-Kitbags will be getting redone on a new template for improved consistency in future updates.
-Plans to incorporate a winter gear pattern for each faction, berets/"light" headwear for each faction as well as lighter bodywear such as rangemaster belts, chest rigs, slash bandoliers, et cetera.

-Australian Gear in three-tone camouflage variants (Arid, Woodland and Tropical).
-Arid MTP, Woodland OCP-D and Desert and Woodland EMR camos has been redone yet again, along with their respective equipment sets.
-Falcon Plate Carriers have been renamed to "Condor" Plate Carriers.
-Russian "SURPAT" camo has been redone to be two-tone (desert and woodland) and renamed to "EMR".

-French Gear in two-tone camouflage variants (CCE desert and woodland).
-A multitude of "signature" ACP-C2 variants with custom texturing.
-CBRN suit retextures for all current nations and factions, to be refined in the next update.
-More variants of the Modular Combat Vest (Falcon Plate Carrier) with appropriate titles.
-Kitbag backpacks to match all current nations and factions.
-All "camouflaged" equipment has been re-done with consistent tiling to match other gear of the same nations.
-Falcon Plate Carriers have been re-done on a new texture base.
-British MTP Camo has been re-done to be more in-line with the modern BAF, as it resembled the Brits from Avery's "Aegis" mod too much.
-Russian "SURPAT" camo has been redone to be two-tone (desert and woodland) and renamed to "EMR".

-Combat Helmets with camouflage netting in all available camouflages.
-Light Combat Helmets in both bare and enhanced configurations with WIP Canvas covers in all camouflages (named as OPS-Core Helmets)
-Neck Shemaghs in a multitude of colours as facewear, ported from ArmA 2 (special thanks to AveryTheKittey and Chairborne)
-Ballistic Glasses (also ported from A2 thanks to Avery and Chairborne) that come in both facewear and NVG slots.
-A variety of new patches, primarily British focused.
-Combat & Enhanced Combat Helmets renamed to "Batlskin Helmets".
-Advanced Modular Helmets renamed to "HBK-01 Helmets".

-Heavy Plate Carrier in all existing flat colour variations.
-"Sage" coloured plate carriers, designed for Woodland Terrain.
-"RATNIK" Russian uniforms in Arid, Tropical and Woodland SURPAT camouflage patterns, based on the EMR and VSR camouflages.
-Light Fatigues in all MTP, OCP-D and MARPAT camouflages.
-Helmet Goggles in the NVG slot available in Black, Green and Tan.
-Gloves & overall texture quality for consistency, most noticeable on the ACU, FROG and UBACS fatigues.
-Renamed OMCP pattern to OCP-D.
-Edited MARPAT Camouflage to be more accurate to IRL MARPAT in colour tones.
-Edited tiling on helmets for all camouflages.

-Combat Helmet & Enhanced Combat Helmets with canvas covers in all available camouflages
-Green Falcon Vest
-FROG MARPAT Camouflages to be more accurate to IRL MARPAT
-Textures on the Coyote & Drab Falcon Vests
-Gloves on the Tropical Uniforms

-Retextured Advanced Modular Helmet variants in FROG and ACU Camouflage patterns.

Initial release (WIP) ||-|| Table of Contents :
- (British) UBACS Fatigues in Arid, Tropical and Woodland MTP camouflage.
-(American) ACU Fatigues in Arid, Tropical and Woodland OMCP camouflage.
-(American) FROG Fatigues in Desert and Woodland OMCP camouflage.
-Retextured Modular Carrier Vest variants in Coyote and Olive Drab (Falcon Plate Carrier, etc).
-Retextured Advanced Modular Helmet variants in all UBACS MTP camouflages.


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