WIP report - XAM 1.5 announcements & exclusives
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snake the maker of the Extreme Arma Mod (XAM) did sent us some new information about the upcoming new version of the Extreme Arma mod as well as an exclusive video showing the XAM UAV and the XAM steerable chute.

Quote snake :
With this new version, 1.5 of the XAM mod, we have taken the occasion to delete some units which weren't usefull in the mod. Thanks to that, the mod is now lighter:
  • French Forces: Now that we now that OFrP is fully compatible with the XAM, they were no more usefull.
  • African rebels: Other addon on the same subject are out.
  • Airstrike and artillery: These fonction were removed to be better in a next version.
  • Islands: Rahmadi Extended and Everon has been removed to gain in size. Players still can download these islands if they want on the Arma site.
  • A hunt has been also done against the useless files.
Optimization was one of the priority of the XAM 1.5.
With a hard work on shaders, the XAM 1.5 offers largely higher performances with a negligible loss on the quality of graphics and this with any incidence on the multiplayer gameplay. More information and some screens showing this can be found here.

With the new version of the XAM, new tools arrive with the F-16, and the Arma original planes like the A-10 or the Harrier. The simulation is enhanced:
  • Check-list and Startup
  • Sound Environnement detailed in the cockpit
  • Computer board
  • Flare counter-mesure effective
  • Other news

Very soon snake hopes to release its first beta and people can signup on their forums to be able to test the beta!
Make sure you visit the forums for the XAM mod which you can find here (English and French sections) to read more details about all this news.
The Armaholic forum discussion can be found here.

Written on 2008-08-20 07:50 by snake22000  

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