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Requirements: No addons required

Version: Beta 1
Signed: Yes

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Date: 2008-08-23 10:26

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Sukhoi Su-33

Conversion of Footmunchs OFP unit by Gnat

- 3 colour schemes
- Source textures into merged format
- Optimized sqf scripts
- Afterburner, sonic boom and vapour FX
- Keyboard for FX not required
- "Tidy" action menu system
- Manual landing gear for carrier operations
- 3 axis animated undercarriage
- 5 mixed loadouts
- Cockpit and landing lights
- Random unit numbers
- Clan logos
- Customisable markings
- Working lights
- Damage model and Textures

Extract the pbo files to your ArmA\Addons folder or as we always recommend use one of the mod folders methods.
If you do not know how to use mod folders have a look in our FAQ.

Included .pbo files:

In the editor you will find this under:
OPFOR Figther Bomber
OPFOR -> Air -> Su33 (various)

Su33 Flanker-D AA	: RKTSU33AA  (Blue Air to Air)
Su33 Flanker-D AG	: RKTSU33AG  (Blue Ground Attack)
Su33 Flanker-D B1	: RKTSU33B1  (Blue Laser Bomber)
Su33 Flanker-D B2	: RKTSU33B2  (Blue Free-Fall Bomber)
Su33 Flanker-D TAA	: RKTSU33TAA  (Tricolour Air to Air)
Su33 Flanker-D TAG	: RKTSU33TAG  (Tricolour Ground Attack)
Su33 Flanker-D TB1	: RKTSU33TB1  (Tricolour Laser Bomber)
Su33 Flanker-D TB2	: RKTSU33TB2  (Tricolour Free-Fall Bomber)
Su33 Flanker-D Blackbird: RKTSU33MR  (Black Multi-Role)

Scripting features:
Aircraft FX:
All run automatically, but will not initialize if vehicle is
killed and then un-killed.
If you wish to terminate FX (to save frame rate maybe)
this animate ["KillFx", 1];

AI Landing Gear:
Gear auto lowers as they get close to the ground.

Should be able to assign roundels via

_plane setobjecttexture [0,"\pboname\texture1.paa"] 

To do:
- 360 cockpit
- Other Loadouts
- Auto player landing gear if auto landing is used.
- Su35 version !!

Based on the OFP Su33 by Footmunch.
Textures cleaned and improved by eddyD
FX originally by Lethal
Thanks very much to all, especially Footmunch.

Thanks to those who answered my various script, config and O2 questions too :)

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- BI forums

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