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Requirements: XAM 1.6 and Queens Gambit for RACS version
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Version: 3.0

Date: 2008-11-16 14:30

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XAM Domination! Pack
Xeno and edited by Layne_Suhr

The version you can download from the bottom of the page is 3.0!!
Although 3.2 is the last known version that one has disapeared in the internet space.

This is Domination! 3.12 Beta 7 by Xeno and is edited for full XAM 1.6 use by Layne_Suhr (AKA Squeeky). It includes a West version and a RACS version which needs Queens Gambit to work.
Your goal is it to free randomly picked targets (up to 21) from all enemy forces.

West version includes
-All the normal Domination features
-MARPAT Uniforms for Bravo and Alpha Squad
-ACU Uniforms for all other squads
-F-16C Fighting Falcons
-M1A1 Abrams tanks with onboard computer
-Desert Coloured vehicles
-New weapons such as Desert Eagle, M4 EoTech etc...
-Claymore Mines
-UAV Stryker command console to fly a RQ-1 Predator
-Full XAM 1.6 Integration
-Hidden SCUD Nuclear rocket launcher *hint* Found in Northern Sahrani
-Radio Operator as Artillery Operators
-Enhanced AI

RACS Version includes
-All the above
-DC-3 for transport and paradrop
-New DPU uniform for RACS soldiers

Extract the pbo file to your ArmA\MPMissions folder.

Future Modifications: Add civilians to cities, add harriers.
XAM 1,5 Beta is for XAM Beta testers onyl... register at the XAM forums if you want to beta test.

Change log:
- XAM 1.6 + QG
- West and RACS versions

- Added respawn to M1A1, BMP-2, T-72 MBT, BRDM and Stryker
- Now supports 34 Players
- Now has East, West, East Revive and West Revive versions
- Various other tweaks
- All weapons in the weapons crate

- Added CAP and GBU Harrier
- Removed camo netting (wasn't needed)
- Added Russian and US weapons to crate
- added claymores and leaping mines crate
- Made M136 Crate filled with M136, Javelin and RPG-7
- M4 EoTech, MP5's and M25 now in crate
- Added more SAM Sites

Credits & Thanks:
Xeno for making original Domination! [3.09]
Snake2200 for creating XAM

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- BI Forums

- Xtrem Arma Mod 1.6b2

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