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Requirements: Queen's Gambit Expansion and MAP Services 1.10

Version: 1.10

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Date: 2008-10-29 20:16

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MAP EditorUpdate (EU)

The editorupgrade by Lester that also makes the Queens Gambit Objects available and adds some completely new objects. It is designed especially for the 3DE.

Check the included readme for more info.

● no bothering icons are spotable ingame, but full icon support in the Editor / 3DE
● optimized for best use association with the MAP_3DE made by Silola
● a useful object sorting in 14 categorys
● additional a lot of modified or repaired objects like rocks, fences, plants and buildings
● new beach themed objects
● added some new signs and a bridge
● added some new accesoirs
● provided as basis for a build kit
● added some new gras cutters in different sizes
● added some other helpful objects

Copy the MAP_3DE.pbo in a AddOn-folder (mod-folder) of your choice, e.g. @Mapfact >>> AddOns.
Ensure that the mod-folder will be loaded at the start of ArmA. If you do not know how to use mod folders have a look in our FAQ.
Please copy the ArmAExt folder in your ArmA mainfolder.
If you have Visitor installed and want to import 3DE-Projects to Visitor, copy the folder
OED_Templates in the workfolder of Visitor (Standard drive: P)
Copy the Visitor-scripts "OED_Import_Templates.vis ", "OED_Import_Objects.vis " and "OED_Smooth_Roads.vis "
in the script-folder of Visitor. (Topic Visitor-Import)
Its strongly recommended to download and install the addons MAP_EU and MAP_Services,
because the objects in MAP_EU are especially configured for 3DE.

Included .pbo files:

Legal disclaimer:
It isn't allowed to build a modified version of the 3DE or use / release parts of it

Credits & Thanks:
Thanks to the whole 3DE team: MCPXXL, Lester + Sgt.Ace.
Thank you very much for the support and many great hours !!!
A special thanks goes also to "Drake Starkiller", without grumbling he has
done the English translation. Thank you very much !!!
And of course a big thanks to BIS, whose work "Armed Assault" is the
basis for this 3DE-Project.

- sand tracks 'roads' added
- sand pathes 'sideways' added
- vertical variants of camo nettings and bunkers added
- some destructioneffects changed

- Path of mudstreet fixed

BIS Forums topic:

ArmA V1.14
Queens Gambit
MAP_Services V1.10

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