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Date: 2008-08-31 16:21

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Armed Assault Editing Guide - Deluxe Edition - German
Mr Murray

Today I am very proud to present you together with MemphisBelle the finished version of the long announced
Armed Assault Editing Guide – Deluxe Edition. It was a long and hard journey to reach our target, but we finally made it. In this case I really would like to say thank you to the English language ArmA Community for your patience while waiting for this day. Even when ArmA will be replaced soon by ArmA2, it will not get the status dead but will keep being the favourite game for a lot of peoples as Operation Flashpoint still does today.

But we unfortunately have also to report a negative fact. I hadn’t much time to rethink and rework the scripts and functions and eventually make them better because of the massive effort while creating the guide for two languages. But that should not mean that those scripts and functions are not working, they do but it would have to be one or other to make things better but the time was too close and ArmA2. So I’d like you to please forgive me for the huge sqs presence. The sqs presence in the Guide 2 will definitely not be that much as in this one.

Author notes:
Now I have a last request because scripting and editing in ArmA doesn’t know any borders as much as the complexity does, so I’d appreciate if you could report recognized issues and script errors back to me. If you locate some technical and grammatical errors and incomprehensibilities somewhere in the guide please report them back to me also. You also can contact MemphisBelle for those reasons. Don’t hesitate to report experiences, tips, tricks and wishes you’d like to see in Guide 2. This would help me a lot to write a guide which is as much quality as this one. All supporters will apparently be listed in the credits of course… Thank you very much!!!

And now I wish you lots of fun with my last Editing Guide for Armed Assault

Credits & Thanks:
A huge thank you and massive respect goes to Daniel “MemphisBelle” Schönyan who always was loyal to the project and finalised his work without any financial compensation even when we had to handle many ups and downs. Thank you very much because this is not evident today! I also would like to say a very big thank you to both our lectors Metal0130, living in the USA and Matt Rochelle living in UK. These guys both helped greatly. Especially Metal0130 put a lot of time into checking the translated chapter’s right from the beginning. He spends a lot of time together with MemphisBelle to clear up grammatical issues. Matt Rochelle has nearly checked the whole guide after all chapters had been laid out again in pdf format. Thank you Matt and Metal.

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