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Version: 1.2

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Date: 2008-09-04 13:55

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ArmA Mod Launcher

Small FREE application for managing MODs created for games Operation Flashpoint, ArmA:Armed Assault (Combat Operations) and soon for ArmA2.

Main features::
    - Each MOD has own configuration file
    - Full control over MODs (Add, Edit, Copy, Remove, Start)
    - Supported Drag & Drop function for adding new MODs
    - Supported startup parameters for each MOD
    - Supported doubleclick to quick launch directly from the list of MODs
    - Application doesn't need any version of Microsoft .NET Framework!
Extract all files and subdirectory called "MODs" with its files into any directory.
For example "C:\Program Files\ArmA MOD Launcher".

Double click on "ArmA MOD Launcher.exe".
For detailed info double click on "ArmA MOD Launcher Help.chm" or use direct shortcut from application menu (Help -> Help Contents).

For detailed instructions how to use this launcher see the included help file.

Credits & Thanks:
Author: Bc. Michal "EMSI" Hor��k
Launcher graphic created by Bobor aka Boborish

Special thanks to whole czech and slovak OFP/ArmA community and especially to active members of Ruprt's forum for their support, ideas and betatesting.

v0.1 ~ 0.3
- main program for launching external files from exact directories

v0.4 ~ 0.9
- added function for launching external files from various directories

v1.0 Beta
- public beta with added basic functions (Add, Edit, Remove, Start), added launcher graphic

v1.1 Beta
- added functions Copy, Drag & Drop, fixed few small bugs, changed launcher graphic

- final version

Basic terms:

MOD - game modification created by original authors (for example Queen's Gambit datadisc) or created by community members (for example �SLA, CWR ...).
Additional startup parameters - useful additonal parameters which may launch game in (or with) specific mode. For example for testing and editing. Here you may use parameter "-window", which means launched game in a window and you may then easy switch between the game and your external script editor.
Vanilla game - not customized game directly after installation.

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- BI forums

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