Week report #45
Work in progress

* Aushilfes Addons

    Aushilfe informed us in our forums he is working on a Su-30 Mkk based on the BIS Su-34 and also some Woodland Units based on the Woodland skin BIS released with the 1.14 Patch.
    4-aushilfes_medicmgat.jpg 4-aushilfes_overview_1.jpg


    - Armaholic forums

* Operation Northstar mod

* Wrzesien 1939

Read the entire "Work In Progress report" by clicking "Read more".

* 31st Normandy mod -WW2

    rip31st posted a new update in the BI forums.
    In the pics you can see the Tiger I work in progress, German 663 Schartenstand style bunker made by AstWalker which allwed usage in this project and wld427 handed over a 40mm bofors from project RACS.

    4-normandy_mod_bofors_4.jpg 4-normandy_mod_bofors_5.jpg
    4-normandy_mod_r633_1.jpg 4-normandy_mod_tiger_2.jpg

    - Armaholic forums
    - BI Forums

* AH64a by Serclaes

    Serclaes posted a new update in the BI forums showing his latest progress.
    Quote Serclaes :
    I've been reducing the face count which was very easy thanks to my edge loops. Next on my list is the top of the fuselage. The first time i tried to do it i lacked a picture of it, luckily i found one and can now complete that. The tail is still in the works as i can't complete it as long as the mirror modifier is active. I want to finally get done with the hull to start making normal maps etc

    4-ah64a_5.jpg 4-ah64a_8.jpg 4-ah64a_9.jpg

    - Armaholic forums
    - BI forums

* Spanish Armed Forces Mod (FFAA)

    -=UOE.Txalo=- posted some new screenshots in the BI forums showing the Super Puma and Cougar chopper, a woman soldier based on model by Viator and some Spanish legion units.
    4-ffaa-arma-81.jpg 4-ffaa-arma-82.jpg

    4-ffaa-arma-84.jpg 4-ffaa-arma-85.jpg

    - Armaholic forums
    - BI forums

* FF Studio (WW2)

    [FF]Faust released a few screenshots of the Opel Blitz which should be out soon in the BI forums as well as a first screen of the "kubelwagen".
    4-ff_studio_ww2_opel_2.jpg 4-ff_studio_ww2_opel_3.jpg

    - Armaholic forums
    - BI forums

* Police Units

    gT.SWAT-guy has been working on some Police officer units since Arma lacks of a any civilian law enforcement.
    At the moment he is using LAPD style officers.

    4-police_units_1.jpg 4-police_units_2.jpg 4-police_units_3.jpg 4-police_units_4.jpg

    - Armaholic forums
    - BI forums

* CA Everon

    Symbiot released some new screenshots of his CA Everon island he is working on in the BI forums
    4-ca_everon_25.jpg 4-ca_everon_26.jpg 4-ca_everon_29.jpg

    - Armaholic forums
    - BI forums

* Bush Wars Conflict Mod

    ObmaR from the Bush Wars Conflict Mod has released some new screenshots of FAPLA units on the Bushwars website.
    Quote ObmaR
    FAPLA or Forcas Armadas Populares de Libertacao de Angola (Peoples Armed Forces for the Liberation of Angola) was originally the armed wing of the MPLA movement but later became the Angola's official armed forces when MPLA took control of the government.

    A big thank you for all the hard work put into this addon by ASZ/Aldo (Freelance member) and our member Cimalex. The textures and quality of the addon are amongst the best. We have modified and implemented a face script originally scripted by MADMED so that all the soldiers have black faces.

    The addon is in the beta testing stage and we will be releasing it as soon as our weapons pack is completed.

    4435-fapla_1.jpg 4435-fapla_2.jpg 4435-fapla_3.jpg

    - Armaholic forums
    - Bushwars website

Credits for WIP reports:
Ace of Spades
[MCF] Frantz

Remember that you can check the progress of these and other addons/mods in our WIP Forums.
If you want to be sure your own project is covered in our WIP report post about it in our WIP fourms, it will then always be added!

Written on 2008-09-07 20:57 by Armaholic  

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