Armed Assault patch 1.01

Armed Assault Patch 1.01 released

Performance :
- Significantly improved general performance of the German version
- Improved performance on shading detail and texture detail very low
- Optimized grass implementation
- Fixed bug in texture management: All textures could have been thrown away under certain conditions

Stability and Security :
- Some crash opportunities in multiplayer fixed.
- Crash when out of videomemory fixed
- Removed function exportLandscapeXYZ

AI :
- Pathfinding improvements
- Combat reaction improvements

Multiplayer :
- Dedicated server related improvements

Campaign :
- Improved missions endings in various conditions
- Fixed mission duration info

Download the German Patch here.

Download the Czech Patch here

We would appreciate it a lot if someone with the game could leave some feedback about this patch here in our forums. Thanks!!

Source : BI forums

Written on 2006-11-30 23:33 by Foxhound  

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