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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

Short description: Template for the Advance and Secure gamemode

Date: 2008-09-30 13:07

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Advance and Secure Gamemode
Special Boat Service

The idea of Advance And Secure is to seize a sequence of bases in order. Each team must attack the enemy's base, and outnumber them within a 100m "zone", while defending their own base. If they capture the enemy base, the battle advances to the next pair of bases.

Main features:
    * genuine PvP game mode, with staged objectives and teamwork-based score system
    * revive players with medic class, heal nearby players, drag wounded soldiers (credit Norrin for revive!)
    * advanced HUD with friendly player tags, minimap, and objective display
    * "AI support" mode to keep things fun when less than 6 players in server
    * choose between seven pre-made quick loadouts, or make your own loadout
    * variable time of day and weather
    * good balance between Arma "realism" and fast-paced MP gaming
    * innovative password-based debug console code (mapmapers/modders only)
    * aas32 Paraiso Showdown
    * aas32 Corazol Arms Market
    * aas32 Streets of Dolores
    * aas32 Bagango Lockdown
Towns/Villages Mixed
    * aas32 Monte Yorito Redux
    * aas32 Obregan Gamble
    * aas32 Enchanted Coast
Rural/Forest Maps
    * aas32 Alcazar Castle
    * aas32 Apone's Last Stand
    * aas32 Cresta Run
    * aas32 Rusty Lada Lumbermill
    * aas32 Trench Run
Sea Maps/Large Scale Maps
    * aas32 Boca Channel
    * aas32 Straits of Trelobada
    * aas32 Carmen's Retreat
Tank Maps
    * aas32 Gulan Heights
    * aas32 Bagango Lockdown
    * aas32 One Million Pesadas
    * aas32 Plateau Liberacion
    * aas32 Straits of Trebolada
    * aas32 Template Map
Place the mission pbo(s) file(s) in your ArmA\MPMissions folder.


Additional Info:
Check all about the game mode, see screenshots, player guides, map-making tips etc on the wiki.

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