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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 04-01-2009
Signed: Yes

Short description: WPN - Eastern weapons pack

Date: 2009-02-28 15:37

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Eastern Europe Weapons Pack

WPN - Eastern weapons pack, filename left vilas_wpn.pbo due to missions/addons functioning, but please remember that this file will rewrite bigger weapons pack (before divided)
now it contains only weapons from : USSR, Russia, East Germany, Czechoslovakia and few other specimens

weapons from SKS, AK47, PPS43, by most popular in the world AKMS, by Zastava M70A/B, DDR MPi, SA-58, TT to newest added AK107 with Cobra sight, VSS, AK105, RPK with drum magazine and etc.

- divided weapons packs: classnames left unchanged, just divided

- one big weapons pack was divided for other mods purpose, now every weapons pack should be independant, many weapons added at other mods requests

- few packs will be easier to update in future, than one big pack, althought one big pack is more friendly, cause has some textures common and more HD saving

- due to dividing some textures are are in every pack, some weapons are doubled - for example AKMS is in Polish and East pack, UZI is in Israeli, German and W.Europe packs

- name of file VILAS_WPN.pbo left for East European weapons pack only

- some errors in previous weapons were fixed when i noticed it, some new weapons added

Extract the files using Winrar or 7Zip. Then simply place them in your ArmA/Addons folder. Or use the Modfolder Method

Included files:

This is a signed addon, serveradmins can download the serverkey from here

Credits & Thanks:
- CSLA team which put Sa-58 texture to OFP Elite and allow to use this texture from OFP Elite for Sa-58 here
- Q118 for config help
- TPM_91 for sounds

- fixed wrong optics of Night scope 1PN58/NSUP
- fixed wrong optics PGO-7
- bigger night scope
- new PK and PKM models
- added weapons, AMD, Romanian AK and Pecheneg

- fixed 1PN58 wrong aiming problem (it was hiting 1 meters to the left)
- fixed PGO7 optics (moved texture)
- new models and textures of PK, PKM applied
- new weapons as Pecheneg, Romanian AKM, Hungarian AMD added

- after test release, new icons, repaired bugs in names and too slow sound for AN94

- first release

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- BI forums

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