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Requirements: Real Time Editor V4

Version: V4 Revision 3

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Date: 2008-10-17 08:50

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Real Time Editor V4 - FIX

Fix for the RealTimeEditorV4 - revision 3 which changes the following:
    *Double click won't unselect units any more
    *No more jumping buildings when rewinding
    *Solution for the "friendly enemy"-limitation. You still have to place a unit of each side down if you want to use the scripts in MP.
    *No more error: "Waypoint not found" when using cycle in waypoints.
    *Units shouldn't get out and then get in when moving to the next waypoint
    *Added French translation.
To install the fix just extract the ION_RTE_FIX.pbo file to the folder where you installed the RTE editor (inside the @RTEditor/Addon folder).

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Credits & Thanks:
Thanks to Old Bear and FABfm for the French trasnlation.

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- BI forums

- Real Time Editor V4 - Revision 3

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