End Point Campaign, first mission released

Rejenorst released the first mission of his incoming new campaign called "End Point", in our forums.

You have been recruited into the Foreign Service Regiment which is attached to the North Sahrani 2nd Airborne Division. The Foreign service regiment acts as a foreign recruiter for Russian funded SLA operations in North Sahrani. Shortly after your arrival a helicopter belonging to the interim N.S. government is shot down over the Sierra Masbete. Your battalion is mobilized to surround the mountain range and eventually to engage the enemy. Your company's target is an observation post half way up the mountain which overlooks the only road linking Bagango to Pita Airbase.

This mission features :
    -End cutscene (no outro)
    -Full voice acting
    -Custom made music
    -SP mission/campaign
    -Own made artillery scripts
To play the campaign you need your game patched in 1.14 and the Queen's Gambit expansion.

Written on 2008-10-08 20:08 by Rejenorst  

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