In Anticipation Of War Campaign
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SARMAT MOD released a campaign a while back called "In Anticipation Of War", in SARMAT MOD website.

The main character campaign - Alexei Gromov, a senior sergeant of the Marines.
Service of its urgent army is coming to an end and nothing portends trouble, but unexpectedly popular uprising in a local conflict, between the U.S. and Russia.
No one knows the true reasons, starting the fighting and soldiers must follow orders.
Follow orders and survive ...

This campaign features :
    Version ArmA: 1.14
    Campaign Version: 1.0
    Missions: 8
    Clips: 4
    Intro: Yes
    Outro: Yes
    Postproduction: 50%
    Difficulty: Moderate
To play the campaign you need your game patched in 1.14 and some addons listed in the download page.

Written on 2008-10-12 14:36 by sarmat  

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