Coop mission: Lighthouse Expedition Co-08 by FleePee
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FleePee has sent us the latest mission he released in the OFPEC forums.

In this mission you have to free 2 towns, Tiberia and Iguana, before going to the lighthouse and take control of it. In Tiberia, there is a whole squad retained as prisoners.

It features:
    * scripts:
      - minefield by kronzky
      - hostages by Nataniel (edited)
      - Weapons Respawn Script v1.04 by toadlife revised by norrin
      - dismount by sharkattack
      - initFlags by Spooner
    * Language: English and French
    * Weapons pool in the briefing
    * moving respawn points as you change of objective and weapon respawn (you keep weapons and ammo after you die)

Written on 2008-10-17 10:13 by Big  

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