Author: Kegetys
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Version: 1.01

Short description: This program can be used to launch Arma 2 with an easy to use interface.

Date: 2010-01-05 20:45

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ArmA Launcher

This program can be used to launch Arma 2 with an easy to use interface.

Launcher supports mods, joining to multiplayer servers, querying servers, hosting a game, and it shows your current ip address.

You can assign different mods to be used automatically when joining a certain server to make mod management easy.

The UI is simple. To add a new mod, go to options/mods and type the name of the mod to the dropdown box at the top of the window. Then type the mod directory name to the "mod directory name" editbox, the directory is relative to ArmA directory (same way as it would be used with the -mod parameter). Then click save to save the mod.
You can then use the mod in singleplayer by ticking it's checkbox in the main window and pressing the "start singleplayer" button to launch ArmA.

The mods can also be assigned to multiplayer servers which are added using the options/servers menu.
Again to add a new server, type its name to the dropdown box at the top of the window. Then enter
the information about the server to the editboxes, and tick any mods you wish to use when joining this server.

To join servers, click the "server list" button in the main dialog. This dialog shows information about all servers you have added to the launcher.
Select the server you want to join, and click the "join server" button to join there.

The serverlist also has a "watcher" button. Clicking this button will start a server watcher, which
queries the selected server every 5 seconds and shows information about it. The watcher plays a
sound every time a new game starts on the server (gamestate turns from "game in progress" to something else) or when the server is empty and someone joins into it. Also a green blinking light is displayed when the server does not have a game in progress.
The launcher options screen can be used to configure the sounds used by the watcher.

Known bugs:
- The ping times reported by the server arent
always very accurate

- If an server is unresposible or cannot be
resolved, it can cause the displayed ping
times of other servers to be incorrect.

- If you remove mods or edit the directory
names of them, the servers mod lists arent
automatically updated.

Made by Kegetys,

- Fixed mod dir auto scanning

- Updated for ArmA 2

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