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Date: 2008-10-29 05:31

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Maya RTM kit

It's a little RTM (ArmA character animation files) import/export utility for Autodesk (sigh) Maya.
Plus a rigged, ready to animate soldier. It's a follow-up of my similar kit I made for OFP, back in the glory days.

- Copy rtmScript.mel into one of Maya's script folders.
- Copy RtmBin2.exe into one of the directories covered by your PATH environmental variable (e.g. "Windows" folder or Maya's "bin" folder). RtmBin2 is the same from the OFP version, no need to update it if you have it already.

Type "rtmScript" into your Maya commmand line, it will launch the script and bring up the GUI.

1. Importing an animation:
Open "Animated", click on "Pick your .rtm", uncheck "Total Moving" if you want and hit "Import it". The animation will be imported onto the individual meshes that make up the animated selections. Importing animations in this way is useful mostly to obtain a reference for important poses.

2. Exporting animations:
You can animate the meshes from "Animated", but their pivots will be all over the place, so i recommend you open up "Rigged blufor" instead, animate on that character and export the animations from it. You do that by setting a start/end range at the bottom of the GUI, and clicking on "Export animation". Before axporting make sure you have the list in the middle populated with the animated selection names. If it's not, click on "Add soldier components" prior to exporting. Also, type in "Total Moving" values if you want to export any.

It pretty much has the functionality of the OFP kit, with the major hindrance of not being able to import the animation onto the rigged character. This will be the focal point of the next update. That and proper tutorials.

The rig is somewhat better this time around. Has a continuous mesh attached, instead of the broken up bits, has IK/FK switching for the arms (use the shoulder controllers to blend between the
two). If you think the rig is stupid, just delete it, keep the skeleton and bound mesh and use full body IK or whatever you fancy.

For some more things explained, check out the How-to that comes with the old OFP kit. Not everything applies but it's roughly the same:

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