Maya RTM kit by teaCup

teaCup has released an Maya RTM kit on the BI forums.

It's a little RTM (ArmA character animation files) import/export utility for Autodesk (sigh) Maya.
Plus a rigged, ready to animate soldier.

Quote teaCup :
Here's the pre-alpha I suppose (it's not feature complete), of my Maya animation kit for ArmA. Not sure when the following bits will see the light of day, but here it is, use it if you like.

A set of files aimed at creating soldier animations for ArmA using Maya. Some might remember my old kit for OFP, well this is a continuation of that effort. It's an early release, unpolished and all, but it still beats using OFPAnim.

Written on 2008-10-29 05:35 by teaCup  

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