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Requirements: 31st Normandy Mod - ATI users patch & ATI users patch 2, 31st Normandy Mod - patch 1 & patch 2

Version: BETA
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Date: 2008-11-03 21:21

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31st Normandy mod - WW2 mod

BETA release of a community driven WW2 mod.

- US 2nd infantry Division by Agamoth
- 101st Airborne Division by Agamoth
- Bofors 40mm by Project RACS, textured & reconfigured by rip31st
- WC51 Dodge truck by Burner converted for Arma use by rip31st
- Horsa glider by T_roc converted for Arma, added hinged nose by rip31st
- BF109 F4 by FFS studios Faust & Frizy, reconfigured and swastikas removed by rip31st
- Opel Blitz(desert & grey) by FFS Studios Faust & Frizy reconfigured to play the universal roll of supply, ammo & repair truck by rip31st
- Kubelwagon (desert & grey) by FFS studios Faust & Frizy
- Flak 36 8.8cm by Johns_ART converted for Arma, custom sound by rip31st
- Flak 38 20mm by Johns_Art reconfigered by rip31st
- Kubel MHQ (German MHQ for ww2warfare mission) by rip31st using FF studios kubelwagon
- Normandy.pbo ( THE MAP ) 156,300 meters x 156,300 meters by rip31st
- WW2 objects ( OIA_objects) by Mr Burns
- BF109 E1 by rip31st
- C47 by rip31st
- Gotha go 242 german assault/transport glider by rip31st
- HE111 H. By Atomic, configered by rip31st, textured by Enigma
- Hawker Hurricane MK IIc by rip31st
- Jagdpanther by Spamurai configured and textured rip31st
- Junkers JU-52 by rip31st
- Avro Lancaster heavy bomber by Atomic, configered by rip31st and textured by Enigma
- LCM(3) Allied landing craft - by rip31st
- Sherman M4A4 V by rip31st
- M26 Pershing heavy tank by rip31st, textured by Enigma (texture revision coming soon)
- M101 105mm Howitzer by Atomic, configered & textured by rip31st
- Pak38 by rip31st textured by my good Aussie friend Paul
- Panther by rip31st, textured by Enigma
- PZ 3F by rip31st ( alternate version coming soon by T_roc)
- PZ 4H by rip31st ( alternate version coming soon by T_Roc)
- R667 bunker by rip31st
- Supermarine Spitfire Mk XIV E by rip31st, textured by Enigma
- Tiger I by rip31st, textured by Enigma ( more versions to be added later by T_roc and others)
- *UPDATED VILAS WEAPONS PACK by vilas, modified for the ww2 mod by rip31st - several static weapons
- *UPDATED VILAS WW2 Infantry pack - HEAVILY MODIFIED - Sounds by rip31st, models modified and retextured by StubbleHopper - contains several infantry models.
- warfare.pbo modified for ww2warfare trucks by rip31st
- Willy's Jeep by Atomic, configured dy rip31st, textured by Enigma
- WW2 Festung obstacle pack by AST_Walker
- Easter egg ( who will find it first?)

Its important you install this mod and its patches in the correct order!

First you install the 31st Normandy - WW2 mod by extracting the @31STWW2 folder to your ArmA folder. Than you apply the following patches in the listed order!
    31st Normandy Mod - ATI users patch
    31st Normandy Mod - ATI users patch 2
    31st Normandy Mod - patch 1
    31st Normandy Mod - patch 2
If you do not know how to use mod folders have a look in our FAQ

Included files:


Video by wolfbiscuits:

This is a signed addon, server admins can download the key from here

Change log:
-All swastikas removed for our German friends so they can play.

This is a BETA release. The idea here and intention is to receive relative constructive input/feedback from the community. Please use the appropriate forum links for feedback.
- Infantry use Vilas weapons
- Many custon sounds included for vehicles and weapons, sound mods are not compatible
- I will not include the "ww2warfare" mission until after its final testing on the server today so look for an additional download to be posted later.
- Some vehicles feature ramps or hinged doors that open, look for your action menus.
- Most aircraft do not contain cockpits - They will be added in future releases.
- Two tanks have funny road wheel axis's - That will be adjust later.
- Keep your speakers turned down initially, especially if you are using SUB's as this mod contains some very loud audible sound, it may rumble your house or neighbors!

Credits & Special Thanks:
First and foremost, the ArmA community.
This release would have not been possible without the endless hours of contribution from everyone. I nearly sank 12-14 hour days myself into this for the last 90 days. I will be taking a short break then back to work on phase 1 patches and phase 2.

Special recognition goes to:
    * Vilas
    * FFS Studios Faust & Frizy, Burner
    * Mr Burns
    * Atomic
    * Enigma
    * AST_Walker (emoticon man)
    * Agamoth for his beatiful infantry!
    * WLD427 & project RACS
    * Johns_ART and his awesome paint and models
    * DVDOC for his input on modeling and game play ideas
Thanks to all, you guys did a awesome job! Gsleighter, Pauld, Paul from the land down under and many more. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone. If I did slap me! The entire 31st Wrecking crew squad.

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- Armaholic forums
- BI forums

31st Normandy Mod - ATI users patch
31st Normandy Mod - ATI users patch 2
31st Normandy Mod - patch 1
31st Normandy Mod - patch 2

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