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Requirements: 31st Normandy mod - WW2 mod

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Date: 2008-11-06 23:07

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31st Normandy Mod - ATI users patch 2

This will resolve ATI users issues with the texture on the C47. It also adds a cargo position next to the pilot so he doesn't ride alone. It also places the cargo in the proper positions so they appear to be seated where they are supposed to be.

-This fix addresses the nonconformant texture size error ATI users experienced and compounds all textures into one conformant texture.
Other Changes:
-Removed flickering surface on tail
-Added new cargo position to front next to pilot
-Adjusted all cargo positions properly so they soldiers appear to sit where they are supposed to by now.

Its important you install this mod and its patches in the correct order!

First you install the 31st Normandy - WW2 mod by extracting the @31STWW2 folder to your ArmA folder. Than you apply the following patches in the listed order!
    31st Normandy Mod - ATI users patch
    31st Normandy Mod - ATI users patch 2
    31st Normandy Mod - patch 1
    31st Normandy Mod - patch 2
If you do not know how to use mod folders have a look in our FAQ

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This is a signed addon, server admins can download the key from here

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31st Normandy mod - WW2 mod

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